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Victoria, Australia
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Margie's Voice Sample 1

01Margie's Voice Sample 1
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05Margie's Voice Audition (An Upset Mum)
06Margie's Voice Over Showreel

Physical Attributes

152 cm / 5ft 0in
70 kg / 154 lbs
102 cm / 40 in
Skin color:
100 cm / 39 in
114 cm / 45 in
Dress size:
UK 16 / AUS 16 / US 12
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • TVC for Globird Energy; Agency: IS Advertising : Role as an annoying neighbour.
  • Lush The Content Agency, Perth, Western Australia; Producer: Alex Lush : A teacher for an educational software company
  • The Incubator Agency, Melbourne : Corporate Photoshoot and Video Shoot for Salvation Army Employment Plus
  • DVA Stills Production by Icon Agency, Producer: Naomi Mendoza, Photographer: Marcus Thomson : Role as Providers
  • Production: VPstudio, Producer: Jennifer Ng, Videographer: Alec McCloskey : Corporate video shoot about health & wellbeing in the workplace
  • Short Information Video Clips for Hepatitis Australia using teleprompter : Director for Hepatitis Australia: Kevin Marriott.
  • Melbourne University Graduate Online : Voice Over for Education Video; Producer: Erika Carver
  • Web Series "Full Disclosure" written/directed by Nancy Rizk : Role as a masseuse in Thai Massage
  • Short Film "Help Wanted" Role: Maid : Directed by Samantha Harris; Produced by Jack Morrow
  • 100 Thousand Meals - The Salvation Army 2017 Christmas Appeal; Role: A disadvantage/hardship person. : Producer: Samantha Jones; Photographer: Jacob Dyer; Artistic Director: Craig Buddle
  • Short Film "Confession" written by Tanner Stevenson : Role as a Mother
  • Web Series "Fresh" Episode 3: Cannoli; Producer: Nikki Tran : Extra as passer by at the market
  • Freemantle Media Australia, Foxtel : Wentworth Season 5, Extra role as a Drug Squad Officer
  • Production: Yeti Boy Films, Director: Alessandro Frosali, Producer: Elizabeth Campbell : Role as Staff Member in Short Videos "Keeping Safe and Volunteering" for Non Profit Organization Yooralla
  • Playback Productions : Ensemble Role + as Imelda Marcos Impersonator in The Wedding Singer Musical
  • Playmaker Media, Channel 9 : House Husbands - Council Meeting Attendant
  • Freemantle Media Australia, Channel 11 : Neighbours - Cafe Extra
  • Endemol Shine Australia, Channel 7 : The Big Music Quiz - Audience
  • Short Film "He's Got Character", Directed by W.D. Stevens : Extra role as an audience who watched a theatre show
  • Supporting Role as a Mother in Short Film "Crossing Borders" by The Treehouse Production : Produced and Written by: Ian Khor, Directed by Nicholson Ren
  • Model for Spring Fashion Show : Multicultural Event at Sawan 2015
  • Model for Creative Portraiture Project : Photographer: Alexander Legaree at Coal Photography
  • Short Film "Rupert" by Exit Films , Dir: Lachlan Dickie, Prod: Alice Willison : Casting Dir: Niamh Peren, Role: Janitor
  • Talk Show Guest for "The Ryan Goldman Show" : Tims Media Creations, Executive Producer: Tim Lumsden, Host: Ryan Goldman
  • Indonesian Business Role in Training Video Project : The Big Canvas Production Company, Studio: Umbershoot Pty Ltd, Managing Dir: Marc Baptista, Account Dir: Mohana Baptista, Prod Manager: Nikki Barba, Prod Assistant: Silje Egenes
  • Melbourne's Cheapest Cars' TVC, Production Company: Brave Films, Dir: Amanda Jane, Prod: Annie Flynn : Dancer for MCC's Sale Cars
  • Dancer for Live Music Performance at Melbourne Fringe Festival : Mix of Free Style/HipHop/Robot Dance for Dr.Jaffle's Electronic Music, Producer: Billy Tankard
  • Supporting role as a judge for talent show "JMC Factor" : JMC Academy, Director: Tom, Producer: Jeanette Lee
  • Supporting role "Food Stall Owner" for Travelan Online Video Package : Silver Spoon Production, Director: Harvey Silver, Producer: Debbie Hilton-Silver
  • RMIT BA Photography Project, DOP by Stephanie Dickson, Theme "Range of Emotions" : Model for Photography Series of Emotions
  • Supporting actor for Jhankar 2014 Bollywood Musical Performance : Organised by Era of Entertainment/Excellence, Creative Director: Ankush Gupta
  • Supporting role as Pung Hai in Short Film "A Handy Guy", Written and Directed by Adam Hughes : Produced/1st AD by Zane Robb: DOP/Lighting and Edited by Adam Merrett
  • Beyond Blue TVC, Production: Guilty, Director: Corrie Jones, Producer: Rohan Timlock : Extra as a passenger on a bus
  • Music Video Shoot for Masketta Fall's New Song " Big Dog" : Supporting role as an Asian fruit stall owner
  • Production: Bengar Films. Client: Lockwood. Role: Party Extra : Dir: Ben Gartland, Agency Prod: Melanie Flood, 1st Ass Dir: Greg Cobain, DOP: John Wheeler
  • Video Documentary for "Thank You Mum" Mother's Day Special Feature Video : Acted as Myself and Interviewed by Saba Karim (Creative Director)
  • Poolside extra in "Mychonny Moves In" Website Series. : Dir: Kate Wood (the Director of NCIS, House, Without a Trace); Ass Prod: Louise Alston
  • Supporting role as "The Secretary" for Feature Film Revenge of The Gweilo (Post Production) : Nathan Hill Productions, Dir/Prod/Written by Nathan Hill; 1st AD: Olivia Winfield; Ass Prod: Michael Siu; DOP: Haili Luxa
  • Feature Film Comedy "Tate LeVon", Supporting role as Sue (Excort Lady) : Written and Directed by Peter Stanley; Producers: Peter Stanley & Stuart Stanton
  • StarShot Photography Training (Outfits: Cocktail Dresses and Lingerie) : Plus Size Model
  • Featured Dancer for Melbourne's Cheapest Cars' Advertising Campaign : Brave TV Pty Ltd Production, Director: Amanda Jane, Producer: Kate East, 1st AD: Chris Benz, Choreographer: Dianne Reid
  • Casual and Glamour Photo shoot for Regina B Photography : Photographer: Regina Budiardjo
  • Music Video for Jinja Safari's new song "Mombassa on the Line" : Directed by Blake Curtis and Tom
  • Music Video, as a dancer. : Directed by Jayden Irving, HappyJelly Productions in conjunction with Kontinuum Media.
  • Photoshoot for Epworth Hospital (Poster for OH&S) : As Admin person, Mayday Casting, Photographer: Jay Hynes
  • Photoshoot for Bodcom (Body Composition Analysis) marketing purpose. Company: Just Flip It Pty Ltd : Role as Weight Loss Client. Coordinator: Chelsea van Zyl, Photographer: Nikola
  • Music Video Clip for Bombs Away "Better Luck Next Time". Dir: Nathan Bobik, Prod: Sher Taulla : Extra as spectator at croquet game. Production Company: Shot/Cut Entertainment.
  • Nimble TVC; Production Company: The Sweet Shop, Director: Steve Ayson, Producer: Cindy Kavanagh : Client: Nimble, Agency: Clemenger BBDO Brisbane.
  • Online Video Commercial "New Love", Dir: Domenico Bartolo; Prod: Olivia Peniston-Bird : Attendant in luxury restaurant. Client: Thompson Reuters; Prod Manager: Tom Shanan
  • Music Video Clip for Melbourne Cabaret Festival; Director: Peter Nathan, Producer: Robert Redfern : Chic Cabaret Extra at the Cabaret / Burlesque Club
  • Film about inappropriate behavior in the workplace for LifeWorks' elearning program & website. : Role as Julie 'The Manager' (harassment scene), Dir: Kim Edward, Photographer/Videographer: Mary Broome
  • Video Product Testimonial for children's educational product, owner: Jane Hague : Testimonial
  • ASCOM Awareness & Training Film, Directed by Simon Beart, DOP by Aaron Maguire : Extra as nurse
  • Teaser/promo video for short film "The Veil". Written by Michael Griffin : Voice over
  • Web series "Great" by The Cameralla, Directed by Megan Palinkas, Produced by Julian Vincent Costanzo : Extra in doctors waiting room
  • Casting for teaser trailer for cartoon TV series Avatar. Directed by Alex F. : Role as Princess Azula
  • Buchanan Music Video Clip "Human Spring", Written by Rhys Mitchell, Directed by Jessica Lawton : Lead female as celebrity chef (1st Judge)
  • "Love Job" Award Campaign Photoshoot, Producer: Cecelia Bedford, Photographer: Jamie MacFadyen : Role as Cleaner/Janitor
  • Promo video for free programs for newly immigrants, Directed by Andy (Hive Studio/Production) : Featured extra as student as well as interview testimonial.
  • Channel 31 Pilot : Extra for prank show
  • Music Video Jazz "Your Taste Like a Sugar", Prod/Dir: Douglas Brook, DOP: Hugh Peachey : Extra for pub scene
  • Feature Film "Play It Safe", Director and Producer by Chris Pahlow : Extra in a gig scene
  • Feature Film "Crime&Punishment", Producers: Steve Jablonski&Tuuli Forward, Director: Andrew O'Keefe : Extra role as Student
  • Short Film "TRAPPED" about domestic violence against women, Producer /Director by Linda B Batson : Played as Supporting Actor named Jo (collegue/friend)
  • Feature Film titled "KERION" by Blindside Productions, Directed by Glenn Illis : Extra role as one of many who survived within the community
  • Music Video: Gypsy&The Cat "Sorry", Krozm Prod, Dir: Lachlan Dickie&Chris Hill, Prod: Josh Dawson. : Extra role as a dancer wearing socks on both hands.
  • Music Video Clip for Humans as Animals, Director: Sean A. Rafter, Producer: Rajesh Vedantam : Extra role in a pub
  • SAE Short Film title "Those Who Dance to Music", Directed by Benjamin D. Skevofilax : Extra role as a dancer
  • Training Video for New Medical System, by The Picture Tank Production, Directed by Dee McLachlan : Non Speaking Role as a Treatment Nurse
  • Short Film titled "The Marker" by Burning House Production, Directed by Jono Gilbert : Extra role as an office employee
  • Swinburne TAFE Music Video "Eyes Wide Open", Directed by Lauren Santalucia : Role as "Extras: People marched wearing masks then took it off at the end"
  • Voiceover for Short Film about Dreams, Director by Brett Ludeman, working title "Lucid". : Telling about a dream I had
  • A Video about Charities, Filmed by Dana Stockton Creative Media, Director by Dana Stockton. : One of the actresses/models
  • Independent Feature Film, Director by Edward Drake, called "Animals" : Extra role as a journalist who attended a press conference
  • Swinburne Short Film, Director by Travis Urquhart, called "Smiles" : Extra role as a passenger on the bus
  • Photoshoot for LifeWorks' Website & Brochures, Director: Kim Edwards, Photographer: Mary Broome : Character as a business woman
  • BWM Melbourne Casting and Stink TV Production Company, KMart Commercial Directed by Henry Mason : Played as a shopper
  • VCA Short Film, Director by Annie Pham, called "Nowhere Somewhere" : Role as Lynn, the mother who worried about the daughter
  • VCA Voice Over recording : Character as a woman who being interviewed after the huge fire similar to Black Saturday
  • Short Film Noir "Boston Tommy" (set in Boston 1933), Writer: Hugh Jellie, Director: Blake Borcich : One of people who walked down the street.
  • RMIT Short Film, Director by Laura Hilton, called "The Rush" : Feature Extra role as a person who got upset when she had dinner at the restaurant.
  • VCA Short Film, Director by Natalie James, called "Tritch" : Extra role as a maid for wealthy family apartment
  • VCA Short Film, Director by Timothy Churchward, called "In Loving Memory" : Extra role as an employee at the office
  • Models for Manga/Anime Photoshoot : Model with character "Tingle"
  • FlashMob Dancing Performance, Organised by Stone Fitness : A dancer who dance hiphop style
  • Independent Feature Film, Director Noray N : Tram Passenger Scene (Extra)
  • St Maria Junior and High School : Theatre / Musical Drama
  • Marlupi Dancing School : Jazz


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English

  • Chinese

"Nowhere Somewhere", a mother. Dir: Annie Pham, Prod: Tom Shanan.
"Tritch", a maid, Dir: Natalie James, Prod: Bryony McLachlan.
"In Loving Memory", an office worker, Dir: Timothy Churchward.
Short Film Noir "Boston Tommy" (set in Boston 1933), Writer: Hugh Jellie, Dir:Blake Borcich.
RMIT Short Film "The Rush", feature extra.

Voice Over for Short Film “Lucid” by Exit Films, Dir: Brett Ludeman.
Video promotional “We Are Love Charity Video” Dir: Dana Stockton (Dana Stockton Production).
Nurse in Short training film for medical profession by The Picture Tank Production, Dir: Dee McLachlan, Prod: Katrina Fleming.
Extra in Feature Film "KERION" by Pandora Productions, Dir: Glenn Illis.

Role as Jo --> Short film "Trapped", Dir/Prod: Linda Batson.
Extra --> Feature Film "Play It Safe", Dir/Prod: Chris Pahlow.
Extra --> Channel 31 Prank Show. Dir/Prod: Omid Hosseini.
Extra --> The Cameralla's web series "Great". Dir: Megan Palinkas, Prod: Julian Contanzo.
Voice over for promo video "The Veil". Written by Michael Griffin.
Extra for ASCOM Training Film. Dir: Simon Beart, DOP: Aaron Maguire.
Testimonial for children's educational "Tilly's Tables" multiplication flash cards, Owner: Jane Hague.
Julie 'The Manager' (harassment scene) in LifeWorks' film "inappropriate behavior in workplace" Dir: Kim Edwards. DOP: Mary Broome.
Extra at Burlesque Club. Dir: Peter Nathan, Prod: Robert Redfern.
Nimble TVC, The Sweet Shop Production, Dir: Steve Ayson, Prod: Cindy Kavanagh.

Role as Sue (Excort Lady) for Feature Film Comedy "Tate LeVon", Written and Directed by Peter Stanley; Producers: Peter Stanley & Stuart Stanton. Scene: Restaurant, Tate's house, At a party.
Supporting role as "The Secretary" in Feature Film Revenge of The Gweilo. Nathan Hill Productions; Dir/Prod/Written by Nathan Hill; 1st AD: Olivia Winfield; Ass Prod: Michael Siu; DOP: Haili Luxa.
"Thank You Mum" Mother's Day Video Documentary. Creative Director: Saba Karim.
Party Extra for Lockwood TVC. Production: Bengar Films, Dir: Ben Gartland, Prod: Melanie Flood.
Extra passenger on a bus for Beyond Blue TVC; Guilty Production; Dir: Corrie Jones, Prod: Rohan Timlock.
Role as Pung Hai for Short Film "A Handy Guy", Written/Dir by Adam Hughes.
Feature Extra for Jhankar 2014 Bollywood Musical by Era of Excellence, Creative Dir: Ankush Gupta.
Food Stall Owner in Travelan Online Video Shoot, Silver Spoon Productions, Dir: Harvey Silver, Prod: Deb Hilton-Silver.

Experiences in 2015:
Dancer for Melbourne's Cheapest Cars' TVC, Brave TV, Dir: Amanda Jane, Prod: Annie Flynn.
Indonesian Business Role in Training Video Project, The Big Canvas Prod Comp, Acc Dir: Mohana Baptista, Prod Manager: Nikki Barba.
Talk Show Guest for "The Ryan Goldman Show", Tims Media Creations, Exec Prod: Tim Lumsden, Host: Ryan Goldman.
Feature Extra as Janitor in Short Film "Rupert", Exit Films Melbourne, Dir: Lachlan Dickie, Prod: Alice Willison, Casting: Niamh Peren.
Model for Creative Portraiture Project by Coal Photography, Photographer: Alexander Legaree.
Model for Fashion Show at the multicultural event "Sawan 2015"
Supporting role as a mother in Crossing Borders Short Film which was written/directed/produced by The Threehouse.
Extra role for short film " He's Got Character", Directed by W.D. Stevens.

Experiences in 2016:
Extra roles in Neighbours, House Husbands, Wentworth, and briefly appearance in Big Music Quiz Australia.
Musical Performance "The Wedding Singer" by Playback Productions (Role: Ensemble & Imelda Marcos Impersonator).
Short Videos for Yooralla Non Profit Organization; Production: Yeti Boy Films, Dir: Alessandro Frosali.

Experience in 2017:
Web Series "Fresh" Episode 3: Cannoli; Producer: Nikki Tran (Extra)
Short Film "Confession" written by Tanner Stevenson; Role: Mother
100 Thousand Meals - The Salvation Army 2017 Christmas Appeal; Role: A person who is experiencing hardship/disadvantage.
Short Film "Help Wanted" Directed by Samantha Harris; Produced by Jack Morrow; Role: Maid
Web Series "Full Disclosure" Episode 4; Written/Directed by Nancy Rizk; Role: Masseuse
Voice Over for Education Video by Melbourne University Graduate Online - Producer: Erika Carver
Short Information Video Clips for Hepatitis Australia using teleprompter; Director of Hepatitis Australia: Kevin Marriott

Experience in 2018:
Corporate video shoot by VPstudio, Producer: Jennifer Ng, Videographer: Alec McCloskey
DVA Stills Production by Icon Agency, Producer: Naomi Mendoza, Photographer: Marcus Thomson

Experience in 2019:
A teacher for an educational software company. Production: Lush The Content Agency, Perth.
Corporate photoshoot and video shoot for Salvation Army Employment Plus. Production: The Incubator Agency, Melbourne.

- Thu, 29th July: TVC for Globird Energy. Agency: IS Advertising, Producer: Phil Shaw. Role: Annoying Neighbour


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles


Modeling experience

Beginner, starting out

No experience on catwalk as I am only 152cm tall, but I would love to do it one day when there is an opportunity. Moreover, I could say myself is photogenic when it comes to create photo styles and characters in front of the camera as I love being photographed. My favorite styles will be portrait, casual, characters, fashion, business/office, sport. I would love to try classical 1920's make over style and wedding shoot, and no posing nude as it is outside my comfort zone. I have done photo shoots twice already for LifeWorks website marketing and brochure. My interest will be a model of advertising/billboard, brochures, classic 1920's-1970's, catalogues, commercials, cosmetics, events, hair/make up for portrait shoot, bridal, magazine, music video, promotion, tourism advertisement, and website.

05 Jul 2011: Model: Office Employee, LifeWorks' Website. Dir: Kim Edwards, DOP: Mary Broome.
28 Mar 2013: Model as Janitor for "Love Job" Awards Campaign Shoot. Prod: Cecelia Bedford, DOP: Jamie MacFadyen, Client: White King, Advertising: Grey Advertising.
21 Sep 2013: Photo shoot as a client for Bodcom (Just Flip It Pty Ltd) website marketing. Coordinator: Chelsea van Zyl. DOP: Nikola.
01 Oct 2013: Photo shoot as admin for OH&S Epworth Hospital. Mayday Casting, Photographer: Jay Hynes.
28 Nov 2013: Casual and Glamour photo shoot by Regina Photography. DOP: Regina Budiarjo.
28 Jan 2014: Plus Size Model for StarShot Photography Training (Cocktail Dresses and Lingerie). Photographer: Stephan Latchman & Poses Created by Sarah.
08 Aug 2014: Model for Photography Series of Emotions, RMIT BA Photography Project, titled "Emotions Normality", Photographed by Stephanie Dickson.
08 Aug 2015: Model for Creative Portraiture Project by Coal Photography, Photographer: Alexander Legaree.
20 Sep 2015: Runway Model for multicultural event "Sawan 2015" Fashion Show.


Keyboard ability


Vocal ability


Vocal range


Singing styles
  • Pop

Favourite genres
  • Pop
  • Indie
  • Electronic
  • Hip-hop

Influences: Michael Jackson, Michael Buble, Whitney Houston, Katy Perry, Will I Am, Glee, Bruno Mars, Maroon 5

I love singing pop, ballad, love, easy listening songs, and doing karaoke. I used to play music instruments such as keyboard and piano as part of my hobbies and every year for about 15 years, I played on concerts organized by Yamaha Music School in Surabaya. It was so much fun and I learned lots, I became more confidence every time I was on stage. I love entertaining people and even though my voice is not like Whitney Houston, I still give myself a go with my vocal ability when ever opportunities arise. At this stage, I have several appearances in some of music videos by Melbourne musicians, either acting or dancing.

18 Jul 2012: Music Video for Gypsy & The Cat "Sorry", Krozm Production, Dir: Lachlan Dickie&Christopher Hill, Prod: Josh Dawson.
05 Mar 2013: Extra in Music Video Jazz "Your Lips Taste Like Sugar", Dir/Prod: Douglas Brook, DOP: Hugh Peachey.
30-31 Mar 2013: Supporting female in Buchanan's Music Video "Human Spring".Written by: Rhys Mitchell, Dir: Jessica Barclay Lawton, DOP: Edward Goldner.
04 Sep 2013: Music video for Bombs Away "Better Luck Next Time", as spectators. Shot/Cut Entertainment, Dir: Nathan Bobik, Prod: Sher Taulla.
12 Oct 2013: Music Video as a dancer, Dir: Jayden Irving from HappyJelly Productions & Kontinuum Media.
22 Oct 2013: Music Video for Jinja Safari's new song "Mombassa on the Line", Dir: Blake Curtis (VCA) &Tom Keele.
01 June: Supporting role 'Asian fruit stall owner' in music video shoot for Masketta Fall's New Song "Big Dog".

TV & Reality

16 & 24 Apr 2016: Audiences for Ch7 Game Show.
24 May 2016: Extra for Neighbours
20 July 2016: Extra for House Husbands
7 & 19 Oct 2016: Extra for Wentworth


Dancing ability


Teaching or Choreography ability


Dance styles
  • Ballet
  • Contemporary
  • Disco
  • Jazz
  • Rock & Roll
  • Swing
  • Tap
  • Hip Hop

I learned Ballet when I was about 7 or 8 years old, but not long as I had difficulties with standing up straight on my toes. So, I tried other dance styles by joining one of the famous dancing school in my town and learned modern dance, I guess it's like jazz and hip hop they called it now. I like dancing so much that I realized it is part of my life. Now dancing is like a hobby for me, I try doing few classes, like Zumba, and at the moment I am learning Tap dancing and back to Ballet again. I like Jazz, HipHop and even Bollywood if I get a chance and for the events, I love performing on stage, flashmob, TV program, or music video and enjoy choreographing. I just love every minutes of dancing!!

15 Nov 2011: FlashMob dancer for Stone Fitness @Federation Square, theme "Healthy Lives Create Happy Lives".
07 Dec 2013: Featured Dancer for Melbourne's Cheapest Cars' advertsing campaign, Brave TV, Dir: Amanda Jane, Prod: Kate East.
28 Sep 2014: Dancer (Mix of free Style/HipHop/Robot Dance) for Live Show Performance by Dr. Jaffle at Melbourne Fringe Festival. Producer: Billy Tankard.
06 May 2015: Dancer for Melbourne's Cheapest Cars' TVC, Brave TV, Dir: Amanda Jane, Prod: Annie Flynn.


TV presenter experience

No previous TV presenter experience

Radio presenter experience

No previous Radio presenter experience

  • English

  • Chinese

Hi, at this stage, I have no experiences either as a TV or radio presenter, but I do have few showreels related to hosting or presenting if you would like to check those out. Yes I would love to try out my skills in hosting or presenting if there is a chance given to me, and perhaps from there, it will create a possibility for future opportunities. Thank you.
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