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Norwich, United Kingdom
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Physical Attributes

161 cm / 5ft 3in
52 kg / 114 lbs
White / Caucasian
93 cm / 37 in
Skin color:
74 cm / 29 in
90 cm / 35 in
Dress size:
UK 10 / AUS 10 / US 6
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Weekly Acting Classes (Zoom) : Tutor: Dean Smith
  • Spotlight. How to break down a self-tape : Tutor: Tracy Efeachor Day course via Zoom
  • StopGap Dance Company/Triple C : 5 session creative dance course (via Zoom)
  • Building Confidence FEU Training : Zoom Webinair
  • FEU Training (Equity) : Diversify Your Portfolio (Day Course via Zoom)
  • FEU Training (Equity Union) : Get Creative with Graphics Day Workshop via Zoom
  • Triple C Webinar (Creative Confidence Collection) : A Session With Rash Dash
  • Triple C Webinar (Creative Confidence Collection) : A Session With Theatre Producer Zak Khan
  • Building Emotional Resilience for Actors : Spotlight Webinar. Charlotte Thornton
  • Triple C (Creative, Confidence, Collection) : Session with Casting Director Polly Jerrold. Webinar
  • FEU Training (Equity Union) : Click into Instagram Day Workshop via Zoom
  • FEU Training - Webinar : Dealing With Uncertainty
  • TripleC (Creative Confidence Collection) : Webinar with Director Amy Leach
  • Spotlight : 1-1 Advice Session with Casting Director Suzy Catliff
  • Natalie Grady : American Accent Workshop
  • War Horse Puppetry (In conjunction with The National Theatre) Organised by Spotlight. : Workshop
  • Old Diorama Arts Cntre : Spotlight: Meet the Casting Directors
  • Old Diorama Arts Centre London : Laban Voice/Movement Workshop
  • Old Diorama Arts Centre : Frantic Assembly- Devising Physical Theatre
  • RADA : Shakespeare Workshop
  • RADA : Wardrobe and Make-up Workshop
  • RADA : Contemporary Scene Study
  • RADA : Creating an Ensemble
  • RADA : Puppetry Workshop
  • Norwich Puppet Theatre : Grammar of the Hands Masterclass Presented by: Luca Rogna (5 days)
  • Norwich Puppet Theatre : Guarattelle Puppet Making Masterclass Presented by: Luca Ronga (3 days)
  • Theatre Royal Arts Courses : Trestle Theatre Mask Workshop
  • RADA : Shakespeare - Sonnets
  • RADA : 'The Realists' Workshop
  • Study Day - Costume : BFI
  • BFI : Costume Masterclass with John Bright
  • RADA : Movement Workshop
  • RADA : Acting Techniques Workshop
  • Mark Summers Studios : Audition Masterclass


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

Acting agent

Zebedee Management

  • English
  • Italian

  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • Italian

Union memberships
  • Equity


‘Dreams of Delphine’ Autocue/Video ‘Too Far Media. Director:: Jan Lindsay-Smith

‘Museum of Austerity’ ‘Moira’’ Director: Sacha Wares. ETT/National Theatre Storytelling.

‘APOCRYPHAL’ Woman’ Director: Joshua Armstrong

‘Ghost Chasers’ A & D Productions.
Character/Promotion Photoshoot
‘Wendy Wings/Annie’

Trailer for feature film ‘Karli’ released. June 221 includes a shot of me as the ‘Old Woman.’

Charity Fundraiser Film for Polar Bears International. Director: Saria Goy

Role of ‘Moira’ London (Awaiting permission to share details)

Join O Fantasy Film. Dogtooth Films

TV/Web Series

‘Our Town’ ‘Julie Carter’ Director Steve Farrell. Great Yarmouth

Dot the Dockyard Worker - Studio One

‘Don’t Die Every Day’ Directed by David J Stebbeds

Introducing charity fundraiser for West End & other theatres.

Participant (zoom) in Virtual Concert - song ‘World’s Apart’ by Ashleigh Hanley

Music Videos
‘The Lockdown - Stay with Me’ ‘Dancing Lady’ - Joe S Musician

‘Hersh Dagmarr’ Audience Member Stink Films

‘Blackatholics’ Fan Apis Films

TV/Web Series
‘Our Town’ Series 7 as ‘Julie Carter’ Director: Steve Farrell

Live Performance
‘Peggy Mitchell’ landlady in art installation/live performance at University of the Arts Graduate Show Farnham.

Short Films

2 short films WaterAid charity campaign.
‘Granny’ and ‘Party Guest’

‘Peaky Bleeders’ ‘Granny’ Short film for WaterAid, Period Poverty. London

‘Our Manor’ - ‘Old Maz’
Directed by Michael Chapman
United Film Productions UK

Feature Films
‘Karli’’ - ‘The Old Woman’ Directed by Mike Clarke and Paul Gerrard
Altered Strangers Pictures
County Durham

Music Videos
Small Character Role: Faber Music Video. Norfolk


StarNow Talent of The Month July 2018

Web Series
‘Our Town’ - ‘Julie Carter’ Series 4 (7 Episodes) Director: Steve Farrell - Gorleston-on-Sea

FeeeSat - ‘Bet Lynch’
‘Pet Product Video’ ‘Pet Owner’ Norwich

Short Films
‘Great Auntie Lindy’s Funeral’ Role: Great Auntie Lindy - Rochester Studios

Charismatic Gallery Visitor - Birmingham

Feature Films
'Typo' 'Barbara' Silver Lining Pictures - Sussex

Live Performance
The Walking Dead - Official PR - Actor Zombie London
Hogwhats Norwich - 'Professor Trelawney'
Heroes & Villains 'Margaret' Scare Actor. Olympia London

'Blood of the Old Gods' 'Sue' Directed by Stuart Ashen/Matthew Stogdon. - Norwich
'Case Files' 'Gracie Baxter' 'Escape the City' - Nottingham
The Dead Factor - Auditionee
The Grey Lady - Eye-witness

Short Films
‘Grandma Gryla’ ‘Gryla’ Gloucestershire
'A Helical' 'Mona' (Elderly Woman in Cafe) Directed by Marcus McMahon - London
'No More Lights in the Sky' 'Rich Business Woman' Directed by Danny Cotton - Norwich
'Family Dinner' 'Grandma' Directed by Ashley P Saunders - Buckinghamshire

Music Videos
Fjorka ‘Sugarface’ ‘Quirky Character’ - London
Elli Ingram 'Table for 2' Restaurant diner - London
Vince Kidd 'Shadowplay' 'Motel Guest' Directed by Ben Charles Edwards. London
'Too Many T's' 'Teacher' 'Panther' Directed by Tony Ogunyinka. London
Peter Edwards 'Mummy's Song' 'Mother'

TV Series
Abba Biopic - 'When All is Said and Done' ITV - Grandmother Buckinghamshire

Audible Books 'Cabbie' - 'Queenie' London

Web Series
Case Files - 'Gracie Baxter' Tricell Films Episode 2 - Home Run
Operation Cloudburst - 'Julie Moore' Single Shell Entertainment

O2 Business Essentials 'The Sarnie Business' Episode 5 'Elvis Fan' Beast Enterprises
O2 Business Essentials 'The Sarnie Business' Episode 1 'Robyn - Bird Watcher' Beast Enterprises

Feature Films
Paddington 2 - 'Trader'
Soldiers of Embers - Coffee Shop Customer
The Last Day - Elderly Female Prisoner/Zombie
iBoy - 'Teacher'
Slumber - 'Patient'

Short Films
No Pain Whatsoever 'Piano Player' Signature Pictures
The Crystal Egg- Promo ' Victorian woman' Old Lamp Films
'Serial Clean' - 'Tess' Division Pictures
'Shortcomings' Random Acts Channel 4 'Granny'
'Elsie's Dance' - 'Elsie' NUCA

Character Modelling
Tastes Like Grandmas - 'Chav Granny' Photographer Jonnie Malachi for Coy! Communications

Age UK 'Woman with Alzheimer's'
Sky Sports - 'Football Supporter'

Music Videos
Naked Feet,Music Video, Lula Guedes, Miguel Garcia 'Mature femme fatale'
Wooden Arms 'Bin Lady' and 'Zombie'

Live Performance
'Stand Up Tragedy' Site-specific Art Installation/Live Performance 'Lindy the Lush' Artist/Director Kris Abdai
You Me Bum Bum Train 'Cast - Various speaking and non speaking roles'.
Corporate Immersive Theatre Production 'Glamourous Audience Member at Screening'
Walkabout Performer 'Zombie' Promo for forthcoming Zombie stage production.


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles

Obsession 5 - I Saw the Unknown. ‘Thelma’ Norfolk
Obsession 5 - ‘Neighbour’ Norfolk


StarNow Talent of The Month July 2018

Featured Extra - Netflix Series ‘Turn Up Charlie’ Suffolk

Featured Extra - Fight Scene in Feature Film ‘Rocket Man’ Berkshire

Sebastian - Short Film Norwich

Art School Girlfriend - Music Video - London

Land’s End - Short Film London
Surveillance - Short Film Norwich
Johnny English - Feature Film London
Souvenir Part 1 - Feature Film Norfolk
His Wake - Short Film. London
Lee & Dean - TV Series Norwich
Rellick - TV Series Ilford
The Crown (2 Episodes) Netflix Series. London
Jaguar Car - Commercial London
Paddy Power - Commercial Surrey


Modeling experience

Part-time model - paid commercial work

Modelling website

Modelling agent

Zebedee Management

Christmas - Clearshot Magazine

Charity Calendar Goy Photography

Halloween (Underwater) The Tank Space. Earl Grey Images

Halloween Issue of MARIKA’ Magazine. ‘Bats and Witches’ Photos.

Photoshoot based on ‘The Quick & the Dead’ Cowgirl.. Gino Cinganellli

Photo published in ‘Bold & Beautiful’ Magazine. ‘The Golden Hour’

Goddess Photoshoot. Photographers: Krystal Johns, Saria Goy

Retro Pin-Up Photographs - MARIKA (Print) magazine Photographer: Patrick Falaniko

PRIDE Photoshoot. Modelling for Liquidbreed. Goy Photography

Photos/Editorial published in OriGinal Magazine (Online and Print) Issues 2 and 3

Photo selected as ‘StarNow Staff Pick’ June 9th 2021

Monochrome Photoshoot - Saria Goy. Modelling a bespoke dress by ‘Liquidbreed’.

Ballroom Photoshoot (Underwater) The Tank Space. Earl Grey Images

Photos/Editorial published in OriGinal Magazine (Online and Print) Issue 1

Underwater Photoshoot: The Tank Space. Photographer: Jess Buckle

Pin-up Photoshoot. Modelling accessories by Liquidbreed. Goy Photography.

Evening Wear/Location Photoshoot. Photographer: Saria Goy.

1950s style boudoir photoshoot. Photographer: Patrick Falaniko The Goddess Studio London

Corporate/Evening Wear Photoshoot. Photographer: Hiyafoto. Hiyafoto Studio. London

‘These Boots are Made for Walking...’ Outdoor Photoshoot. Photographer: John Walsh

Published in UK Kunst Magazine, Sicky Mag, Through the Lens Magazine, Ventanas Abiertas Magazine, OriGinal Magazine, Possability Magazine.

Halloween Photoshoot - John Walsh

Vintage Clothing Photoshoot. Houghton House. Bedfordshore. Photographer: John Walsh

Boudoir Photoshoot. Photographer: Patrick Falaniko. London

Outdoor - Fashion Photoshoot. Photographer: John Walsh. Thetford. Norfolk

Fashion Shoot Photographer: Hyafoto. Lindon

Hair Beauty Photoshoot. Photographer: Tszio Loo London

Earring Model for Shanice Harrison Jewellery.

Lavender Fields Photoshoot. Photographer: John Walsh. Hitchin

‘Carry on (Again) Camping ‘Joan’ Photographer: Gino Cinganelli. Kent

Studio Fashion Shoot. Photographer: Debbie Johnson. Wisbech.

Test Shoot for Beauty Archive. Mari Kuno Apiary Studios. London

Sunset Photoshoot. Great Yarmouth Beach. Photographer: John Walsh

Location Fashion Photoshoot. Thetford. Norfolk. Photographer: John Walsh

Riverside Photoshoot - Thetford. Norfolk. John Walsh

Riverside Photoshoot - Cambridge. John Walsh

Model for cartoon character drawing for Italian Artist il Rizzo

Woodland Photoshoot. Photographer:John Walsh

Model - Recreating Art 2 Photos published by Getty Museum on their Facebook page.

Model Interview for Miss Red London - Blog

Social Distancing Beach Photoshoot. Photographer: John Walsh.

Model/Actor Interview with Patricia Hamilton for The Hat Channel.

Contributor to ‘Love in a Photograph’ Music Video - Zebedee Management.

‘Isolation’ Video - Zebedee Management

‘Thank you NHS’ Video - Zebedee Management

Photo (1 of 3 models in photo) published in PosAbility Magazine.

‘Hand-washing’ Video - Zebedee Management (Online)

Fashion - studio shoot JWStudios

Model for clothing/accessories by Liquidbreed

Group photoshoot. Ipswich

Paragon. Photoshoot for International Women's Day. Zebedee Management. (Online. Editorial) Sheffield

Fashion Photoshoot. John Walsh. Cambridge

‘Touching Cloth’ ‘Actress’ Group Gino Cinganelli

2 Photographs selected for the Kiss Me Deadly website.

Pin-Up’ style photoshoot. Photographer: John Walsh Aura Studio

Make-up Model. Sharlene Davis MUA. Bold Photography Studio. London

Winter Fashion/Outdoor Photoshoot - Ed. Norwich

Fashion Photoshoot. John Walsh Norwich

‘Senior Apprentice’ ICT/Apprenticeship Shoot Cardiff

Catwalk Model -Liquidbreed Clothing

Christmas Photoshoot. John Walsh. Norwich

Studio Fashion Photoshoot. Greater London Models. London

‘1970s inspired Disco Photoshoot. ‘Drug Dealer’ Gino Cinganelli Rochester

‘It’s Game On‘’ Community Fundraising Photoshoot - Sports Relief - Charity Campaign. London

Fashion Photoshoot. London Hiyafoto Photography

Cosplay/Studio Photoshoot. Ggdp Photography.St. Albans

Autumn Photoshoot. Photographer: ‘Mid Sussex Guy’. London

Hair Model - Hershesons Hair Salon. London. ‘Updo’ and long hair wash/blow-dry.

Published in ‘Hot Potato News’ Second Edition. September 2019. Article: The Death of Print. ‘Grieving Woman’.

Duo Photoshoot. On location in London.Photographer: Sandrine Thomas

Fashion/Accessories Model for brand liquidbreed. Photographer: Saria Goy. Ipswich.

Fashion Photoshoot. Bold Photography. London

Artistic style passport /scenario photographs. Max Siedentopf. London.

Fashion/Outdoor Photoshoot. Ggdp Photography. St. Albans

Model for evening wear and ‘Fish Out of Water’ photoshoot.Bold Photography.London

Model as Client for a Cosmetic Clinic Information Film. Kent

‘Peaky Blinders’ inspired photoshoot. ‘Polly Shelby’ Gino Cinganelli. Embankment Studios. Kent

Fashion/Street Photoshoot. Photographer: @Hiyafoto London

‘3,000 AD Scientist Land on an Alien Planet’ Photoshoot/Photo-story. As ‘Astro Biologist’ model. Photographer: Gino Cinganelli. Botany Bay.

Classic Car/1950s Retro Style Photoshoot with model Tracey Edwards. Photographer: 2Photography. Cheshunt, Herts.

Outdoor Photoshoot. Photographer: Ggdp Photography. Clarence Park. St. Albans.

Studio Fashion Photoshoot. Photographer: Ggdp. St. Albans.

‘Quirky Character’ photoshoot for apocalyptic scenes for music video. London

‘Grieving Woman’ for article - ‘The Death of Print’. Hot Potato News. London

1980s style fitness & comedy photoshoot. Photographer: Gino Cinganelli. Rochester Studios.

‘Carry on Cleo...Again’ Large group photoshoot. Role: Cleopatra’s Stuck Up Mum. Rochester Studios

Fashion and Headpiece Photoshoot. Photographer: GGDP P


Bra Bassador - Curvy Kate Lingerie

Ambassador - Shanice Harrison Jewel

Brand Ambassador - Just Strong Clothing

Over 1,00 followers on Instagram and on my Lindy Pieri Freelancer (work related) Facebook page.

I was selected as StarNow Talent of the Month in July 2018 and featured on their newsletter/blog/social media account.

TV & Reality


ITV Spend it Well at Christmas. Vegetarian/vegan alternatives. Holme-Next-the Sea. Norfolk ‘Food Taster’/Contributor

Obsession 5. ‘Ghost Grandmother’ Norfolk

I Saw the Unknown - ‘Neighbour’ Norfolk


ITV Biopsy - Grandmother


Home Alone 'Stella - Jeff's Wife' Norfolk

Home Alone 'Wedding Guest' Norfolk

Age of the Living Dead - 'Politician' London

50 Ways to Kill Your Lover - 'Wedding Guest' London


TV Series (3) 'House-full' 'Spectator' London

Gogglebox Entertainment - Man V Fly 'Nanny' London

TV Christmas Commercial for large supermarket chain - Shopper Suffolk

TV Series - 'Suspicion' Deli Customer' North Norfolk

The Royals Series 2 - Supporter London

TV Series -Detectorists - Pub Customer Suffolk

TV Series - Churchgoer, Bar Patron. Norfolk

TV Series - Traumatised Woman Norfolk

From the Cradle to the Grave ITV - Customer Manchester

Previous years available on request. Thank you for your interest.


Fjorka ‘Sugarface’ ‘Quirky Character Dancng to track'’ London

2016 -
Elsie's Dance - Interpretive Dance (Short film) NUCA Director - Kelly Raven Norwich and Diss

2015 -
Dancing OAP for mobile phone company (Produced by RISER) London
Dancing as Old Wendy in Peter Pan Inspired Music Video

2014 -
'I Am Harlequin' Music Video 'Leading Lady' London

Unconventional Looking 'Dancehaller' for Red Bull Music Academy Music Video (July 2014) London

Improvised dancing - joining in behind the professional dancers when the music started! South Side Story. London

Choreographed dance for 'flash mob' scene in feature film 'Walking on Sunshine'' London

Previous years available on request.
Thank you for your interest.
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