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Victoria, Australia
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Physical Attributes

153 cm / 5ft 0in
Eye color:
47 kg / 103 lbs
Hair color:
White / Caucasian
Hair length:
Skin color:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Web commercial, Supporting role of son, : Directed by Reuben Street, Blueprint studios
  • 'The Rosie Result', Supporting role of Hudson, Book Trailer : Directed by Tom Chapman, Majella Productions
  • 'The Travel Counsellor' Role of School Bully (Series 3 Episode ) TVS for Channel 31 : Directed by Giovanna Mercuri, Locked in Productions
  • 'Crossfire' Supporting role of Cameron Sibling in Short Film : Directed by Mert Berdilek, District Films
  • 'The Travel Counsellor' Supporting role of Young Liam (Series 3 Episode 6) TVS for Channel 31 : Director Giovanna Mercuri, Locked in Productions
  • 'Damien' Supporting role of Young Damien in Music Video for 'Mirrors' : Directed by Ed Reiss, Radical Films
  • 'A Frayed Knot' Supporting role of 'James' in 48 Hour Film Project : Directed by Joyce Northey, Lone Viking Productions
  • 'Dave' main Supporting role of 'Benny' in TV pilot for Channel 10, : Directed by Ben Plazzer, Studio Bento
  • 'Bug Bear' Music video for 'The Omnific' : Directed by Miki Simankevicius
  • 'Nightshift' role of son in short film : Directed by John Balazs, Dingo Cross Films & Prima Lux Films
  • Tafta Workshop 'No acting allowed' with John Orcsik
  • 'Fire' Peking Duk: Role of young boy: : music video Director Ryan Sauer, Haus Party
  • 'Natural Causes' Featured role of Sick child in Short Film : Director Shannon Anderson
  • 'Embody', Supporting role of Kevin in short film (Pre Production) : Directed by Addison Heath & Jasmine Jakupi, Black Forrest Films in conjunction with CLNK Productions
  • Disclosure, Ethan in feature film (Post) : Director Michael Bentham, Disclosure Productions
  • The Shinjuku Five, Cillian (aged 11) in Feature Film (Pre Production) : Directed by Addison Heath & Jasmine Jakupi, Black Forrest Films
  • 'Timeless' Lead role of Steven in short film (finalist in Village Cinemas UnScene Film Festival) : Directors Madison Duffy Beel & Kate Weissenfeld
  • 'Don't feed the bin' Bayside City Council, Supporting role of Son in public service website, : Director Rob La Terra, Shon Productions
  • 'Nightly' Supporting role in Music Video (Post) for Sam Berry : Director Harry Tamblyn
  • Scraping by: Supporting role of Trevor in TV pilot series : Padley & White
  • The show with no name : Co presenter, Director Kate Keegan, ABC Me, Aired 12/3
  • Good vision for life, Supporting role of the Scruffy kid in TVC : Director Nick Heydon, Rise Films
  • 'Play' Tennis Australia, Supporting role in Brand awareness film : Director Rachel Goldsworthy
  • TV Piliot series (TBA) : TBA
  • Won Best Actor MOFF (May 2016) "Dummy"
  • Juncture, Lead role of Danny in short film, : Director Luke Creely, Primitive Films
  • Sleep tight, Lead role of Toby in short film (Post production) : Director Marcus Killerby
  • Ominous, Supporting role of Jake Stevens in Short film (Post Production) : Director Cody Cameron, Silverface Productions
  • Superheros, Lead role of James in short film. (Offical Selection St Kilda Film Festival) : Director Chris Busuttil , Creative Buzz Films
  • The perfect nonsense, Character of Terry in feature film, : Director Addison Heath, Black Forrest Films
  • Project S.E.E.D, Supporting Elijah McAlister in TV pilot (Post) : Directors Peter Daly & Thomas Sutcliffe, TeePee Studios
  • No place for no heros, Child in VCA short film : Director Andrew Finlay
  • Phillip Island Tourism promotional video, Supporting role : Director James Lawler ,Visual Domain
  • Casting workshop : With Mel Lockman
  • Workshop with John Sheedy
  • SPASA, Supporting role of the son in TVC : Director Dan Grixti, MK Media
  • Health & Science (Swinburn Research video), Lead of the child at playground : Director Phillip Kilimek
  • Human Centre of Psychopharmagology (Swinburn Research Video), Young boy : Director Phillip Kilimek
  • Her favorite place, Supporting role of Alex in short film : Director Glen Cook,Lone Viking productions
  • I miss Mum, Lead role of the son in short film : Director Karl Walker
  • Ben Wright Smith,song: Born yawning, role of an actor : Music video Director Tobias Willis
  • Heart of cards, Supporting role of the son in short, : Director Thomas Sutcliffe
  • Kuchi Kopi, song Moon Head, supporting role of the hoodlum kid, : Music Video Director Peter Camilleri, Super fly Productions
  • Autumn in Alaska, song: Vultures,Supporting role of the son, (did own stunts) : Music Video Director Phillip Klimek , Dillon Pearce Media.
  • Autumn in Alaska, song: Footsteps,Supporting role of the son : Music Video Director Phillip Klimek, Dillon Pearce Media.
  • Banality of evil, David in short film, : Director Dylan Tyncherov
  • Forgotten River, Character of the son in short film (Pre production) Corz/Effects Films : Director Cory Dawson
  • Dummy, Lead role of Ben in short film (Kieran won Best Actor in Milan Online Film Fest) : Director Riyana Kasmawan
  • Standstill, Character of the boy in short film (Post production) Shilling Entertainment : Director Luke Launer
  • Iniquitious, Boy in hospital in feature film, (Filming) Fantasm Productions : Director Brenton Foale
  • The Sunbury Monster:Support role of the grandson in short film, : Director Jacques Poluleuligaga
  • Short Circuited: Principle role of Joel in short film, : Director Rob La Terra
  • Welcome home Allen: featured extra fishing boy in short film, : Radioactive gigantism Productions, Director Andrew Kavanagh
  • Red Sky Candidate 5238 : Character of the young boy in feature film,Required Kieran to use an American accent. Venom Rat Productions, Director Stewart Marshall
  • 'For a lifetime of memories' SPASA, Truce Films : Supporting role of the son in TVC, Director Natalie James
  • Knock, knock : Supporting role in silent short film (submitted to International Youth Silent Film Festival), Director Noah Cochrane
  • Up Turd Lane : Supporting role of Little Jock in 48 hour project short film, Director Glen Cook
  • Us, our trespassess : Character of joyful child in VCA short film, Director Ben Andrews
  • Flume,Drop the game : Lead role of homeless child in student short film, Director Damian Cybulski
  • The Blessed Line : Character of young boy in VCA short film, Director Julian Monatzeder
  • Edward's paper plane : Supporting role of Little Edward in VCA short film, Director Felix Jia
  • Stray : Character of the boy in short film, Won best film at Deakins Visionaries, Director Darcy Tuppen
  • Reccofriend : Featured extra in a TVC, bored boy, Director Luke Jacobson.
  • Wondrous : Featured extra in VCA short film:Towns-person, Director Rachel Iveli
  • Refuge : Lead role in short film, Director Madison Duffy Beel
  • Toyland : Lead role of Eustace in short film Director Bruce Grantford
  • Local Community Theatre (area upon request)


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

Acting agent

Howell Management Group

  • English
  • Gaelic

  • Australian
  • Irish
  • New Zealand
  • UK Cockney
  • USA Boston
  • USA California
  • USA Southern

Experienced in ADR/VO work

Feature Films
Character of Terry "The perfect nonsense"Black Forest Films, Director Addison Heath.
Supporting, young boy "Red Sky Candidate 5238" (American accent required), Venom Rat Productions, Director Stewart Marshall
Boy in hospital "Iniquitous" Fantasm Productions, (Filming), Directed by Brenton Foale

Supporting Trevor "Scraping by" pilot (Pre production) Padley & White
Co presenter "The show with no name" ABC Me, (Aired 12/3/17) Director Kate Keegan
Supporting Elijah McAlister "Project S.E.E.D" pilot. (Filming) Directors Peter Daly & Thomas Sutcliffe, TeePee Studios
TV Pilot series (TBA): TBA

Supporting role, Son in 'Don't feed the bin' Bayside City Council, Shon Productions, Director Rob La Terra
Supporting, Scruffy kid in "Good vision for life" Rise Films, Director Nick Heydon
Supporting, son in "SPASA" MK Media, Director Dan Grixti
Supporting, son in "For a lifetime of memories" SPASA, Truce Films, Director Natalie James
Featured extra,school boy in "Reccofriend", Director Luke Jacobson.

Short Films/Music video
Supporting role "Nightly" Music Video Sam Berry, Director Harry Tamblyn
Supporting role of Jake Stevens, "Ominous" Silverface Productions, Director Cody Cameron.
Lead role of Danny in "Juncture" (Post production) , Primitive Films, Director Luke Creely
Lead role Toby in "Sleep tight" (Post production), Director Marcus Killerby
Lead role James in "Superheros" Creative Buzz Films, Director Chris Busuittil
Supporting, Alex in "Her favourite place" Lone Viking productions, Director Glen Cook.
Lead role, son in "I miss mum" Director Karl Walker.
Supporting, in "Born yawning" Music video for Ben Wright Smith, Director Tobias Willis.
Supporting,son in "Heart of Cards", Director Thomas Sutcliffe.
Supporting, hoodlum kid in "Moon Head" Music Video for Kuchi Kopi. (Post Production), Super fly Productions, Director Peter Camilleri.
Supporting, son in "Vultures" Music Video for Autumn in Alaska, Dillon Pearce Media, Director Phillip Klemick.
Supporting, son in "Footsteps" Music Video for Autumn in Alaska, Dillon Pearce Media, Director Phillip Klemick.
Supporting, David in "Banality of evil" (Post Production), Director Dylan Tyncherov.
Bit part, son in "Forgotten River" (Pre Production), Corz/Effects Films, Director Cory Dawson.
Lead, Ben in "Dummy" Director Riyana Kasmawan.
Featured, boy in "Standstill" (Post production), Shilling Entertainment, Director Luke Launer.
Supporting, Grandson in "The Sunbury Monster: A tale by Grandpa" Director Jacques Poluleuligaga.
Principle, Joel in "Short Circuited", Director Rob La Terra
Featured extra, "Welcome home Allen" Radioactive gigantism Productions, Director Andrew Kavanagh
Supporting, "Knock, knock", Director Noah Cochrane
Supporting, Little Jock in "Up Turd Lane" Director Glen Cook, Melbourne, 2014
Character,joyful child in "Us, our trespassess" VCA film, Director Ben Andrews, Melbourne Australia
Lead,homeless child in "Flume, drop the game" student short film, Director Damian Cybulski, Melbourne Australia
Character, young boy in "The Blessed Line" VCA film, Director Julian Monatzeder, Melbourne Australia
Supporting, Little Edward in "Edward's paper plane" VCA film, Director Felix Jia, Melbourne, Australia
Character of the boy in "Stray" (Won best film at Deakins Visionaries), Director Darcy Tuppen.
Featured extra,towns-person in "Wondrous" VCA film, Director Rachel Iveli.
Lead, Samwise Proudfoot in "Refuge", Director Madison Duffy Beel.
Lead,Eustace in "Toyland" Directed Bruce Grantford.

Training Video
Lead,child at playground in Health & Science (Swinburn Research video) Director Phillip Klimek
Lead, Human Centre of Psychopharmacology (Swinburn Research Video), Director Phillip Klimek.


Modeling experience

Beginner, starting out

Head shots with Damon Hunter. "I shot headshots for Kieran last week and I was concerned that, given his age, he wouldn't be able to get through a full 2.5 hour photography session - but not only did he get through it, he rocked it! Kieran was the ultimate professional, bringing with him a fantastic can-do attitude, maturity and an ability to take direction that surpassed many older clients I've shot! Easy to work with, highly recommend!"
See Recommendations for more testimonies of Kieran's capabilities.

Flights4Kidz: Injured child, Webpage, Photographer: Leigh Sampson

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