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London, United Kingdom
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Commercial Reel

Selection of Voice Over Commercials

01Commercial Reel
02An inconvenient lie Monologue
03People snogging in public Monologue
04Tread Headz
05London City Narration
06Goosebumps Audio Book

Physical Attributes

175 cm / 5ft 9in
67 kg / 147 lbs
Eurasian / Pan Asian
96 cm / 38 in
Skin color:
79 cm / 31 in
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Spotlight Open House Encore: Audition Technique for TV/Film : Workshop
  • Actors Door Studio : 8 Week - Screen Acting Course
  • Spotlight Open House: Auditioning and Acting for Screen David Mumeni : Workshop
  • Spotlight Open House: Auditioning Technique with Caroline Steinbeis : Workshop
  • The Reel Scene with Manpreet Bachu : Audition Technique and Cold Reading Workshop
  • Workshop - Valentines Marriage Website (Giant) : Alex
  • The Actors Centre : Act Now: WORKING THE SCREEN, Denis Lawson
  • The Actors Centre : Act Now: SELF-MARKETING and BRANDING, Paul Cawley
  • Acting & Casting Workshop : Royal Central School (CD Rebecca Wright & Sophie Parrott)
  • Mountview Academy Of Theatre Arts : Graduated BA (Hons) in Acting
  • Yellow Earth Drama competition (Funded by Spotlight UK) : Constellation Creative Bursary Winner
  • The British Academy Of Dramatic Combat : Stage Combat: Small Sword. Grade - Merit
  • Mountview Academy Of Theatre Arts : Roy Williams (Playwright) Workshop Part-time 2014-2016
  • Mountview Academy Of Theatre Arts : Start date
  • New York Film Academy : 8 Week Acting for Film
  • Stanislavsky : An Introduction to Stanislavsky
  • Stageability : 2 Year Amateur Theatre school
  • Lesley Beastall : Audition Technique Workshop


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English

  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • USA California
  • USA Southern
  • Chinese
  • Indian
  • Latin American

2019, Immersive Theatre, Leon, Princes Trust , Boz Temple-Morris
2019, Live Rehearsed Reading, Abel, Buried Kingdom, Yellow Earth/Tristan Bates, Emily Williams
2018, R&D, The Man, Semite, Arsalan Sattari Productions, Daniel Goldman
2018, Stage, Jack, Blueberry Toast, Platform Presents/SOHO Theatre, Steve Marmion
2018, Stage, Various Male Characters, House of Lords Role Play, WWP Learning & Development, Chrystie Harrison
2017, Stage, Ben (Lead), GANGSTA GRANNY West-End, Birmingham Stage Company, Neal Foster
2017, Stage, Raj/Flavio, GANGSTA GRANNY on tour, Birmingham Stage Company, Neal Foster
2016, Stage, Glenn, BUSTERS, Mountview Academy Of Theatre Arts, Stephen Jameson & Tinuke Craig
2016, Stage, Ezekiel Cheever, THE CRUCIBLE, Mountview Academy Of Theatre Arts, Caitriona McLaughlin
2015, Stage, Zhen, THE GRANDFATHERS, Mountview Academy Of Theatre Arts, Katie Henry
2015, Stage, Benvolio, ROMEO & JULIET, Mountview Academy Of Theatre Arts, Steven Grihault
2015, Stage, Judge Brack, HEDDA GABLER, Mountview Academy Of Theatre Arts, Carol Harvey
2014, Stage, Enobarbus, ANTONY & CLEOPATRA, Mountview Academy Of Theatre Arts, Colin Blumenau
2013, Stage, Uriah Heep, DAVID COPPERFIELD, Mountview Academy Of Theatre Arts, Jeremy Lloyd Thomas
2011, Stage, Pepe, WEST SIDE STORY, The Essex Group, Gary Sullivan
2011, Stage, Benjamin, ANIMAL FARM (THURROCK DRAMA FESTIVAL), Stageability, Gary Sullivan

2022, NHS VR, Lead Nurse
2021, Corporate, Ericsson, Lead Businessman
2021, Online, Clearhead, Doctor
2021, Music Video, Babel, Green Hero
2021, Online, The Big Idea-Snapchat, Finneas
2021, Online, Fooditutde, Lead Office worker
2021, Corporate, GEHC, Remote Filming, Nish
2021, Corporate, Audit Challenge, KPMG, Ed Pryce
2021, Television, Doctors, BBC, Jake Haggard
2021, Television, Grace, ITV, David Lee
2020, Commercial, Pink Lady apples, Featured
2020, Online App, Aida App, Boxspring Entertainment, Tommy Dexter
2020, Corporate, HSBC, Media Zoo, Nick
2020, Online, Stippl drink, Fitting room, Matt
2020, Corporate, Code of conduct, KPMG, Aled
2020, Corporate, RCGPP Safeguarding Film, Matt
2020, Corporate, Virtual Reality, Hologram (lead)
2020, Commercial, SEGA Tokyo Olympics, Swimmer/Runner
2020, Television, Quest for Love ITV, Luke
2020, Corporate, Mercedes Benz, Truck Driver
2020, Online Loughborough Sports Mental Health, Boxer
2020, Online, Ihasco, Benjamin King
2019, Online, Kenwood, David, Object Films
2019, Online, Wunderflats, Tom - Tenant
2019, Corporate, Volvo, Kamal, Nathan & Kam Malhotra
2019, Online, Taylor's Port, Autumn, Sibling & Rival
2019, Commercial, Harry Potter - Wizards Unite, Tennis Umpire
2019, Commercial,, Demon Almond
2019, Online, Pepsi Max Taste Challenge ft Chabuddy G, Featured Stall manager
2019, Online, Immigration, Ali, Mammoth Productions
2019, Online, Be At One- Your Club House, Lead Rugby Player
2019, Online, Samsung - How-To videos, Matt
2019, Corporate, Conflicts of Interests, Henrik
2019, Online, National Pub Watch, Boyfriend
2019, Music Video - "Jimmy from the gym" Drew
2019, Corporate Film, Teacher, Pearson
2019, Commercial, Smarty, Halloumi Man
2019, Online, British Red Cross, Son
2019, Online, Sky Team, Cyclist
2019, Television, Sky Vegas, Spinner
2019, Corporate, Pepper Money Case, Phil
2019, Corporate, 4Com, Businessman
2019, Online, Ladbible Unibet , Jockey
2019, Stock, Sizetens, Fitness participant
2019, Online, Pringles, Cherry Duck, Gamer
2019, Online, The Mix, Self harm campaign, Billy
2019, Commercial, Parasport/Toyata, Yoga enthusiast
2019, Online, Lucky Reel Studios, Arsenal Supporter
2019, Online, Royal Opera House, Boxer
2019, Commercial, Mob, MUFC Featured Worker
2019, Online, Moses App, Matthew
2019, Online, Hyper X - Mute Yourself, Gamer 1
2019, Online, B.T. Call Centre Agent
2019, Corporate, GE Thailand, Matt - Thai Businessman
2019, Online, Winter Wonderland, Ice skater/boyfriend
2018, Corporate, Standard Chartered Bank, Paul
2018, Online, Ballantine's Whisky Passion, Featured dancer
2018, Television, Tattoo Fixers, Luke, Studio Lambert
2018, Commercial, Window to the Womb, Husband, Tristar tv
2018, R&D Commercial Workshop, Ali, Single
2018, Online, Sinner, Achievement Haunter Youtube
2018, Commercial, Dad, Vtech Toy Brand
2018, Online, The Stranger, A Simple Favour
2018, Commercial, Fitness Faz,
2018, Commercial, Dad, LEGO
2018, Online, Scott, Flight Club Promo, Belafonte
2018 Online, College Freshman, Spotify/Hulu
2018 Corporate, Pedro, Vodafone
2018 Commercial, The Screamer, EE Football
2018 Television, Tattoo Fixers, Dave, Studio Lambert
2017 Online, VR Headset, Gamer 1, Displaylink
2017 Commercial, American Express, Featured Gym/Fitness , Breakfast Of Champions
2017 Online, Team member 1, JBL Boombox 'Turn it up' Campaign
2017 Online, Andy (Employee), McColls, JMS Company
2017, Online, Hero Date, Golden Balls
2016, Online, Featured, The Botanist Christmas Promotional Video
2016, Online, Lead, Dopple Fitness Watch
2012, Educational, David
2012, Corporate, Alex, DOMINOS APP
2012, Music Video, Boyfriend, Fluer East 'The only one'
2010, Commercial, Matt, 0800 REVERSE
2009, Music Video, Dancer, EXAMPLE KICKSTARTS

2020/2021, Feature Film, Jeepers Creepers Reborn, Jaime, Timo Vuorensola
2020, Feature Film (Sony Pictures), Uncharted, Bellman, Ruben Fleischer
2019, Short Film, 21 Million the Discovery, Sam Wong, Alex Dawe
2019, Short Film, The Booth, Jay, Nina Bhalla
2019, Short Film, Instinct, Sean Pulmer, Nicholas Wallis
2019, VR 360 Film, Network Rail, Nurse Matt, Alex Cockburn
2018, Featured, BET, Oliwia Siem
2018, Kay, Alien Culture, BFI, Oh Picture, Iesh Thepar
2017, Chris, The Soup, University of Hertfordshire, Aidan Erd


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles


Modeling experience

Part-time model - paid commercial work

2021 Stills - Tesco Go Play Outdoor Toys - Dad, Ceri Davies (Photographer)
2021 Stills - Zapp, Hand Model, Faraz Aghaei (Photographer)
2021 Stills - Phillips Ventilator, HCP, Phil Compton (Photographer)
2021 Stills - L&Q Properties, Couple Shoot, Ben Rousell (Photographer)
2021 Stills - Dorchester Hotel Collection, Mixologist, Aleksandra Kingo (Photographer)
2020 Stills - Ballymore, Wardian Apartments, Couple, Ash James (Photographer)
2020 Stills - Sony UK - FY90 TV, Model, Joel Knight (Photographer)
2019 Stills - Nice Campaign, Model, Ogilvy, Ed Buckingham (Photographer)
2019 Stills - Ridgeway Shared Ownership Property, Businessman, Matt Crinon (Photographer)
2019 Stills - 30s Couple, Camping/mobile home in Brighton Park, Darren Paul (Photographer)
2019 Sculpture - Thai model, Etienne Milner (Sculpter) x10 Sessions
2019 Stills - Image Source - Businessman - Lyndsey Salah (Photographer)
2019 Life Modelling - Model - Mary Miller (Painter)
2019 Stills - Fashionizer - Spa therapist - Gregg Peters (Photographer)
2019 Stills - CSA Barnardos - Social Worker - Jevan Chowdhury (Photographer)
2019 Stills - Walkers Crisps - Businessman/Shopper - Martin Brent (Photographer)
2019 Stills - Octasupport - Casual traveller - Graeme Hendry (Photographer)
2019 Stills - Octasmart Sleep - Couple Model - Graeme Hendry (Photographer)
2018 Stills - Uniq-Studios Sports E-Commerce Shoot, Model, Alex Pinero (Photographer)
2018 Stills - Royal Wharf Traders Quarter, Main Couple, Dan Besley (Photographer)
2018 Stills - Rentokil Pest Control (Phase 3), Model, Stephanie Zaloumis (Photographer)
2018 Catwalk - Vionic SS19 Footware Event, Model, Keith Maynard (Organiser)
2018 Stills - Chiltern Railways, Same sex couple, Simon Owen (Photographer)
2018 Stills - Discover-American Bank card, Model, Yura Liamin (Photographer)
2018 Stills - Stock Video Business Shoot, Model, Iain Campbell (Photographer)
2018 Stills - CAIA Residential Real Estate Homes, Model, Rob Daly (Photographer)
2018 Stills - Granary Square Shopping Outlet, Model, John Steerman (Photographer)
2018 Stills - Cricket World Cup 2019, New Zealand Fan, Thomas Winfield (Photographer)
2018 Stills - Rentokil Pest Control (Phase 2), Model, Stephanie Zaloumis (Photographer)
2018 Stills - Babb App, Model, Louisa Marie Juckes (Photographer)
2018 Stills - New Rental Property, Husband, Dani Berzins (Photographer)
2018 Stills - Rentokil Pest Control (Phase 1), Model, Stephanie Zaloumis (Photographer)
2018 Stills - Winnerish Business Park, Lifestyle/Fitness Model, Sarah James (Photographer)
2018 Stills/Video - Spin Master/Boxer Robot, Hand Modelling, James Morgan (Photographer/Videographer)
2018 Stills - Konica Minolta, Business Model, Richard Penfold (Photographer)
2018 Stills - The Children's Society, Carol Singer, Rachel Reay (Photographer)
2018 Stills -, Featured Couple, Oz Dion (Photographer)
2018 Stills - British Red Cross First Aid Booklet, First Aider, Hannah Taylor (Photographer)
2018 Stills - Cuisinart Kitchen Brand, Friend 1, Jan Baldwin (Photographer)
2018 Stills - Axis Security, Cleaner/Receptionist, Michaela Harewood (Photographer)
2018 Stills - RealdealHD Stock Filming, Model, Erwin De Boer (Photographer)
2018 Stills - Run the Night, Fitness Runner, Peter Schiazza (Photographer)
2018 Stills - Daisy VCM, Stock Footage, Model, Ian Allenden (Photographer)
2018 Stills - The Hook, Social Hotcakes Shoot, Model, James Ryan (Photographer)
2018 Stills - LVS Hassock School Prospectus, Teacher, Jamie Cooper (Photographer)
2018 Stills - The Hook, Social Hotcakes Shoot, Boyfriend, James Ryan (Photographer)
2018 Stills - Kerto Studious, Portrait Model, Kerto (Photographer)
2018 Stills - Syft Photoshoot for London Underground, Deliver man & Kitchen Porter, Aimee Rawlings (Producer)
2018 Stills - Promotional Photoshoot World Labs, Model, Patrick B (Photographer)
2018 Stills - English File Intermediate, David, Claire Gaukrodger (Producer)
2017 Stills - David Lloyds Gym, Fitness Model, Somersault Productions, Maxime Alberts (Producer)
2017 Stills - E&M Active Limited, Health & Fitness, Margarida (Producer)
2017 Stills - Ditto ODS Messaging App, Tone Davies & Andy West (Photographer)
2017 Stills - JBL Boombox 'Turn it up' Campaign (London, Paris & Berlin) , Chris Adams (Producer)
2017 Stills - McColls Christmas Campaign, Jim Martin (Photographer)
2017 Stills - Urban Massage, February 2017 Campaign, Essi Jussila (Production Manager)
2016 Stills - Dopple Fitness, Young-Co Company, Gerald Gigi (Photography)
2016 Stills - Nokia, Webber represents, Thomas Albdorf (Photographer)
2016 Stills - Kiwi Shoe Polish, Need a Fixer productions, Marina Anone (Creative Director US)
2016 Stills - Christmas Nativity Play. Jamie Wilson Productions
2016 Stills - Uber/Absolute Vodka Company
2016 Stills - Google Adwords Moments That Matter, Ben Peter Catchpole (Photographer)
2012 Stills - Busabout Travel Company (Berlin & Prague) Katy Freeman (Photographer)
2012 Stills - Vodafone HQ - Reading
2012 Stills - Image Library Stock Photography
2012 Stills - Dizzy Finch Studios
2012 Stills - Compassionate Eye Student Shoot
2012 Stills - Getty Images Student Yearbook
2012 Stills - Citizen Stock Photography - New York
2011 Stills - Wailing Banshee
2011 Stills - Pearsons Education
2011 Stills - Image Office Stock Photography
2011 Stills - Image Source
2011 Stills - Balfour Beatty
2011 Stills - Sculpture, Reza Aramesh (Photographer)
2011 Stills - LA Fitness
2011 Stills - Epsom Printing
2010 Stills - Coca-Cola World Cup South Africa
2010 Stills - Macmillan Charity
2010 Stills - Kuala Lumpur Mall
2009 Stills - Giordano Clothing
2008 Stills - Kickers Footware


Vocal ability


Rapping ability



Dancing ability


Dance styles
  • Hip Hop

Film & Stage Crew

Runner or Assistant ability



TV presenter experience

Previous paid TV presenter roles

Radio presenter experience

Previous unpaid Radio presenter roles

  • English

  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • USA California
  • USA Southern
  • Chinese
  • Indian
  • Latin American

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