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Wakefield, United Kingdom
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Physical Attributes

Less than 132 cm / 4ft 4in
Less than 40 kg / 88 lbs
White / Caucasian
Less than 73 cm / 29 in
Skin color:
56 cm / 22 in
Less than 73 cm / 29 in
Dress size:
8 years
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Sustainable Schoolwear Shoot Brochure : Schoolgirl model TFP
  • Majestic Cartoons, virtual shoot with animals : Paid child model
  • Call The Midwife (BBC) : Paid child support artist
  • Cbbc tv drama, Lagging : Paid child extra
  • Editorial for Charlotte Summers : Child model
  • Virtual Shoot for Majestic Cartoons : Paid child model
  • Mark Jermin Virtual stage school : Private acting weekly class
  • Joie Baby : Paid child Model for car seat packaging and promotional
  • Too Close (ITV) : Child at Fair. Paid child actress
  • Virtual photo shoot for Victoria Podesta, Australia : Child model
  • Seraphina-london : Child clothes model
  • Stage & Screen UK acting lessons : drama
  • USP BBC1 sitcom : Paid child actress
  • FG4 summer 2020 shoot : Child model
  • Casualty (2nd time) BBC tv series : Paid actress (Child of mum in hospital)
  • Save Me ( Sky Atlantic) : Paid child support artist
  • Casualty tv series : Paid child actress
  • FG4 Winter 19/20 Shoot : Child Model
  • ALABAMA BBC1 comedy : Paid actress, cast double ‘lauren’
  • ALABAMA (BBC1 comedy) : Paid child actress
  • Frill Frozen Yogurt voice over. : Paid child voice over
  • Midsomer Murders : Paid Child support artist
  • Feature Film ‘Dream Horse’ : Young Hannah ( paid child actress)
  • Marta Andrews Fine Art promotional shoot : Child model
  • AR CAMPAIGN - Waterloo Station : Paid child actress
  • Call The Midwife (series 9) BBC1 : Paid child support artist
  • FG4 Ramadam shoot : Child model
  • TTS FLOOR BOT ADVERT : Paid child actress
  • MUMAMI AMSTERDAM clothing shoot : Paid child model
  • FG4 CLOTHING SHOOT, DUBAI & UK Shops : Child model
  • WINTER WHITE EDITORIAL SHOOT (with live horse ! ) : Child model
  • RAW PIXEL HOSPITAL STOCK SHOOT : Paid role of Patient & visitor
  • CATASTROPHIE, Channel 4 : Paid Child extra
  • KILLING EVE , series 2 BBC America : Paid featured actress
  • FG4 CLOTHING for Hajj 2018 - shops in U.k. and Dubai : child model
  • LILLY & SID SS19 clothing shoot : child model
  • WED2B TV ADVERT for Bruizer Films Ltd : paid child actress
  • EDITORIAL SHOOT for Tara Katherine & Becky Johns : child model
  • CALL THE MIDWIFE BBC drama series : paid child support artiste (series 8) 3 episodes
  • VTECH ADVERT (camera) for Isite TV Ltd : paid child actress
  • THE KIDS CHASE SS18 clothing shoot : paid child model
  • V-TECH ADVERT (microphone) for Isite TV Ltd : paid child actress
  • PIGZBE DIGITAL - corporate filming with Arugam Productions : paid actress
  • ROYAL DOULTON (water filter) ADVERT : paid actress - role of daughter
  • FG4 BEALES Shop Adverts for UK shops : child model
  • MRS PLONKERS SITCOM : paid actress - filmed trailer, role to start november 2018, playing role of daughter charactor Little Plonker
  • FG4 CLOTHING - RAMADAM - DUBAI and UAE shops adverts : child model
  • ENNUI - THE HOTEL ROOM (SHORT FILM) : paid actress - playing role of daughter
  • MINOTI INTERNATIONAL CLOTHING Shoot SS18 shop adverts : paid child model
  • ROSE QUARTZ PHOTOGRAPHY Fine Art Promotion 2018 : paid child model
  • MAX MIND POWER : Face of 2018 paid model/actress
  • DRAGONFLY PRODUCTIONS corporate video : paid actress role of schoolgirl
  • MARDLES LIFE for Alivelab : paid child model
  • HTI TOYS SHOOT : child model
  • ROSHNI PHOTOGRAPHERS Christmas promotion model : paid child model
  • LILLY &SID AW18 straight shoot : paid child clothing model
  • THE KIDS CHASE AW17 : paid child clothing model
  • MINOTI AW17 CLOTHES SHOOT : paid child model
  • AVA ROSE BOUTIQUE : model for clothing
  • Stagecoach : Singing/dancing/acting joined sept 2017
  • Spotlight member : Joined spotlight August 2017
  • Yvette Jones photography shoot : Photo shoot


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English

  • UK English

CALL THE MIDWIFE BBC 1, child support artist December 2020

LAGGING CBBC DRAMA, child support artist December 2020

TOO CLOSE ITV DRAMA, child support artist September 2020

USP BBC1 SITCOM, child support artist December 2019

SAVE ME, SKY ATLANTIC child support artist August 2019

child support artist August 2019

ALABAMA BBC1 TV COMEDY, child cast double mid July 2019

ALABAMA BBC1 TV COMEDY, early July 2019

FRILL FROZEN YOGURT acting voiceover, Universal TV media, June 2019

MIDSOMER MURDERS, Child actress, ITV, June 2019

DREAM HORSE feature film, plays Young Hannah, May 2019

AR CAMPAIGN, Waterloo Station, child actress, April 2019

Call The Midwife, series 9, child actress. BBC1. March 2019

Played child actress in international corporate film TTS Floor Bot with The Nocturnal Agency, Jack Booth Director. October 2018

Played granddaughter in corporate film Virtual Medical Reality for Pulsar Healthcare September 2018

Played schoolgirl in a corporate film for Max Mindpower December 2017

Played child actress in V-tech advert (camera) April 2018

Played daughter in a short film ENNUI (The Hotel Room) February 2018

Plays daughter in Mrs Plonkers sitcom, charactor of Little Plonker February 2018

Played daughter in Royal Doulton water filter advert March 2018

Played child actress in Pigzbe Digital corporate film March 2018

Played child actress in V-TECH (microphone) advert March 2018

Child support artist in Call The Midwife TV Drama for BBC (series 8) in 3 episodes, April & May 2018

Child actress in Killing Eve tv crime drama for BBC America (series 2) filmed in Paris and then London July 2018


Extras experience

Previous extras experience

CATASTROPHIE, channel 4, comedy series, paid child extra, July 2018

LAGGING, CBBC drama, paid child extra, December 2020

CALL THE MIDWIFE, BBC Drama, paid child extra, December 2020


Modeling experience

Part-time model - paid commercial work

Sustainable Schoolwear Shoot, for Cynthia Vanzella. April 2021

Majestic Cartoons virtual shoot indoor & outdoor with horse and dog. March 2021

Editorial model shoot for Charlotte Summers November 2020

Majestic Cartoons virtual shoot October 2020

Joie Baby car seat shoot. September 2020

Virtual photoshoot for Victoria Podesta (Australia) August 2020

Seraphina-London Clothing shoot. Summer 2020 UK & USA February 2020

FG4 Clothing shoot for summer 2020 Dubai & UK -October 2019

FG4 Clothing shoot for winter 19/20 Dubai & UK - July 2019

Marta Andrews Fine Art promotional shoot - April 2019

FG4 Clothing shoot for Ramadam Dubai & UK - February 2019

FG4 Clothing shoot for Dubai & UK shops - August 2018

Mumami Amsterdam clothing shoot - August 2018

Winter White Editorial shoot (with live horse !) for Tara Katherine & Becky John - August 2018

Raw Pixel - hospital stock shoot as patient and visitor - August 2018

FG4 clothing brand - Hajj 2018 shoot May 2018

Children’s Outlet Designer Clothing Ss18 shoot May 2018

Lilly & Sid clothing Brand ss18 shoot May 2018

Tara Katherine /Becky Johns Editorial Shoot May 2018 in Luna magazine

The Kids Chase Clothing Brand - SS18 straight shoot March 2018

FG4 Clothing Brand - Ramadam shop adverts Dubai & UAE straight shoot. February 2018

FG4 Clothing Brand - Beales shop adverts UK straight shoot. February 2018

Minoti International Clothing shops adverts straight shoot february 2018

Rose Quartz straight shoot to promote the Fine Art Website January 2018

Mardles life straight shoot for 2018 products adverts December 2017

HTI straight shoot for argos catalogue toys December 2017

Ava Rose Boutique girls clothing model November 2017

Lilly and Sid Straight shoot for AW18 children's clothing October 2017

Christmas Shoot model for Roshni Photography Promotion Campaign. november 2017

THE KIDS CHASE new clothing brand aw17 straight shoot October 2017


Livvy271212 instagram

TV & Reality

CALL THE MIDWIFE BBC1 (SA) December 2020

LAGGING ITV drama (child actress) December 2020

TOO CLOSE ITV drama (child actress) September 2020

USP BBC1 sitcom (child actress) December 2019

CASUALTY BBC1 (child actress) end August 2019

SAVE ME 2 SKY ATLANTIC ( child actress August 2019)

CASUALTY BBC1 (child actress) mid August 2019

ALABAMA BBC1 COMEDY ( child cast double actress) August 2019

ALABAMA BBC1 COMEDY ( child actress) July 2019

MIDSOMER MURDERS ITV DRAMA series 21 ( 1 episode as support artist) June 2019

CALL THE MIDWIFE BBC TV DRAMA series 9 ( 1 episode as support artist) March 2019

CALL THE MIDWIFE BBC TV DRAMA series 8 ( 3 episodes as support artiste) April & May 2018

CATASTROPHE CHANNEL 4, comedy series July 2018

KILLING EVE BBC AMERICA crime drama (series 2) Featured role. July 2018 filmed in Paris and London

WED2B TV ADVERT, child actress (role of flower girl) May 2018

LITTLE PLONKER in Mrs Plonkers sitcom, ( role of Little Plonker)

MAX MINDPOWER advert (role of daughter) filmed december 2017
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