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Heat: The WebSeries

Heat: The WebSeries

Queensland, Australia
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TV Series
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Heat: The Web Series

Lydia Townsend left a life that would have gotten her killed or thrown in jail and after three years away from her hometown, her old friend, Manny, brings her back after the heart-breaking news of her younger sister’s death. Lydia returns to her old stomping grounds in Brisbane City and starts to investigate her sister’s murder in order to deliver revenge onto the murderer.

Audition / Rehearsal / Production dates

June/July 2022

Job payment

Payment TBC - Budget is TBA, still working the final details

Emily Banks

Personality: A conflicted police detective, hung up on her ex-girlfriend and always just doing her job Bio: Emily is a Police Detective that was working on the RICO case as an undercover agent that fell in love with the woman that she was tasked to investigate, Lydia Townsend. Emily became very conflicted with her intentions and role as a police officer and was ready to flip and tell Lydia everything in order to save her but never got the chance once Lydia had vanished from the city.

Female, aged 23 to 32

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Erin Townsend

Personality: Too old to give a f*** anymore. Bio: Erin is Aunty and pseudo mother to Lydia Townsend. Once a upon a time in a different era of Brisbane city, Erin was a professional car racer and criminal, never convicted or caught for her crimes.

Female, aged 45 to 60

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Personality: a big-hearted Maori with a love for cars and a jolly personality Bio: Retired from the criminal life and street racing. Manny now owns her own garage workshop and has built a life of legitimate work. After hearing about Kate’s death, she tracks down Lydia in order to give her the news and bring her back for Kate funeral but then starts to regret the choice she made as Lydia spirals into rabbit hole of revenge and begins to risk the lives of everyone around her.

Male, aged 25 to 34

  • Ethnicity: Māori
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Personality: a disgruntled beat cop with a self-righteous moral code with zero f***s to give after facing his demotion Bio: A demoted Detective, now disgruntle beat cop with a self-righteous moral code and letter to the law personality, Officer Morgan does whatever it takes to take down criminals. In his past he had compromised himself to carry out his duties but since then has never stepped outside of boundaries of what the Police Force means to him.

Male, aged 45 to 60

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Personality: A dorky, gear head, street racer with everything to prove and earn the respect of the street she desires Bio: A gear head and employee for Manny, Manny describes her as Younger Lydia, in terms of her knowledge and natural skill behind the wheel a car but dorky as hell. Shay is a Fangirl for Lydia and Drew’s closest friend and rival when it comes to this world.

Female, aged 18 to 25

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Personality: Lighthearted and sweet and jumping for the chance to beat Shay at a race behind their cars Bio: Drew and Shay have a very brotherly sister relationship and often finds himself fighting to be in the same league as his sister. While Shay thrives behind the wheel, Drew often finds himself enjoying the business part of Street Racing and working in a garage.

Male, aged 18 to 25

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Personality: An overconfident street racer Bio: A frat boy with rich parents that plays gangster and street racer.

Male, aged 20 to 30

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Personality: a well-established and long serving police Captain Bio: Raised in a family of Military and Police service men and women, Richard Beckett, entered the academy after school and never looked back.

Male, aged 45 to 60

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Listing created: 8 January 2021
Applications close: 28 February 2021
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