Marcus Stimson

Influencer, Lighting Crew Member, Camera Operator, Post Producer / Editor

New South Wales, Australia
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6 years ago

Credits & experience

  • An Afternoon Tea : DOP
  • Your Life Again : Cinematographer
  • Tribes : 2nd Unit camera
  • Forget me knot : DOP
  • Whitewater : DOP
  • Unspoken : DOP
  • People You May Know : DOP
  • Rosemary's Romantic Rendezvous : DOP
  • Dumping Dave : DOP

Film & Stage Crew

Camera Crew ability


I know cameras inside out. I know what makes them tick!
Exposure? An F-stop for the optimum dynamic range.
Composition? It’s my forte.

I am a freelance cinematographer with more than 15 years experience working in television, film and advertising.
I have a solid lighting knowledge and have DOP’d lifestyle shows for Foxtel, Channel 7, 9 ABC, short films, web series and documentaries. My most successful shoot? A web series that received more than 19 million hits over 6 months, and it hasn’t stopped there. It has won awards all over the world and has premiered a major film festival and events in Sydney, Toronto, Rio and Berlin and more.

To begin with, I trained as a stills photographer with four years at college and then worked as a news photojournalist on Fleet street papers - learning to light in often dark, dismal places, that is London. I moved quickly into the moving picture industry here in Australia and began to work for advertising agencies shooting and editing
corporate television for companies such as Telstra, Microsoft, Apple, Intel and more.

I have my own gear including a Red Scarlet-MX, a Canon C300, a Sony FS7 and various DSLRs including GH5 and a bunch of lens, lights, tripods and grip equipment. However, if your project requires shooting on something completely different, I have used pretty much every camera available. Flying high with cameras is not my only passion, flying UAVs is more than a passion as I have completed the following licensing requirements: AROCP, Control Certificate, and UOC. I now have all relevant paperwork and insurances for flying UAVs in Australia and am in the process of completing the paperwork for the US.

I am also an accomplished editor - but that’s another story!

Red Scarlet Mysterium MX
Canon C300
Sony FS7
Panasonic GH5/4
Canon 5DKIII

3 x Kino 4 bank
1 x Kino 2 bank
2 Cineroid LEDs
2 x Dedo lights
1 x Blondie
1 x Lowel Omni
2 x Lowel Tota

1 x Osmo
1 x GH4 on Crane
1 x Wally Dolly
1 x 7116 mini jib

Feature Film
Forget Me Knot (2012) (Director Seewoo Kim) (indie film) - 2nd Unit camera

• At The Cellar - Channel 10 (2018) Dir Angela Pulvirenti - DOP
• Starting From Now - SBS and SBS (2016) online (Dir Julie Kalcef) - DOP
• Catalyst (ongoing) - ABC (Jonica Newby) (2016) - camera operator
• Swipe (2015) - ABC (Director Maree Kirkland-Morris) - camera operator
• Kingscross ER (2015) - Channel 9 - camera operator
• The Truth About Us (2014) - Foxtel (Dir Angela Pulverenti) - camera operator
• Inside Stories (2014) - Channel 9 (Dir Leila McKinnon) - camera operator
• Australian Story - ABC - camera operator
• Tribes (2012) 6x30 min (Dir Dof Dickinson) - DOP

Village Roadshow Junkets (2014 - Present)
• Pan, The Oddball, Magic Mike XXL, Unbroken, The Gift, The Rover, These Final Hours, Felony, I Tonya - DOP

• Family Matters (2017) (Dir David Curl) - Cinematographer
• Soul Sister Shake (2015) (Dir Lisa Eisman) - Cinematographer
• The Road of Bones (2015) (Dir Robin Newell) Cannes selection 2015 - Cinematographer
• Saving the Turtles of Port Headland (2013) (Dirr Dof Dickinson) - Cinematographer
• World on Wheels (2012) (Dir Robin Newell) Channel 7 - Cinematographer
• Six Days and an Empty Stage (2007) Feature Documentary (Dir Graeme Beck) - 2nd Unit camera

• Mad Max - Fury Road (2015) Warner Brothers (Director Corey) - camera operator

Web Series
• Starting From Now (2015) Season 4 and 5 (Dir Julie Kalcef) (SBS On-Demand) - Cinematographer
• Starting From Now (2014) Season 3 (Dir Julie Kalcef) - Cinematographer
• LARP: The Crow Blade Chronicles (2012) (Dir Christopher William Price) - Cinematographer
• Road to Becoming Juliet (2012) (Dir Julia Hunt) - DOP/editor
• People you May Know (2011) (Dir Imogen Dall) - DOP

Short Films
• Guys Don't Get Roses on Valentine's Day - Cinematographer 2nd Unit
• Patch (2015) (Director Amy Carver) - Cinematographer
• Love Socks (2013) (Director Shalia Quadra) NYCIFF nominated best comedy - DOP
• Unspoken (2012) (Director Simon King) - DOP
• Your Life Again (2012) - DOP (Dir Simone Felice)
• An Afternoon Tea (2012) - DOP (Dir Lisa Eisman)
• Rosemary’s Romantic Rendezvous (2011) Top Ten 48 Hour Film (Dir Dof Dickinson) - DOP
• Dumping Dave (2010) Best of the Rest Tropfest - DOP
• The Witch Doctor (2009) - Lighting Director
• Illuminati (2008) - Cinematographer

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