Michael Townsend

Michael Townsend Pro

Kent, United Kingdom


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Michael has lots of experience and is very professional to work with. He arrived on set at short notice, so is very flexible and supportive of the creative process. He is friendly and relaxed on set, so it creates a nice working atmosphere. I hope to work with him again!

Recommended for Modelling Oct 17, 2020

Michael is a very professional dance teacher who gives clear instructions and all feedback and advice given with positive attitude. Have learned a lot of dance moves and ideas from him. Thank you.

Recommended for Teaching or Choreographing Jul 21, 2020

A great actor and a pleasure to have on set. Very professional?.

Recommended for Acting Mar 2, 2020

There are not enough words to describe how wonderful and hard working Michael is. He is prompt and like to turn up early. Such a friendly guy and will fit in easily in any situation. Professional and very hard working. He adapted to new instructions and directorial changes with ease. Brilliant actor. And fantastic guy. Would recommend him for any project. And would work with him again at the drop of a hat. Director of "The Rough Gig" Dana Ben

Recommended for Acting Feb 24, 2020

Had the good fortune to work with Michael today, he brought a great positive charm to his barman character and the set in general! Has a helpful attitude with crew and cast and quite the gentleman. Look forward to hopefully meeting and working together again. Thanks and best wishes Michael!

Recommended for Acting Feb 22, 2020

Well what can I say about Michael, he is an absolute dream to work with. He is honestly one of the most loveliest men I've worked with, he was instantly warm and friendly. Michael worked really hard and is a great team player striving to do best by everyone. He's a treasure and a true talent. I look forward to working together again. X

Recommended for Casting Nov 14, 2019

Consummate professional. Great to work with and show me the ropes. I look forward to working with Michael again.

Recommended for Casting Nov 3, 2019

It was a pleasure to meet Michael on set, he is easy going, friendly and helped to make Billy’s day a great experience. We look forward to working with him again in the future.

Recommended for Extras Sep 24, 2019

I worked with Michael, and he is genuinely one of the kindest people I have met in the industry, he is so lovely, so professional, and a lovely person to make you happy on set, although we were filming tough scenes he didn't fail to make any of us happy. He was such a pleasure to work with! Would highly recommend him.

Recommended for Extras Sep 2, 2019

Michael was a brilliant actor within my film "Someone Like You". He was pleasant to work with and very committed to the role and project. I will definitely recommend him for any future projects!

Recommended for Acting Sep 2, 2019

Michael is a delight to work with, brilliant on set and kept the team smiling when waiting around or changes were made throughout the day. I look forward to working with Michael again in future

Recommended for Extras Aug 2, 2019

He's such a positive person to work with. Thoroughly professional at all times, but also with a twinkle in his eye and great sense of humour, he is brilliant to work with

Recommended for Extras Aug 1, 2019

Michael is a pleasure to work with, very charismatic and knowlegable. Kind and supportive too. I hope to work with Michael again in the near future.

Recommended for Acting Aug 1, 2019

Micheal is a Delight to work with. Highly recommended. He is extremely professional, punctual, kind & makes you feel very welcome.

Recommended for Extras Aug 1, 2019

Michael is a pleasure to work with and because of his vast experience in the craft, is able to aford help to others who are new to the profession. Punctual and precise and delivers what is required time and again, look forward to working with him again

Recommended for Casting Jun 27, 2019

Michael is a reliable talent, punctual and a pleasure to work with. We enjoyed having him on our set, and would highly recommend.

Recommended for Acting Jun 14, 2019

Michael was terrific to work with! So good humoured and very committed to his role. Helpful, kind, and on the ball, I’d be very glad to work together again.

Recommended for Acting May 19, 2019

Very experienced artist professional at all times , easy to work with , was a pleasure to with him .

Recommended for Extras May 12, 2019

Charming, personality with positive attitude, came well prepared for set, very professional

Recommended for Acting Apr 20, 2019

Professional, versatile, really great fun to work with.

Recommended for Extras Apr 19, 2019