Josh Stanes

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New South Wales, Australia


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Josh is a dedicated actor to his craft and is consistently on the ball when it comes to continuity and story arc. He also has a fabulous American accent which really complimented the modern retelling of Walt Disney’s ambitions move to sound in motion pictures on the production ‘Silence to Voices’.

Recommended for Acting Nov 6, 2020

Josh is an incredibly talented and gifted Actor. I have worked with him twice in different performances. He is collaborative, hard working and passionate about what he does. Josh goes above and beyond to ensure every production he works on is of a high quality. He puts a lot of effort into his work and continuous development. Josh is a real asset to any cast and production. He is versatile in his range of characters and roles, including a quality American accent.

Recommended for Acting Nov 5, 2020

Josh came on board as a key role in our film "Streets of Colour". Josh was a fresh face to acting and was very eager to listen, learn and work in a team environment. He took direction very well, punctual and dedicated to improving. We wish him all success in his endeavour as an actor and I would highly recommend him for any role he may pursue. Motivated and encouraging to all.

Recommended for Acting May 18, 2020

Josh is very easy going, talented and reliable actor. I highly recommend him.

Recommended for Acting Feb 24, 2020

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Josh was very professional and was able to deliver on set for us!

Recommended for Acting Jan 17, 2020

A great actor, collaborator and a mate- Josh is an ideal companion to work with. Highly recommended !

Recommended for Acting Jan 13, 2020

Josh has been an absolute delight to work with on set and during post processes, sporting a friendly and cooperative attitude towards all aspects of production. He takes extra care and effort to really understand the character he plays, adding depth to his performances. Flexible to experimentation and direction, working with Josh will get you desired results with certainty. I would highly recommend Josh as an Actor for any number of roles in any production. I will certainly work with him again.

Recommended for Acting Jan 5, 2020

Jish is an incredibly hard working actor. Willing to dive into characters that are completely opposite to him as a person he shows courage and determination in everything he does. Wonderful to have on set for all the obvious reasons and willing to take on challenges and feedback. This is your guy!

Recommended for Acting Jan 2, 2020

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Josh Stanes is a great actor. Professional and reliable. It was a pleasure to work with him (Production: "Uniquity", short film)

Recommended for Acting Oct 2, 2019

I had the pleasure to work with Josh on a short film. He's a very dedicated actor and takes his job seriously. He's very calm and focused on set and delivers the lines with natural confidence. Would love to work with him again!

Recommended for Acting Sep 19, 2019

Wow, what can I say. Josh is the real deal. I worked with him Over 3 days on a short film ‘Uniquity’. I’ve never had an actor just click with me so instantly. He is great to work with. Focused, relaxed, positive. He is great at improvisation too. He makes the scene feel so real that it’s easy to forget there is even cameras or crew there. A true professional and truely talented. I 110% recommend him.

Recommended for Acting Sep 17, 2019

Upon meeting him for the first time, Josh presented himself very enthusiastically towards the project and role we were casting him for. He was easy to work with and was very low maintenance on set, bringing a cheery and calming presence to those around him. He performed well, given he had to perform with a double at times and not the other lead actor. The role he took on was a challenging one but we are very happy with how he performed and how easy he was to work with over our three day shoot.

Recommended for Acting Sep 16, 2019

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Josh was a standup professional to work with. Responsive, delivered on casting notes well and was delightful to discuss the project with. Until next time....

Recommended for Acting Jun 28, 2019

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I worked with Josh during a film I wrote and Directed called 'The Return of Warren Murphy'. I found Josh to have an extremely strong work ethic as an actor and he was a pleasure to have on set. He was on time, dedicated to the role and went through some tough challenges to bring his character to life. I have no hesitation in recommending Josh for any project and I will work with him again.

Recommended for Acting Apr 29, 2019

Highly professional, extremely talented with an amazing positive on set attitude. I worked with Josh as co leads in a short film and he just blew me away with his work ethic and authenticity. An amazing assset to any production, I highly recommend him for any future projects.

Recommended for Acting Nov 16, 2018