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Experimental Student Short Film "Switch"

Experimental Student Short Film "Switch"

New South Wales, Australia
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We need five talented actors to join us this production season and hopefully more in the future.

For over 14 years, Sydney Film School has trained filmmakers from Australia and around the world to reach industry-standard skills and knowledge. Every year, students graduate from the school with award-winning student films and enter into the film industry with a professional portfolio and a network of friends and experts in the field.

A gas station cashier Neo narrates how boring his life is. He spends his time observing his customers, and live their life in his imagination. When Mike and his 18 year old son, Jon, turns up at the gas station, Neo becomes the son and assumes the role of Jon in his imagination. Mike is lecturing his son to be more serious in life. Neo the son yells back at his dad, reminding Mike that he doesn’t have to live according to any expectations. As Mike and Jon leaves, George and Julia, a couple in their mid 20s, pull up at the gas station. They are arguing about the rent being due. As Neo assumes the role of George in his imagination, Julia is seen complaining about him not trying enough to find a job to share their expenses. Neo the boyfriend argues about her not being sensitive enough and being blind to his efforts. When they leave, a homeless man enters the gas station. Neo is shocked when the homeless man’s face reveals to be Neo and talks to himself about his regrets in life, and how he lost his loved ones because of his adamant attitude to life. It is revealed that the two stories before were parts from Neo’s past before he became a cashier. Neo and the homeless man looks back at the door, curious, as an unknown customer enters.

This is an unpaid but professionally shot production, and all footage can be used for show-reel material.
Further, we are hoping to build a network between filmmakers and acting talents for future productions.

Audition / Rehearsal / Production dates

If short-listed, you will receive a message for an audition according to your availability.

Job payment

Unpaid – this is a collaboration opportunity

Collaborations should create mutual benefit and are usually amateur, student or 'Time for Print' projects.

Neo (acting in 5 roles within the film)

A bored cashier who has learnt life the hard way. He grew up as a spoil kid. Not being able to bear with the lectures from his dad, he left his house at the age of 18. As a teenager he believed the world would dance to his tunes. During his 20s, his partner then, Julia, left him for not taking financial responsibilities seriously. He then realizes his mistake, and ended up working in a gas station. During this time, he re-imagines himself in the life of his customers, reflecting on his mistakes.

Male, aged 18 to 30

Applications closed 20 September 2020.


Mike just found out that his teenager son has started smoking. He is worried that his son isn’t serious about life, and tries to lecture him into being a responsible adult. But his efforts are in vain.

Male, aged 40 to 60

Applications closed 20 September 2020.


Julia is disappointed that her boyfriend isn’t serious about life and doesn’t care about their financial responsibilities. She works 7 shifts a week, trying to meet ends. But she thinks its time for a break up.

Female, aged 20 to 30

Applications closed 20 September 2020.


Jon is always stuck to his phone. But when his dad finds about his smoking, he tries to come with an excuse. Tired of his dad’s lecture, he breaks out and decides to take over control in his life since he is 18 and he can.

Male, aged 18 to 25

Applications closed 20 September 2020.


George is an unemployed youngster who thinks his girlfriend is overreacting about his priorities. He is choosy with his job applications. He thinks she isn’t appreciating his efforts to find a job.

Male, aged 20 to 30

Applications closed 20 September 2020.

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