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  • Themed Shoot : Spider man
  • Themed Shoot : Slayer
  • Event Photography : Oktoberfest
  • Event Photography : Zombie Walk
  • Themed Shoot : Paw Town
  • Themed Shoot : Terminator
  • Themed Shoot : Grimm Inspired (TV Show)
  • Corporate Headshot : Quested
  • High End Editing : Snow Queen Shoot
  • Model Portfolio : Model/Actor Chris Bridgwater
  • Model Portfolio : Model Florian Tarpinian
  • Corporate Headshot : Da Silva Lay
  • Corporate Headshot : Chambers
  • Corporate Headshot : Stephens
  • Model Portfolio and Themed Shoot : Model Eby Drinkwater
  • Themed Shoot : Resident Evil
  • Creative Fashion Shoot : Networking Photography event
  • Boxing Shoot : Boxers Jeff Horn and Sam Banney
  • Family Photos : Chilcott Family
  • Cassanblanca Bridal Commercial Shoot : Models Dominique Maber and Leanne Nebe
  • Promotional Video for Studio : with Kate Tuttle
  • Live Action Role Play : Fighting Sequences
  • Before and After Shoot : Family shoot
  • Before and After Shoot : Friends Caroline and Lelani
  • Before and After Shoot : Mother and Daughters
  • Before and After Shoot : Mother and Daughter Rachel and Donna
  • Sun Parasol Commercial Shoot : Model Rachel Fulton
  • Before and After Shoot : Mother and Daughter Belinda and Yuki
  • Anna Hulm Designer Clothing Shoot : Ari
  • Online Publication Shoot with Julian Napier Clothing Designs : Model Leanne Nebe
  • Before and After Shoot : Friends Mel and Zara
  • James Dean/Rat Pack Themed Shoot : Model Kyle Slater-Peacock
  • Before and After Shoot : Mother and Daughter Angelique and Maddi
  • Model Portfolio Shoot : Model Tracey Gutsell
  • Online Publication Shoot with Exquisite Bridal : Model Gemma White
  • Out of Work Busker Themed Shoot : Model Zeke Simat
  • Anna Hulm Designer Clothing Shoot : Model Dominique Maber
  • Model portfolio shoot : Model Rachel Wardrop updating portfolio
  • Bride and Groom shoot : Models Rachael L and Florian.
  • Model/singer portfolio shoot : Model Ellen J updating portfolio
  • Massuri Designer Dresses Online publication shoot : Model Sarah Churches-Kennedy dressed in Massuri. Submitting shoot to an online magazine.
  • Online Publication Shoot : Models Kirsty Lee and Tash
  • Model portfolio shoot : Model Serena C
  • Model portfolio shoot : Model Robert Sandona
  • Kornelia's Kloset corset photo shoot : Model Marley Coe
  • Mustang car photoshoot for Australian Mustang and Ford Magazine. : Car photoshoot
  • Wedding video : Small wedding video
  • Online published Whimsical Themed Photoshoot : Model Bethany Jenkins dressed in Begitta dresses.
  • High Tea/Bridal Shoot : Models Nikiesha Johansson and Emily Rayner. Dressed in Hilde Heim dresses.
  • Commercial/Product/Model portfolio shoot : Lacorvin/Killari handbags and jewellery with model Thais Bullos, dresses from Hills in Hollywood.
  • Cocktail/Bridal Photo shoot : Models Nikiesha Johansson and Lara Jade. Models were dressed in Hills in Hollywood dresses.
  • Bridal Photo shoot : Model Rachel Fulton. Rachel was dressed in Hills in Hollywood dresses.


Photography experience

Full-time professional (paid work)

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My work has evolved over time and I have found that my conceptual photography gives me the creative edge to get that one amazing shot.

Photographs of my works can be seen at:
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