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Actors Required for Roles in Griffith Grad Slate Film

Actors Required for Roles in Griffith Grad Slate Film

Queensland, Australia
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*Please note that the role of Jimmy has been cast*


A decade after ex-criminal Elliot Daily bails on his partner-in-crime Jimmy, the pair coincidentally reunite when Jimmy cases the bank that Elliot now manages. The pair begin to squabble but are interrupted by two masked men waving guns; Maverick and Goose. Sophie, the pregnant teller, tells them that they can't be opened without the manager, and the gunmen await his return, not knowing that Elliot is the manager.

While Jimmy and Elliot begin to argue, Elliot informs Jimmy that he started working there to plan a heist and has been waiting 7 years for the perfect opportunity. Jimmy gets fed up with Elliot's inability to act and informs the gunmen that Elliot is the manager.

The gunmen lead Elliot and Jimmy to the vault, forcing Elliot to open it. The gunmen are enamoured with the quantity of cash sitting before them, and quickly forget about Jimmy and Elliot. Jimmy tries to pressure Elliot into fixing the situation at hand, but Elliot hesitates. Jimmy takes control, knocking out Goose, causing Maverick to turn on Jimmy. Elliot finally finds some confidence and knocks out Maverick. Both impressed with Elliot's newfound confidence, the former partners-in-crime take things a step further, robbing the bank themselves.

Audition / Rehearsal / Production dates

- Audition times are yet to be confirmed
- Principle Photography is from the 24th - 30th of June

Job payment

Unpaid – this is a collaboration opportunity

Collaborations should create mutual benefit and are usually amateur, student or 'Time for Print' projects.

Elliot Daily

Elliot Daily is a mid-30's pushover of a bank manager who lacks confidence. Once a capable, confident and controlling criminal, Elliot now lives a boring lifestyle and is too careful to pull the trigger on anything; criminal or otherwise. Elliot initially began working in the bank in an attempt to plan a heist but has accidentally risen through the ranks to the role of manager while waiting for the perfect opportunity.

Male, aged 28 to 35

Applications closed 18 June 2019.


Maverick is the leader of the crime duo that is Maverick and Goose. He's high-sprung but intelligent, and wants things done exactly the way he says. He's not flexible at all with his ideas. maverick has a napoleon complex, giving him an overly aggressive and domineering personality due to his short stature. He sees Goose less as a partner in crime, and more as a tool to get what he needs, especially due to Goose's physical attributes. Maverick is a slightly more vicious reflection of Elliot.

Male, aged 25 to 35

Applications closed 18 June 2019.


Goose is the subordinate member of the crime duo. Physically domineering, Goose is a large man, and is a useful intimidation tool when it comes to robberies. Goose is relatively bored of the robbery game but continues onward only out of loyalty for Maverick, especially as he sees them more as partners than Maverick does. Goose soon realises this isn't entirely accurate and takes exception to the codenames that Maverick chooses for them. Goose isn't very intelligent but is loyal and impulsive.

Male, aged 25 to 35

Applications closed 18 June 2019.

Sophie Dart

Sophie Dart is the pregnant bank teller of the bank that Elliot Daily manages. Strong-willed and fiery, she cares only about herself, and is more than willing to talk all over those in her way, especially Elliot. Sophie is oddly unfazed by the heist situation at hand, which makes the occupants of the bank uncomfortable. Sophie is morally ambiguous, occasionally stealing from the bank to treat herself.

Female, aged 25 to 35

Applications closed 18 June 2019.

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