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Actor, Extra, Model, Influencer, Writer / Director

London, United Kingdom
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Smile & Nod Monologue - Audio only. Olivia Maiden - RP Accent. Picks up accents quickly.

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02Dark Monologue: 'Brother'
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Physical Attributes

159 cm / 5ft 3in
54 kg / 118 lbs
White / Caucasian
84 cm / 33 in
Skin color:
68 cm / 27 in
82 cm / 32 in
Dress size:
UK 8 / AUS 8 / US 4
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Peace in our Time - Feature Film - Dream Hive Films : Catherine Grange
  • The Ballad of Lucy Sands - Feature Film - Dark Light Films (Steve Baldwin) : Jane Shannon
  • Grizedale - Short Film - Trident Visuals (Orlando Bryant) : Mary-Austin Constantine
  • Down the Lenses - Modelling - Gable Studios : Model - 1940's Girl
  • Unseen Tears - Feature Film - One Take Productions (Jordan Hepworth) : Jessica
  • Acting4Screen - Acting Workshop NYC - Mark Stolzenberg : Attendant
  • Heaven - Modelling - Gable Studios : Angel Model
  • Ollie Williams - Short Film - Dream Hive Films : Grace Williams
  • Kat and the Band - Feature Film - Esther Hegarty (Boudica Films) : Rose
  • The Invisible War - Feature Film - Adam J Morgan (Cynthia Pictures) : Constance Stanley
  • Legally Blonde - Musical Theatre : Delta Nu
  • McKinley - Short Film - Ben Bloore (BSquared Films) : Sarah McKinley
  • End of the Rope - Feature Film - Adam J Morgan (Cynthia Pictures) : Mary-Ann Worlock
  • Modelling - Jordan Matter Photography : Girl
  • Bea Before Me - Short Film - Dream Hive Films : Beatrice Evans
  • Pandora - Short Film - Amber Sandys : Pandora
  • The Trial of Rebecca Worlock - Short Film - Adam J Morgan (Cynthia Pictures) : Mary-Ann Worlock
  • A Christmas Carol - Theatre - Malvern College : Martha Cratchit
  • In Flight - Short Film - Patrick Ryder : Passenger
  • Never Alone - Short Film - Dream Hive Films : Maddie
  • Harvest - Short Film - Goldsmiths University : Little Girl
  • M|Other - Short Film - Alisia Kashnikova : Rose
  • Case Files - TV - Damian Cage (Tricell Films) : Kreepa
  • State of Mind - Web Series - James Johnson : Penelope
  • Dream Keepers - Animation TV - Nikki Crawford : Paige


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

Acting agent

Bondi Talent

  • English

  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • UK Scottish
  • UK Welsh
  • USA Boston
  • USA New York

I have been acting professionally on screen for a year and a half now (Oct. 2016) and have been blessed with the opportunity to work with some incredible directors and talent. Over the past year I have played some truly remarkable characters from an 1820's bereaved child to a child-killer, ghost, bully, bullied, abused child, trapped girl, sassy sister, protective sister (2018 filming), comedy daughter and I have loved every single one.
2016 marked my first film role as 'Penelope' (trapped girl) in a Web Series 'State of Mind' closely followed by three consecutive short film roles but before then I also filmed in:
2016 as Maddy in my own short film 'Never Alone' which subsequently went onto be selected and won 20 awards at festivals which is hugely exciting including BIRMINGHAM FILM FESTIVAL.
2017 'Mother' as a bereaved girl, Rose, trying to mend a fractured relationship with Father.
2017 'Harvest' as a child-killer.
2017 'Pandora' as an abused child 'Pandora'. These all filmed in the space of two weeks in JAN-FEB 2017 which was a brilliant experience. From my experience with NYMT I have great stamina and can work at full speed and energy for long hours, I truly didn't want this incredible filming to end. 2017 Pandora was also my first opportunity working on a GREEN SCREEN which was so much fun and I loved every second.
In March and April 2017 I had the honour of playing 'Mary-Ann Worlock' in Adam J Morgan's 'The Trial of Rebecca Worlock' alongside the incredibly talented Faith Elizabeth (In-Flight; Change of heart). This was set in the 1820's and when I first starting being told I had a very natural 'period' look. In this, I had to watch my Mother murder my Father and stand up and five witness testimonial in front of her and cry on cue many times. I only needed one take and my on-screen Mum called it a 'One Take Wonder'. I also received lovely reviews rom the director "What is striking is her understanding and depth to the character" - Adam J Morgan.
2017 May: Subsequently, I was invited on set of In-Flight by Faith to work as a passenger with Patrick Ryder which was an incredible opportunity and I met some amazing people.
I will grab absolutely any chance to become a different person with arms wide open.
I'm always learning and most recently partook in a acting4screen workshop with MARK STOLZENBERG in New York.
The National Youth Music Theatre (NYMT) has been a huge opportunity for me (2014-2017) as I adore musical theatre and am always partaking in workshops. 2015 I was on CHANNEL 5 for the Sandown Races.
In October I flew to NYC to meet and work with Mark Stolzenberg and work with Photographer 'Jordan Matter' (Dance Moms). Also, in November 2017 I filmed as Beatrice in my own thriller 'Bea Before Me' in which I had a gun pointed to my head.
December 2017 was a huge turning point for me as I worked with Cold Feet's 'Ella Hunt' and Boudica Films' director: Esther Hegarty which was huge fun filming and I loved every second for the week's filming as a more light-hearted character was interesting to play.
2018 I have the most AMAZING year mainly being 'Constance Stanley' a 12-year-old psyciatric patient in 1940's WW2 after being invited back by Cynthia Pictures.
Following self-tape I have been confirmed for:
2018 Grizedale Short Film shooting in two weeks as 'Mary-Austin Constantine' a seclusive child and daughter.
2019 Also been confirmed for shooting in ITALY for The '1000' Feature Film (disclosed) and-
2018 After 2 Auditions I have got the LEAD ROLE in WW2 Feature Film 'Peace in our Time' as Catherine Grange filming in the Summer which I am hugely excited about and is my biggest role to date.
I also can't wait to work with Olof Media with some up and coming young talent for TWO short films! Wow. This year is going to be EPIC and I just adore working on any film as any character (bigorsmall) so please get in touch!

I am turning 16 on April 18th so will no longer need licensing although I have a playing age of 12.
If needed, can be licensed by Gloucestershire County Council within two working days (Mon-Fri).


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles


Modeling experience

Beginner, starting out

My first modelling experience was with SPLASH Photography in MALLORCA for a Water Sports company where we got to do all types of water sports, they were very lovely and said that I took direction very well.
After all that fun I decided this is definitely something I wanted to pursue so I then worked with Neilson Reeves Photographer (Colin Boutler) in his studio which I absolutely adored dressing up and playing all types of characters and I can channel emotion easily for shoots.
2017 I modelled for Jonathan Phillips portraying a ghostly, wistful look which was absolutely incredible and we also shot outside and I had to climb up trees. It was such a brilliant experience and I hope to work with him soon on an upcoming project.
2017 for Adam J Morgan's Trial of Rebecca Worlock I had so much fun doing some photo shoots for that with some other young talent especially getting to dress up in all the 1820's costumes which was AMAZING.
2018 I got invited for TEEN MODEL UK Finalist however sadly I could not make it due to family commitments.
2018 NYC Shoot with Jordan Matter (Dance Moms) Photographer (Studio & Streets) which was very chilly but very fun. Jordan is known for photographing the girls/kids of 'Dance Moms'.
After modelling for Gable Studio's for a variety of different looks I have been invited back for another two shoots with them which I am thrilled about.
Although I have only been modelling for six months, I take direction very well and respond to it even better, I put deep emotion into all photos, if required, I have great stamina and am bright and bubbly with all photographers and get on with them very well.

TV & Reality

- Gig-arts Advert, Abby Cooke, Gig-arts.

- Paige, Dream Keepers Animation, TV, Starlight Productions, Nikki Crawford

- Guest star, The Rejects: Origins, Amazon Prime TV Series,
4.2.15 Films, Kareem Davis

- Participant, NYMT, Sandown races,
Channel 4

Film & Stage Crew

- Never Alone: Producer, Director and Writer -- 20 Official National and International Film Festival Selections and Wins such as Young Filmmaker Honourable Mention at the Los Angeles Film Awards and the Birmingham Film Festival; San Diego International Kids and the Leigh Film Festival.

- Bea Before: Producer, Director and Writer

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