Carl Osterly

Carl Osterly

New South Wales, Australia


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It was great to work with Carl, he is very professional, friendly and easy going. I would work with him again anytime!

Recommended for Photography Jul 18, 2020

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Great to work with and it was a nice and comfortable time with him

Recommended for Photography Jun 27, 2020

Carl was great to work with and has a great sense of professionalism.

Recommended for Photography Jun 19, 2020

Carl was easy to work with and provided me with some lovely shots. I would recommend him as a photographer.

Recommended for Photographer Jan 8, 2020

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Great to work with and got some stunning shots

Recommended for Photography Dec 3, 2018

Great to work with and has a really keen eye! Thanks for the awesome pics :)

Recommended for Photography Feb 9, 2017

Carl is a fantastic person to work with and projects an engaging, professional attitude. Extremely kind and very hardworking!

Recommended for Photography Jan 12, 2017

Recommended for Casting Feb 5, 2017

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