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New South Wales, Australia
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Podcast Sample - 'Music and Memory'

A small sample of a podcast idea currently being work shopped.

01Podcast Sample - 'Music and Memory'
02Regular Speaking Voice - Demo Piece
03BOHIFALE - 'Jim & Pam' (2019 Demo)
04'Stationary' - Debut Single
05'Easy Street' - Recorded Track

Physical Attributes

178 cm / 5ft 10in
over 120 kg / 264 lbs
Pacific Islander
over 119 cm / 47 in
Skin color:
118 cm / 46 in
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • WEB SERIES: Social Murderer : Cameo - Ep 'Swipe Left'; Dir: Sangeetha Gowda (NOAH)
  • SHORT FILM: 'Untitled' : Lead; Dir: Gabriel Faatau'uu-Satiu
  • TVC: Sleeping Duck - 'TBA 2' : Principal; Dir: Gary Eck (Snorkel)
  • TVC: Sleeping Duck - 'TBA' : Principal; Dir: Gary Eck (Snorkel)
  • WEB SERIES: Social Murderer : Cameo - Ep 'Reposted'; Dir: Marshall Mayhem Yuan (NOAH)
  • TVC: Step One - 'Bifting' : Principal; Dir: Greg Taylor (Step One)
  • TVC: Step One - 'Gotcha' : Principal; Dir: Greg Taylor (Step One)
  • WEB SERIES: Social Murderer : Cameo - Ep 'Under The Influence'; Dir: Sangeetha Gowda (NOAH)
  • WEB CONTENT: Virgin Australia - 'AFL Grand Final' : Principal; Dir: Alexandra Lawson (Hello SocialAU)
  • WEB CONTENT: Lendlease - 'Senses: Dipsy' : Principal; Dir: Sam Kelly (Hello SocialAU)
  • WEB SERIES: Lunch Room : Supporting - Ep 'Baggy'; Dir: Mark Nunari & Martin Ponferrada (Brutally Honest Productions)
  • WEB SERIES: Spaced Out - Based on the Short 'Extra(Terrestrial)' : Lead; Dir: Ilana Finocchiaro
  • MUSIC VIDEO: Bohifale - 'Kind Enough to Wait' : Director, Executive Producer, Writer, Performer; DoP: Aravind Shanavaz (The Light Pirate)
  • WEB CONTENT: Codral - 'Bacon & Egg' : Principal; Dir: Myles Conti (Conti Bros Films)
  • WEB SERIES: The Convo Couch : Guest Host (S1 Ep 18-23); (Bluesanyu Films)
  • TVC: Jump On - 'I want to be close to...' : Principal; Dir: Jay Bendixen (Fotomedia)
  • TVC: Step One - 'Step One, Get Some' : Principal; Dir: Greg Taylor (Step One)
  • TVC: Sleeping Duck - 'Choice' : Principal; Dir: Gary Eck (Snorkel)
  • TVC: Sleeping Duck - 'Goodnight' : Principal; Dir: Gary Eck (Snorkel)
  • TVC: Sleeping Duck - 'On Top' : Principal; Dir: Gary Eck (Snorkel)
  • TVC: Sleeping Duck - 'Best Night's Sleep I've Never Had' : Principal; Dir: Gary Eck (Snorkel)
  • SHORT FILM: Extra(Terrestrial) : Supporting; Dir: Ilana Finocchiaro (JMC)
  • TVC: Budget Australia - 'The Great Indoors: Beach' : Featured; Dir: Josh Logue (Hogarth)
  • SHORT FILM: Post Mortem : Supporting; Dir: Morgan Jackson (SFS)
  • SHORT FILM: The Little Door : Supporting; Dir: Brian Rodrigues (SFS)
  • WEB SERIES: The Convo Couch : Guest (S1 Ep1); (Bluesanyu Films)
  • WEB CONTENT: Syngenta - 'Protect Your Turf' : Featured; Dir: Marcus Joseph (Mighty)
  • PILOT: 'Strata' : Supporting; Dir: Joel Phillips
  • MODELLING - NATIONAL BILLBOARD/PRINT/WEB CONTENT: Amart : Principal; Photographer: Damian Bredberg
  • FEATURE FILM: Origins : Extra; Dir: Joseph Sims-Dennett (Sterling Cinema)
  • VIDEO ARTWORK: 'Narcissus' : Supporting; Dir: Angela Tiatia (Sullivan+Strumpf)
  • SHORT FILM: 'Un-Education' : Supporting; Dir: Natalie Jenkinson (UNSW)
  • MODELLING - WEB CONTENT: Step One - 'Kiwifruits' : Principal; Dir: Greg Taylor
  • TVC: Budget Australia - 'Cave' : Featured; Dir: Josh Logue (Hogarth)
  • SHORT FILM: 'Inner Demons' : Voice Extra; Dir: Hawanatu Bangura (Screen Australia)
  • INDUSTRIAL: Altura Learning - 'Aged Care Quality Standards' : Featured; Dir: Amy Carley (Altura Learning)
  • SHORT FILM: 'Highway Patrol' : Lead; Dir: Jesse Holani (UNSW)
  • MUSIC VIDEO: 2ooLit - 'Not Playing' : Featured; Dir: Lachlan Moore (Channel 98)
  • MUSIC VIDEO: Prudence - 'Euphoria' : Featured; Dir: Maclean Stephenson
  • WEB CONTENT - 'Step One: Kiwifruits' : Principal
  • TVC - Transport NSW - 'Sydney Metro' : Featured Extra; (Goodoil)
  • TVC - Westpac - 'Help on your Business Journey' (NZ Version) : Featured; Dir: Steve Ayson (Three & Seven)
  • TVC: Budget Australia - 'Bird Watching' : Featured; Dir: Josh Logue (Hogarth)
  • WEB CONTENT: Crescent Tools - 'Australian Made Tape Measures' : Featured; Dir: Nick Donovan (Men at Work Communications)
  • WEB CONTENT: Tutable - 'Tutable App' : Featured; Dir: Kurt McCarthy (Tutable)
  • WEB SERIES: Tiny Stories - Ep: 'My Life as a Couch' : Lead; Dir: Deep Desai (El Faro Entertainment)
  • FEATURE FILM : Hearts & Bones : Extra (Screen Australia)
  • THEATRE: Love on the Line : Supporting (Voice Over); Dir: Kat Kitty (Independent)
  • STUDENT TVC: '+1' : Featured; Dir: Riley Hsiang (SAE)
  • STUDENT TVC: 'Say Yes' : Lead; Dir: Rhys Warren (TAFE)
  • INDUSTRIAL: Altura Learning - 'Learning Management Systems' Promo : Featured; Di: Steve Iliffe (Altura Learning)
  • INDUSTRIAL: Family & Community Services - 'Caseworkers' : Featured; Dir: Grant Dodwell (Realplay Media)
  • INDUSTRIAL: Altura Learning - 'Maintain Professional Relationships and Boundaries' : Featured; Dir: Janosh Jersch
  • MUSIC VIDEO: Below Subsonic - 'Aftermath' : Extra; Dir: Ilana Finocchiaro (JMC)
  • MUSIC VIDEO: Carmada - 'Ready for It' : Extra; Dir: Mitch Mckay (My Media Sydney)
  • MUSIC VIDEO: Smile Don't Smile - 'Ashleigh' : Extra; Dir: Sarah Hadley
  • MUSIC VIDEO: Cosmos' Midnight - 'Talk to Me' : Featured; Dir: Chester Buchanan (Entropico)
  • TVC: British Paints - 'Fight the FoMU - Greg' : Principal; Dir: Damian Shatford (The Sweetshop)
  • TVC: AMART - 'I Got it From Amart: Riverdance' : Principal; Dir: Alexander Roberts (Finch)
  • TVC: Facebook - 'Here Together' - Australian Version : Featured; Dir: Ryan Bodger (Now We Collide)
  • WEB SERIES: The Cleaners : Lead; Dir: Eorghan Barltrop (SAE)
  • SHORT FILM: Caved In : Lead; Dir: Sathya Nadesan (Sydney Film School)
  • SHORT FILM: Tricks : Supporting; Dir: Millicent Malcolm (AFTRS)
  • SHORT FILM: Election Day : Extra; Dir: Tom Davidson
  • SHORT FILM: Toe Sucker : Featured Extra; Dir: Andrew Yeremeyev
  • SHORT FILM: Redemption : Lead; Dir: Zhiying Liu (UTS)
  • SHORT FILM: Free Bilboes : Supporting; Dir: Austyn Hartley (SAE)
  • SHORT FILM: Chameleon : Supporting; Dir: Shu Li Lau (UNSW)
  • WEB SERIES: A Troubled Town : Co-Starring - S1 Ep 2; Dir: Billy El Kaddour
  • WEB SERIES: Others About Us (Original Title: 'Jak Nas Vidi Svet') : Guest; Dir: Ivana Benesova (Orange TV)
  • WEB CONTENT: Telstra Interactive Media : Featured; Dir: James Dall (Brains)
  • WEB SERIES: Spectrum : Extra; Dir: Brodie Pyke
  • WEB SERIES - Cloudy River : Co-Supporting - S1 Ep 5&6; Dir: Charlie Ford & Sophie Hardcastle (Unko)
  • TVC: NSW Government - 'Energy Affordability' : Featured; Dir: Geoff (The Dubs)
  • WEB CONTENT: Village Building - '30 Years' : Featured; Dir: Annette Neal (Coordinate)
  • TVC: Cerebral Palsy Foundation - 'Steptember' : Featured; Dir: Bryn Chainey (Paper Moose)
  • TVC: NRL Finals - 'This is It' : Featured; Dir: Karlton Atari (Winifred)
  • TVC: Vaalia - 'Full of Feelgoodness' : Featured; Dir: Gary John (Photoplay)
  • TVC: Holden - 'Holden Acadia' : Featured; Dir: JH Beetge (Goodoil)
  • WORKSHOP: TAFTA : Casting Director Workshop w/ Thea McLeod
  • WORKSHOP: SYDNEY FILM SCHOOL : Directing Character w/ Ben Ferris - Filmed and Directed by 1st Year Film Students over a 2 week period.
  • MODELLING - INTERNATIONAL STORE CAMPAIGN: Lush Australasia 'Stop, Exfoliate & Listen' : Principal; Dir: Lizzy Medynskyj (Lush Cosmetics)
  • MODELLING - INTERNATIONAL STORE CAMPAIGN: Lush Australasia - 'This Guy Makes Your Bath Bombs' : Principal; Dir: Lizzy Medynskyj & Priscilla Neow (Lush Cosmetics)


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

Acting agent

Howell Management

  • English
  • Korean
  • Samoan

  • Australian
  • New Zealand
  • USA California
  • Pacific Islander


Extras experience

Previous featured extras roles

Extras agent

Howell Management


Modeling experience

Beginner, starting out


Composer ability


Producer ability


Favourite genres
  • Pop
  • Indie
  • Electronic
  • Hip-hop

Influences: Bic Runga, Beach Fossils, Anna Coddington, Motor Ace, Sandrine, Sweetune, Monotree, Jyp

Primarily interested in lyricism and writing for others. Lover of 80's synths and sounds, and interesting musical hybrids. A fan of various Kpop and Jpop acts and love to incorporate Korean into written works. An instagram dedicated to following my musical journey can be found under the handle @bohifale

Releases (all registered under APRA):

'Kind Enough to Wait'
Produced by Jono Fernandez - (Vocals, Melody, Demo Composition, Lyrics)

'Everything's Eventual'
Produced by Jono Fernandez - (Vocals, Melody, Lyrics)

Produced by Jono Fernandez - (Vocals, Melody, Lyrics)

'Easy Street'
Produced by Jono Fernandez - (Vocals, Melody, Lyrics)

'Stationary' Produced by Taka Perry - (Vocals and Melody, Lyrics)

Film & Stage Crew

Directing & Writing ability


Production & Management ability



Short Film - 'The Jump' - Dir: Dean Hollis & Nat Johnson (SAE)

Short Film - 'Group 10'

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