Kate Byrne

Kate Byrne Pro

London, United Kingdom


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My second shoot with Kate a very skilled working professional ballerina who creates beautiful lines and shapes,Kate is also a wonderful model, there is a wonderful freshness and innocence in the way she poses and carries herself, she is very bright, works very hard to ensure a successful outcome to your project Highly recommended for any project you might have Thanks Kate for such a wonderful shoot

Recommended for Dancing Jul 30, 2019

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Kate recently worked for us a Hostess for a Corporate Event, she was reliable and hardworking, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her and we look forward to working with Kate again in the near future.

Recommended for Staff/temp Oct 17, 2018

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Had a shoot with Kate on Sunday,you could not wish to meet a more beautiful and talented dancer, her personality and years of being a professional dancer shone through on every image,she is very easy to get on with,has a great personality, she brought some lovely outfits and her ideas for posing, what looked good on camera made every shot count ,when working for only a few hours you need to hit it off right away,would recommend Kate 100% to add something special to your project

Recommended for Dancing Sep 25, 2018

I highly recommend Kate for her creativity and great talent with Versatility! All the best of luck with your career Kate, you've got an impressive profile!

Recommended for Acting Aug 26, 2017

Kate's work is consistently of the highest standard. Her professionalism and creativity is outweighed only by her exemplary dance technique and her knowledge of how to obtain the best results for her client. Both a striking model and dancer, we have been fortunate to work together on a number of shoots and each has been an enjoyable and productive experience.

Recommended for Acting Aug 2, 2017

I have had the pleasure of working with Kate on two occasions now, both of which she has been absolutely fantastic. She takes direction really well both in still and moving image and her dancing experience really shows in how aware of her body she is. She takes initiative and has a really good understanding of movement and how this will be interpreted on camera which was so beneficial to our productions. We were working in quite difficult conditions (long days, freezing cold, tube strikes) but kate was so coorperative and professional throughout the entire shoot and didn't complain once. Our projects were both successful and we really have kate to thank for that, she'd be a great asset to any production. Highly recommend!

Recommended for Modelling Mar 7, 2014

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