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Victoria, Australia
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Physical Attributes

170 cm / 5ft 7in
101 cm / 40 in
68 kg / 149 lbs
Dress size:
UK 14 / AUS 14 / US 10
White / Caucasian
Eye color:
104 cm / 41 in
Hair color:
Skin color:
Hair length:
91 cm / 36 in
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Tafta productions : Half day TVC Casting workshop with Sarah Alekna
  • TAFTA : Beginners Part 1 Acting Course for Film andTelevision.
  • TAFTA : Beginners Part 2 Acting course for Film and Television


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

Acting agent

Khan Management

  • English

  • Australian

Musical theatre in my early teens to twenties.
Feb 18 -2017 - Featured extra role in a short web film called "The Gallery"
Producer-Nat Rose.
March 11 & 12 -2017- Featured Extra role in web series called
"Fresh",Episode 4.
Producer-Simon Trevorrow.
March 17-2017-Featured Extra role playing “ Prison Visitor # 2 “ in feature film called " The James Gibson Story " , Producer-Tyson Jarvis.
March 19-2017-Featured Extra role in short film called "Su".
Producer-Gokce Sel.
March 26-2017-Featured extra role in small feature film called "6 from the pocket".
Producer-Adam J Marsh.
April 8-2017-Featured Extra role in music video "To be the woman" by "Fiona and her holy men".
Producers-Maclean Jackson.
April 10-2017-Featured Extra role in web series called "Fresh",Episode 6.
Producer-Simon Trevorrow.
April 27-2017-Main role ,Played part of a mother in a you tube tv commercial " Chocolate Indulgence "
Producers-Maclean and Jackson.
April 30-2017-Featured Extra role in a short film " Congratulations".
Producers-Daniel Facciolo.
May 3-2017-Featured Extra role in feature film "The Choirgirl".
Producer Ivan Malekin.
May 15-2017-Featured Extra role in music video
"Dil tutda" by "Jassi Gills"
Producer Khuran Dhillon,
May 17-2017- Featured Extra role in "Wrong kind
of black" ABC web series.
Producers Kelly West and Melanie Brunt.
May 22-2017-Featured Extra role in "Wentworth" Foxtel series.
June 19&20-2017-Featured Extra role in short film "Uncle".
Producer Luke Parranathan.
June 23-2017-Featured Extra role in Community video called "The 5 ways to well being"
Produced by Data base productions.
June 27-2017-Featured Extra role in " Cancer Council " commercial.
Producer Bree C
July 5&6-2017-Featured Extra role in small film " Moonbeams"
July 29&30-2017-Fearured Extra role of resistance fighter in feature film "New Dawn"
Producer Glenn Ellis.
August 19-2017-Featured Extra role in short film "Rest in Piss"
Producer Julia Pani.
October 21st-2017-Main speaking role of Carolyn the kinky neighbour in “Neighbourhood Watch” Episode 1 Actor Data Base.
Producer Freya Hoskins.
November 12th-2017-Main speaking Role of Carolyn the kinky neighbour in “Neighbourhood Watch” Episode 6 Actor Data Base.
Producer Freya Hoskins.
November 18th-2017-Featured Extra role of resistance fighter in “New Dawn “ Feature film.
Producer Glenn Ellis.
December 9th-2017-Main Speaking role of Gabrielle the emotional mother in “The Target” Feature Film .
Producer Giovanna Mercury .
January 9th-2018-Featured extra role in eulogy scene in “The Target” Feature Film .
Producer Giovanna Mercury .
January 10th-2018/Featured Extra role in search party scene in “ Rock Sugar “ Feature Film.
Producer Angela How.
January 14th-2018-Featured extra role in rap music video for “The Target” Feature Film.
Producer Giovanna Mercury.
January 15th-2018-Featured extra role of a Commoner in“The Siege ” Feature Film.
Producer John Fallon.
February 21st-2018-Featured extra role in music video for band Tony’s Robot.
March 25th-2018- Featured Extra role in a short music film trailer for the St Kilda film festival .
Producer Fabiana Wiener .
April 13th-2018-Main Speakinf role of mum in a student film “Good Evening Melbourne”.
Producer Sam Conell.
May 6th and 20th-2018-Main Speaking role of Marwa in short drama film called “Nena”.
Producer Daniella Ercoli.
May 19th-21st-2018-Featured extra role in a TV series “The Crews Ship” on the Spirit of Tasmania cruise ship.
Producer Jo Dyer, Jason Byrne.
June 30th-2018-Featured Extra role of a nurse in full feature film “The faceless man”.
Producer James Di Martino.
September 15th-2018-Main speaking role of Rebecca in TAFTA small Film “I’m Fine”
Producer Carlia Capozza .
September 17th-2018-Featured Extra role in a full feature film “The Excellent Mr Dundee”.
Producer Paul Hogan.
December 9th-2018-Main speaking role of mother in Channel 31 series “ The Travel Counsellor “ episode 6 Series 3.
Producer Giovanna Mercury .
January 25th-2019-Main speaking role of an Aunty in “Life’s Mapped out”
Producer Akal Demir.
January 27th-2019-Main role of a mother of a child in “Badass Bunyip” Feature film .
Producer David Black.
February 2019-Featured Extra role of a chemotherapy patient in a cancer film in Feature film “Trust Frank”.
Producer by Swinburne Uni.
March 2019-Featured extra role of neighbour in Feature film “Rage”.
Producer John Balazs.
April 2019 -Featured extra role
of wealthy onlooker in Feature film “Underground”.
Producer Steve Ravic.
April 2019-Featured extra role of 80s punk patron in a nightclub.
Producer Rick Vaveliuk.
May 2019-Featured extra role of a sunbather for a music video “ Lizard Brain “ played a tanned , gaudy sun lover.
Producer Nicolas Dunn.
May 2019-Paid Main role of Mother in a Western Water Commercial .
ProducerRochelle Morris ( Preface Film’s ).
May 2019-Featured extra role in nightclub scene in Feature film “ Party Bus “
Producer Ally Sandford.
June 2019-Main Speaking role of Mother in a short student film “ Band-Aid “ .
Producer Angus Turner-Summerton .
June 2019- Featured extra role of Gallery visitor in TV series “ Girl Interpreted”
Producer Nikki Tran.
July 2019-Main speaking Role of grandmother in a Magistrates court training film for Court services Victoria.
Producer Kathleen Reynolds .
August 2019-Main speaking role of mother named Susie in a TAFE Nursing training video .
Producer Jaime Westin.


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles


Modeling experience

Part-time model - paid commercial work

Modelling for "Lois" gymwear catologue 2009.
Modelling for " Just for me gymwear and swimwear clothing catologue 2010-2012.
Modelling for fancy dress hire company

May 10-2017 Modelled TFP for photographer Robin Harris. ( Boudour shoot )
May 23-2017 Modelled TFP for photographer Robin Harris. ( Gothic shoot ) May 30-2017 Modelled TFP for photographer Robin Harris ( Vintage shoot )
June 23-2017 Modelled TFP for photographer Adam J Marsh. (Glam and street urban shoot ) August 4-2017 Modelled TFP for photographer Naomi Pommerel for “ Trixie Pixie “Metalic fashion range ( Fetish Wear shoot ) August 24-2017 Modelled TFP for photographer Robin Harris ( Milk Bath shoot ) September 16-2017 Modelled TFP photographer Robin Harris ( Grafitti Alley shoot ) September 19-2017 Modelled TFP for photographer Mia Stone ( Day and evening look shoot ) October 28-2017 Modelled for photographer Robin Harris ( Vampire Horror shoot ) February 3-2018 Modelled TFP for Roweville camera club House of Horrors shoot ) February 14-2018 Modelled TFP for Robin Harris ( Blood Bath shoot ) February 20-2018 Modelled TFP for photographer Shar te huia ( Pin up model shoot ) April 12-2018 Modelled TFP for photographer Vincent Antonelli ( vintage boudour shoot ) April 22nd-2018 Modelled TFP for photographer Brett McBean ( sunset shoot ). May 10th-2018 Modelled TFP for photographer Garry Bradshaw ( erotic art ) shoot. May 24th-2018 Modelled TFP for photographer Robin Harris ( Grafitti Alley ) shoot. 2nd July 2018 Modelled TFP for photographer Andrew Wurster (Corporate and Evening ). 20th July 2018 Modelled TFP for photographer Julie Powell ( Casual,glam and fantasy ). 15th August 2018 Modelled TFP for photographer Robin Harris ( Turn of the century ) shoot .

TV & Reality

Have been on Deal or no deal twice and the price is right game shows.


Dancing ability


Dance styles
  • Bellydance
  • Disco
  • Jazz
  • Tap

Tap dancing
Jazz ballet
Belly dancing

Film & Stage Crew

Featured extra in a web film called "The Gallery" , Feb 2017.


Have done some Modelling for a gym wear catologue, and for a fancy dress hire company .


  • English

  • Australian

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