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Actors Needed for Sci-Fi Based Drama (Project Old Man) - TV Pilot

Actors Needed for Sci-Fi Based Drama (Project Old Man) - TV Pilot

London, UK
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Shortlisting is underway now.Shortlisting is underway now. We recommend applying as soon as possible.
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The old man slowly made his way towards the student, writing in pain, clutching at his stomach and spewing blood from his mouth. The expressions on the Professors face became cold, a small smirk forming on the sides of his mouth. He knew this feeling, it had been so long since he saw this level of justice handed out. His eye glanced a familiar shoe, just to the right of his victim, the colour and pattern of the socks looked so... the Professor stopped the torture and walked away.

"Get out of my mind!" he hissed at the delusion.
"Is that truly what you want?" she yelled out to him. The Professor increased his pace, his smirk now broken to a hideous scowl.

With Project Red fully underway and the pilot script for 'Project Old Man' finished, we are seeking actors to take part in our pilot episode, intended to be pitched between early to mid way through next year.

As part of 'Project Portal', this series is critical and heavily at the core to introducing the much bigger project it branches from.

The 4 main roles of; Professor, Glitch, Test (revealed in episode 2) and Dead Wife, are to be brought back in throughout the series, with the Professor and Glitch being seen in cameos in other branched projects and eventually in the Project Portals official release.

Many other roles are likely to make a future appearance, particularly during the projected 1st season of the project.

Audition / Rehearsal / Production dates

Given the haphazard lockdowns and uncertainty of the vaccines distribution, all meetings, rehearsals and auditions will take place via Zoom.

Job payment

Unpaid – this is a collaboration opportunity - The pilot is not funded so we are unable to pay you straight away. However, after the pilot is completed, should the pitch be successful, all funds will be shared equally among cast and crew.

Collaborations should create mutual benefit and are usually amateur, student or 'Time for Print' projects.

All advertisers agree to abide by the UK National Minimum Wage Act and are responsible for defining the nature of their production and any payment requirements. Find out more.

UPDATE: To those looking for more information regarding 'Project Old Man', please keep an eye on the 'Project Portal' YouTube channel.

Though only recently set up, it will be releasing infrequent videos related to key areas/characters throughout the story, including insights in to the 'Professor'

*I apologise for the poor audio and graphics

Edited 11 January 2021

UPDATE: Hello all applicants.

Project Red has begun filming but will take longer than expected. Once filming us complete and post-production has finished, work on the Project Old Man pilot will begin the the resumption of the selection process.

If you are interested in joining the project or any of Project Portals other branches, please checkout the Projects website.

Roles for cast and crew are visible there along with short descriptions for key characters throughout the stories.

I hope you are all well and enjoying the summer sun!
Ben Murphy
Project Red
Project Portal

Edited 04 June 2021

The Professor

The physical embodiment of science, knowledge and technology, the Professor walks around the university with a slight limp, stemming from his right leg and a small cane to steady himself. A deeply suspicious figure, the Professors origins are a constant mystery and nobody ever truly knows his real name. While endlessly haunted by the ghosts of his past, he finds distraction in returning to what he does best, inventing ingenious yet very powerful and dangerous devices and machines.

Male, aged 36 to 70

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Dead Wife

The former love of the Professors life, the dead wife's identity is only hinted at along with a vague nickname. Though not alive, she stands as the Professors accurate memory of her and is a projection of what she would do or say during his 'less reasonable' times. Often being brutally honest when she needs to be, insulting and belittling during times of self-loathing, she does make some attempts to give him calm and sympathetic advice throughout.

Female, aged 30 to 50

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An AI that starts off as a neglected yet very likable and sympathetic character, slowly starts to glitch as the system becomes faulty via the Professors endless neglect of its recommendations/programmed instructions. As the project goes on, the glitches consume the AI, breaking it free from its confinement and comes into contact with a damaged piece of godly power, scattering across reality and threatening to destroy all in one big and sudden jolt.

Female, aged 18 to 35

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A young, energetic and overtly dedicated university fresher, she finds herself almost obsessed with the Professors teachings and stories. Tracking him down and endlessly pursuing a reply and eventual audience with him, she intends to learn from the most clever being on the face of the planet and encourage him to return to the university she has recently started (he eventually relents). With hints of an abusive home life and university life, she uses the pursuit of knowledge as a distraction.

Female, aged 18 and over

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Dead Mother

Though we never get much info on the mother beyond the pilot, she acts as one of the only 3 memories with something positive to say to the Professor as he gets confronted by the ghosts of his past. A hint is presented in the pilot episode that the Professor accepts that these are just ghosts but most importantly, that he grew up without a mother, only a father that either looked down on him or was too focused on his job to care (Professor envies his students childhoods).

Female, aged 28 to 50

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Dead Father

Though displayed as a rather hateful character, particularlly in the pilot episode, it is gradually revealed that those feelings are projections of how the Professor believed his dad saw 'him' not how he was naturally. At his core, we see a strong and determined politician, pursuing the interests of others around him and enforcing a sense of responsibility and collective care on the old man. His demise is hinted at coming at the hands of a show of meteorites, and the end of the Professors home.

Male, aged 30 to 50

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Dead Brother

Very little is revealed about the character, but it is made clear that, in the Professors eyes, he was unique with his style of care, actually showing brotherly love towards him. He comes across as very relaxed and give his brother effective advice that the old man almost takes on.

Male, aged 18 to 35

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Students (x2)

Extras: Displayed in either a flashback or forward, the students are presented in a lecture hall, disrupting the lesson and insulting the Professors teachings and emphasis of the potential of science as ridiculous and crazy. The Professor, using his tech to damage the chair of the students, acts as a reveal of the old mans advanced tech, along with how he views the next generation/youth of today.

Anyone, aged 18 to 30

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Her name held off in the Pilot, we meet a mysterious second professor that the old man knows from his life before teaching and one that dates back to his time back on his home-world. A scientist with almost as much dedication as him, the un-named character becomes key in the Professors research, as does her death act as his catalyst to change and come out of hiding in the first season.

Female, aged 40 to 65

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A shopkeeper of a small supermarket and an assistant stay up late as the Professor arrives, needing some supplies. Though the old customer acts strangely, they see him as just another stranger, possibly drink at this time of night, getting late groceries, unaware of the dangerous, monstrous things this wizened old figure has done.

Male, aged 21 to 55

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Listing created: 26 November 2020
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