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Scifi Mod 'Sins of the Sirius Sector'

Scifi Mod 'Sins of the Sirius Sector'

Australia. Apply worldwide.
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I'm currently working on a mod for the game 'Sins of a Solar Empire' based on 'Freelancer', a game made by Chris Roberts and Digital Anvil

As a brief overview, in the Freelancer universe a massive war was fought in our solar system between the 'Coalition' and the 'Alliance'. The Coalition got the upper hand, and the Alliance in desperation built 5 sleeper ships, each built by one of the alliance nations. The ships managed to get past the coalition blockade and made the long journey to the Sirius Sector.

4 of the ships established colonies and developed into new nations named after their Sleeper Ship. Liberty (USA), Bretonia (United Kingdom), Rheinland (Germany) and Kusari (Japan). The fifth ship, Hispania was sabotaged and only barely made the journey. Half of the Hispania's population escaped the doomed ship in escape shuttles and became a powerful pirate nation known as the Corsairs. The other half drifted on the Hispania till it ended up orbiting a habitable world, they became know as the Outcasts.

Each of the 4 Houses has specific accents required;

Liberty: pretty much any American accent is fine

Bretonia: various English, Welsh, Irish and Scottish accents are preferred, however some Canadian, Australian and New Zealand are considered as it is not unbelievable that some of the bloodlines within Bretonia are descended from commonwealth countries

Rheinland: German accent

Kusari: Japanese accent

For the Rheinland and Japanese characters, I prefer the dialogue to be mostly in English, however the occasional words/phrases in the native tongue are allowed and even encouraged. I would generally prefer natural accents, however someone who can imitate an accent decently is just as good.

In the mod there are several types of fighter craft, and capital ships. A rough idea of styles for each type follows:

Light scout: Recon pilots who are slightly nervous about combat (being in a non combat orientated ship). Any age works.

Light fighter: Young and eager. usually a new recruit. Age roughly around early 20's

Heavy fighter: A bit more calm and confident and slightly older. Generally from 20's to 30's is desired

Very heavy fighter: More aggressive and hostile sounding. Tough and full of pride in their abilities, possibly even a bit of a bragger. age from 20's-30's

Gunboat/Combat Freighter: A larger ship that has a specific role depending on the faction. A young captain. Confident but still new to his or her commanding role.

Support Ship: These are various support freighters, frigates and transports. The captain is mostly laid back and less military sounding. Nervous in combat situations.

Cruiser/Destroyer: These are a factions main combat capital ships and are commanded by strong captains. Mid 30's+ is preferable. Strong, relaxed and confident

Battleship: a very competent, experienced, confident captain. Feels safe and knows he can dominate any situation

ACE pilot: These are the finest pilots of a given faction. They confident, cool and eager for action. Age for Ace Pilots is less important, but need to sound at least in their 20's and not too young.

Job payment

Unpaid – this is a collaboration opportunity

Collaborations should create mutual benefit and are usually amateur, student or 'Time for Print' projects.

Liberty Units

Liberty's people are descendents of the USA, so for liberty roles any form of American accent is acceptable. Liberty pilots age can range from 18-30 while ship captains age can range from late 20's to 60's I am fairly open to various voice types and styles as variety is good for diversity between units in the mod.

Anyone, aged 18 to 60

  • Acting experience: No previous acting experience - Any

Applications closed 30 January 2015.

Rheinland Units

Rheinland's people are descendants of Germany, as such I would like German accents for their units. I would prefer natural German accents as much as possible, however if someone can imitate a German accent really well then they would be considered. Obviously the majority of the lines would be in English, though I do encourage Rheinland voice actors to throw in the occasional word or phrase in German. Rheinland Pilots age is between 18-30 while ship captains are 20's-60's

Anyone, aged 18 to 60

  • Acting experience: No previous acting experience - Any

Applications closed 30 January 2015.

Kusari Units

Kusari's people are descendants of Japan, so English with a natural Japanese accent is desired. Due to Kusari's stricter class system and general patriarchal society the majority of their pilots and ship captains are male, however I do have roles for Female 'Ace' pilots, so female voice actors will be needed for them I prefer natural Japanese accents, though excellent imitators will be considered. Kusari Pilots age ranges from 18-30's while ship captains range from late 20's-60's

Anyone, aged 18 to 60

  • Acting experience: No previous acting experience - Any

Applications closed 30 January 2015.

The Bounty Hunter's Guild

the Bounty Hunter's Guild is a Private Military Company that specializes in security, armed escorts and obviously hunting down bounties. While originally formed in Liberty space, it has expanded widely through the Sirius Sector and has members from all regions. This means nearly any accent will be considered for the BHG. However, the BHG is not a house military and doesn't recruit from inexperienced pilots. As such 25 is the minimum age for a BHG pilot

Anyone, aged 25 to 60

  • Acting experience: No previous acting experience - Any

Applications closed 30 January 2015.

The Corsairs and Outcasts

The Corsairs and the Outcasts are the two groups that split from the crippled Hispania. Preferred accents for the Corsairs and Outcasts is generally Spanish, however Mexican, Latin American and other south American accents will also be considered as it plausible that people from these nations joined the Hispania sleeper ship.

Anyone, aged 18 to 60

  • Acting experience: No previous acting experience - Any

Applications closed 30 January 2015.

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