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Regression (Part 3)

Part 3 of the Regression series, by Gumbo Radio. I play the part of Salvador.

01Regression (Part 3)
02SONG: 'When I Was Just A Boy'- POST
03SONG: 'Love Was A Song'
04SONG: 'Where's The Girl?'
05Natural Speaking Voice - News Article

Physical Attributes

170 cm / 5ft 7in
69 kg / 151 lbs
White / Caucasian
88 cm / 35 in
Skin color:
76 cm / 30 in
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Melbourne Actors' Lab : Acting Classes
  • Melbourne Actors' Lab : Acting Classes
  • The Owl and Cat Theatre : Acting Class
  • Deakin University : Bachelor of Arts (Drama and Creative Writing)


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English

  • Australian
  • Irish
  • South African
  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • USA California
  • USA New York
  • USA Southern
  • German


*2020 - The Circle. Midsumma Festival play. Role: Lance (co-lead).

*2019 - Rent. Musical. Role: Benny (supporting).

*2019 - American Idiot. Musical. Role: ensemble.

*2019 – “Ace of Hearts”. Midsumma Festival musical. Role: Michael (male lead).

*2018 - Grover Theatre Company. "Spring Awakening." Musical. Role: Moritz Stiefel (lead).

*2018 - OXAGEN Productions. "Next to Normal." Musical. Role: Dr Madden (supporting).

*2018 - Lightbox Productions. "Be More Chill." Musical, Victorian premiere. Role: Rich Goranski (supporting).

*2018 - Kissing Booth Productions. "Boys Have Skin". Midsumma Festival production. Role: Hank.

*2017 - "POST". Musical workshop by Alex Ridefelt. Mayor Wyllard (lead role).

*2017 - SLAMS Music Theatre Company Inc. "Little Shop of Horrors." Role: Mr Mushnik (supporting role).

*2017 - Owl and Cat Theatre. "Petty Cash". Australian premiere for Owl and Cat Academy Acting Class. Role: Wayne.

*2016 - Martian Theatre Company "Life on Mars". Cabaret at Butterfly Club. Role: Paco.

*2016 - NOVA Music Theatre "Wicked". Musical. Role: Frex/Dr Nikidik/Ensemble.

*2016 - MLOC Productions "Young Frankenstein". Musical. Role: Victor von Frankenstein / The Hermit (featured ensemble).

*2016 - Western Arts Theatre "Love Me Not". Cabaret. Role: ensemble.

*2015 - Hunted Interactive Horror "SIDESHOW". Interactive horror experience. Role: The Happy Clown, The Freak, The Ringmaster.

*2015 - Have You Seen It? Productions "First Date". Musical, Australian premiere. Role: Aaron (lead role).

*2015 - Spare Gold Productions "Emma and the House Special". Melbourne Fringe Festival. Role: Tom (supporting).

*2015 - Pop Up Events "Squizzy Taylor's Ball" Cabaret dinner. Role: Journalist.

*2015 - SLAMS Music Theatre Company Inc. "Legally Blonde." Ensemble.

*2014 - Burwood Student Theatre Company "Pirates of Penzance." Pirate/Policeman.

*2014 - SLAMS Music Theatre Company Inc. "Broadway Stitched Up." Ensemble.

*2014 - Deakin University devised performance "Noir." Character: Brennan Gray/Narrator.

*2014 - Hartwell Players Inc. "The Comedy of Errors. Character: Dromio of Syracuse.

*2013 - PEP Productions "Variety High." Ensemble.

*2013 - Deakin University ACP280 performance "Wasted" by Kate Tempest. Character: Danny (ensemble)

*2013 - MUST Container Festival performance "High Society." Characters: Subject Nine/Ronald/Lord Crane/Prince Savon/Prince William (co-lead)

*2013 - Pop Culture Theatre's One Act Play 'Imagination'. Character: James (supporting role)

*2013 - Melbourne University Shakespeare Company's 'Merchant of Venice'. Characters: Prince of Morocco, Prince of Arragon, Juror, Priest (supporting/minor roles)

*2012 - Quotidian (staged reading), characters: Jez Rag, Gerrert Gerrat, Stux McCaulikulk, Acki Sessory (supporting roles)

*2010 - Murder at Mornington Manor. Character: Reginald Harper (lead)

*2009 - Blood on their Hands. Character: George (supporting role)

*2011 - It Was a Dark and Stormy Night. Character: Dawson (supporting role)

*2011 - The Real Inspector Hound. Character: Moon (co-lead)


Check list further down.


Extras experience

Previous featured extras roles

Extras agent

Howell Management


Modeling experience

Beginner, starting out


Vocal ability

Backing vocals

Vocal range


Singing styles
  • Pop
  • Rock

Favourite genres
  • Rock
  • Indie
  • Country

Influences: Lord Huron, First Aid Kit, The Eagles, The Shins.

I am a high baritone/low tenor and can sing a range of different songs.
Sung in Take the Mic singing competition in 2014 and 2015 and "Here and Now" Showcase (soloist/featured ensemble).
Wrote and co-starred in original cabaret "We Don't Hate Each Other" at the MC Showroom, Prahran.

TV & Reality

2012- (The Teenager) "The Teenager." VIFM Safety Advertisement.
2012- (Dan) "The Unwanted." Monologue screen test, The Actor's Showreel (w/ Jaxon Marc).
2012- (Patrick) "Children Can Write Poetry." Short film.
2012- (Various characters) Sketch & Tonic - Sketch Comedy Pilot
2013- (Jason) "A Demon's Heaven." Independent film.
2013- (Druggie Boy) "The Australian Way Of Doing Business." TV series pilot.
2013- (Professor Washington Laundriesworth) "9 and 3/4 News." Short film.
2013- (Extra) "Room and Board." TV Comedy Pilot.
2013- (Teenager) 'Waiting for a Conscience." Short film.
2013- (Mr Coyn) "Art Class." Short film. Lead role.
2013- (Lucas) "In Retrospect." VCA short film. Co-lead role (alongside Tamuz Ellazam)
2014- (Graffiti Kid) Boss Hoss' music video for "The Personal Song". Directed by Bart Borghesi.
2014- (Activist) Storylab social media video campaign for 7-11.
2014- (Mike) "Stairwell." Short film. Co-lead.
2014- Ferrero Rocher Christmas Campaign worker.
2014- (Office Worker) "The Department." Political/thriller feature film. Extra.
2015- (Extra) Heinz TV commercial.
2015- (Scotty) "The Dough." Webseries (ongoing).
2015- (Joseph White) "Psych Scandal." Short film.
2015- (Darren) "Ignition." Short film, lead role.
2015- (Eric) "Diner." Musical short film, supporting role.
2015- (Drug Dealer) "Deal." VCA short film, lead role.
2015- (Speaker) RMIT international student educational video.
2015- (Boyfriend) Gender Equality film. Youthworx Productions.
2016- (Uni Student) Monash University PSA on Sexual Consent (The Clout Company).
2016- (Partygoer) Kmart Party Campaign, Island Paradise photoshoot.
2016- (The Phantom of the Opera) "Lost in Fiction". Webseries, supporting role.
2016- (Lancelot) "The Round Table". Short film noir, lead role.
2016- (Alex) "Hype." Swinburne University short film, lead role.
2017- (Adult Male) Car accessory product shoot with Masterpieces Photography.
2017- (Joe) "Crashes and Accidents". Short film, supporting role.
2017- (Ben) "Sui Caedere." Short film, supporting role.
2017- (Kibitzer) "Stop Smoking, Buy A Mercedes." Short film, supporting role.
2017- (Moviegoer) PayPal social media advertisement.
2017- (Bar Patron) "The Wrong Girl." Australian TV series. Featured extra.
2017- (Uni Student) "Romper Stomper." Australian TV series. Extra.
2017- (Bar Patron) "Neighbours. Australian TV series. Extra.
2017- (Will) "Telstra Band 3-4 Leaders." Newmac Video Agency, corporate leadership instructional video. Lead role.
2017- (Arthur) "Endless Possibilities." Unscene Film Festival submission. Co-lead role.
2017- (Restaurant Patron) "Am I A Man Yet?" Short film. Extra.
2018- (Officeworks Employee) "Officeworks TVC." Extra.
2018- (Journalist) "Inertopia." Sci-fi feature film. Extra.
2018- (Young Underground Man) "Notes from the Underground." Award-winning short film. Lead role.
2018- (Dale Braithwaite) "Creatures Great and Small." Independent short film. Lead role.
2018- (Club Attendee) BUPA "Reduced Waiting Times" advertisement. Featured extra.
2018- (Bedridden Man) BUPA "What To Do When You're Feeling Sick" advertisement. Featured extra.
2018- (Waiter) "Miss Fisher's Modern Murder Mysteries". TV series. Extra.
2018- (Preston) "Witch Don't Kill My Vibe." Independent short film. Lead role.
2018- (Cop) "Lack of Understanding." Music video for Krown (rapper/songwriter). Featured extra.
2019- (Gavin) "Boost Juice Celebish." Social media campaign video for Boost Juice. Male hero, talent, lead role.
2019- (Slack Employee) "Slack is For _____". Advertisement for software company Slack. Featured speaking role.
2019- (Jack) "The Experience Seeker." Coles internal training film. Male hero talent.
2019- (Lazy Housemate) "Home Solutions." Online TVC for Metricon Homes. Production company: About Bob Pty Ltd. Male hero talent.
2020- (Jack) "FBE Boardroom." Training film for University of Melbourne. Lead male.
2020- (Angry Customer) "Refusal of Service." Coles Liquor training film. Supporting role.
2020- (Warehouse Worker) Atlas Fine Foods advertisement. Role: extra.
2021- (Gus) "Four of a Kind." Independent short film. Supporting role.
2021- (Coinhead) "Wing It!" TVC for H&R Block. Role: featured extra.


Dancing ability


Dance styles
  • Contemporary

Film & Stage Crew

Directing & Writing ability


*Head of Costume Design for "The Real Inspector Hound." (2011)
*Crew member for the world premiere of the musical "Normie" produced by OSMAD (2012)
*Usher for several musical theatre productions
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