Kahli Williams

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Victoria, Australia


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Kahli is a very surprising actress. Don't let her ridiculously amazing looks fool you. She is more than capable of playing a huge range of characters from the 'girl next door', 'seductress/charmer' to a very strong and volatile female character with a 'don't mess with me attitude'. She brings a charm and vulnerability to all her characters which is utterly engaging and captivates audiences. A pleasure to work with, very inspiring. See you on set

Recommended for Acting Jun 13, 2017

Trained with Kahli at TAFTA's NAI workshop, she's an incredible actress and super-hardworking!! Absolute inspiration!!! :)

Recommended for Acting Sep 10, 2016

Kahli was a pleasure to work with. It is easy to see she cares about delivering a quality and layered performance. She was able to shift quickly and happily to different personalities which the role demanded, while showing a comedic side which has turned out to be perfect for my film. Hire her if you want someone intelligent, friendly, and self-motivated to give a perfectly authetic interpretation that will not disappoint.

Recommended for Acting Aug 29, 2015

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Recommended for Acting Sep 9, 2017

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