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Physical Attributes

190 cm / 6ft 3in
over 120 kg / 264 lbs
over 119 cm / 47 in
Skin color:
112 cm / 44 in
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Fabactivewear : Brand Ambassador
  • Active Leeds - Commercial/Promotional Video : Gym Member
  • Disney : Docker
  • The Reytons - Music Video : Bus Driver
  • Keeping Wood - Comedy Pilot Amazon Prime : Toby - Gangsta - Speaking Role
  • You Are What You Wear - BBC : Contributor - Make Over
  • Sultan of Slams : Mini Documentary about myself as a wrestler - Semi Finalist LA CineFest
  • Man Like Mobeen - Series 3 : Tiny - Gangster - Walk On - Lines All 5 Episodes
  • BBC - Life : SA - Gala Guest
  • Years and Years : Patient - SA
  • Save Money Lose Weight ITV : Reality TV
  • Family 3 - Overton Productions : "Bomber" - Gangster
  • Free Rein (Series 3) - Netflix TV drama : Father : Father
  • "Famliy 2" - Overton Productions : "Bomber" - Bodyguard
  • Polterheist : Hasan
  • Grosvenor Casino - Promotional Material : Roulette Player
  • "Gold" Bollywood : Elite Indian
  • "1921" Bollywood - (Loneranger Productions) Director Vikram Bhatt : Sophisticated Indian Guest
  • Judwaa 2 - Bollywood : Angry passenger on a flight - speaking role - credit
  • "Bancroft" - ITV : Mourner
  • NASUWT - Pregnancy In Teaching : NASUWT Union Rep
  • Stepping Lane - Music Video : Wrestler
  • Snatch - Little Island Productions : Bodyguard - Walk On and Speaking Role
  • Music Video - Rap - ATK : Bareknuckle Fighter
  • "Paranoid" ITV : Extra
  • "Scrape" : Music Video
  • In The Club - BBC 1 : Extra - Walk on
  • Scare Experience : Mummy - Jason from Friday the 13th
  • Moose Funk Squad : Extra - Rap Video
  • The Five : Extra


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English

  • UK English

Having gained some experience from 2015 to 2017 I am more confident and at ease in front of a camera. I am also attending a acting academy in Leeds for quite sometime, which has been very helpful. I have been typecast as a "Bodyguard", "Gangster", "Thug" etc., roles I really enjoy as well as other roles such as a union rep and a business man.

As a professional wrestler I have been in front of the camera and a large crowd many times. I can change character very easily, such as Mustafa Khan the Persian Heavyweight Champion was a brutal and arrogant monster to Mustafa Khan the fan favourite, empathic and all round good guy in wrestling. As you can see from some of the video footage my character has changed in many ways such as facial expression, the aggression and body language.

Being Big and Tall I am very flexible and agile, can run, execute jumping spinning kicks as I have over twenty seven years experience in various martial arts.

I have been told that playing my wrestling character Mustafa Khan (bad guy image) I am very convincing and have scared a few spectators.


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles


Modeling experience

Beginner, starting out

I briefly modelled for a clothing company who specialised in big and tall clothing for a local newspaper, as they were looking for people who are obviously big and tall however are very agile, flexible and supple, action shots were required such ask kicking, punching, jumping spinning kicks etc., having been involved in martial arts and wrestling for over twenty seven years I was what they were looking for.

TV & Reality

Promotional videos for wrestling matches and events, which were televised which included matches. A wrestling DVD/Blu-ray has been produced by the company I wrestle for, where I had to present my matches and have a running commentary.

Extra on Sky crime drama "The Five" - filming took place 28th July 2015.

Extra on a Rap Music Video - had quite a lot of coverage in this shoot as the other extra failed to attend. Business man in an office being bullied the rap artists. The shoot took place 24th October 2015 in Leeds.

Jason from the Friday the 13th movies for 4 consecutive evenings at the Kirkstall Scare Experience in Leeds was great fun, from 29th Oct to 1st November 2015.

BBC "In The Club" - Extra Background visitor at a hospital 2016.

"Paranoid" ITV : Extra Visitor to an industrial complex 2016.

"Snatch - TV Series" Little Island Productions : Bodyguard - Walk On and Speaking Role 2016.

NASUWT - Pregnancy In Teaching : NASUWT Union Rep 2017.

"Bancroft" - ITV : Mourner 2017.
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