Matias Klaver

Matias Klaver Pro

New South Wales, Australia


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I worked with Matias recently on a Zoom based short film. He was professional and punctual, and fit the character splendidly. I would love to work with him again if the opportunity arose, on set next time and if travel allowed.

Recommended for Acting Sep 22, 2020

Professional, easy to work with and very versatile!

Recommended for Acting Apr 21, 2020

I worked with Matias on a television commercial. It was under time pressure and Matias responded to direction really well and worked as a great team member. I hope that we get an opportunity to work together again

Recommended for Acting Nov 16, 2019

Matias is a fine actor, with a wonderfully warm personality, a great sense of humour, and a pleasure to work with.

Recommended for Acting Nov 3, 2019

Recently worked with Matias on a short comedy film and found him to be totally professional in his work and a wonderful co-star. Will work with this easy going talented actor anytime and highly recommend him for a variety of roles in comedy and drama.

Recommended for Acting Nov 3, 2019

Professional, welcoming, courteous and talented. A pleasure to work with

Recommended for Acting Aug 11, 2019

Matias brings excitement both behind and in front of the camera. He takes direction like a pro and delivers a stellar performance. Hope to work with him again very soon!

Recommended for Acting Jun 29, 2019

Matias is a professional to work with and follows direction well. Would definitely work with him again!

Recommended for Acting Apr 9, 2019

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Matias was a delight to work with, very professional, took direction well and a very talented actor! Highly recommended!

Recommended for Acting Mar 4, 2019

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Matias is a hard working actor that is prepared to do what ever it takes to get that perfect take. He is passionate about his craft, professional, friendly, and takes direction well.

Recommended for Acting Nov 14, 2018

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Quite the champion. Very professional and easy to work with.

Recommended for Acting Oct 8, 2018

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Matias makes for one very convincing Satan! A great actor to work with. Good-natured, professional, motivated. Highly recommended.

Recommended for Acting Aug 12, 2018

I met Matias on the set of the short film "Hell is Empty". Matias has a great gravitas about him - not only in his physical appearance, but in the way he speaks. Matias is kind and easy to talk to. He is passionate about it craft and professional at all times. A great guy to talk to and be around, all who work with him are lucky! Would be a pleasure to work with him again!

Recommended for Acting Aug 6, 2018

I worked with Matias on "Hell is Empty". He was easy going & professional at all times. I highly recommend working with him

Recommended for Acting Aug 5, 2018

Matias was wonderful to work with. Excellent attitude, very kind, professional and open. Would highly recommend!

Recommended for Acting Aug 5, 2018

Professional and great with form

Recommended for Acting Jun 2, 2018

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Matias. He arrived on set promptly and nailed his role. He was a delight to work with and have no hesitation to work with him again. Def a great talent indeed.

Recommended for Acting Apr 16, 2018