Mary Ann Van Der Horst

Mary Ann Van Der Horst Pro

Victoria, Australia


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It was brilliant working with Mary. She was easy to communicate and friendly to work with - she could get in to poses easily and help you achieve the output you're after. Highly recommend her if you're looking for a singer model!

Recommended for Modelling May 10, 2021

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Amazing singer, worked with her for a Global Music Video to inspire Hope around the world! Extremely Talented singer and a pleasure to deal with. I hope we can continue to work together in the future.

Recommended for Singing Feb 10, 2021

Mary Ann is at home on stage as a singer performer, dancer and actor. She was one of the judges in the singing contest held by the Filipino Fiesta of Victoria in 2013, when I first met her. My first impression of her then was that she is the sort of person who will always attract people's attention. It's as if she's really a star but somehow she escaped your radar because you're just not into mainstream entertainment. Well, as it turned out she was on the big screen the next year, 2014, as X-Factor's most watched contestant. Her appeal was later proven by her X Factor audition video posted by X Factor Australia on YouTube, getting close to 9 million views in just about one year. Since then, I have worked with Mary Ann, photographing and filming her many times now. Her work ethic is impeccable, arriving prepared every time and ready, without too much fuss. On a personal level, she is a warm and caring person.

Recommended for Acting Nov 6, 2016

such a talent!

Recommended for Music Aug 31, 2015

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Recommended for Acting Nov 6, 2017

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Recommended for Music Sep 26, 2016

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