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drama teacher audition

01drama teacher audition

Physical Attributes

163 cm / 5ft 4in
68 kg / 149 lbs
White / Caucasian
92 cm / 36 in
Skin color:
85 cm / 33 in
96 cm / 38 in
Dress size:
UK 12 / AUS 12 / US 8
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Brutally Honest Productions - Corporate spending script : Disgruntled demoted employee working in a supermarket.
  • Ellie : Susan - sister role
  • The Tame Painter : Art gallery guest
  • Big Blue - JMC production : Small speaking roles - part of a cult.
  • A modern take on Alice in wonderland : Questioning the protagonist in church.
  • Seeing Double : Mother role - crying, reading and speaking to her daughter while she is in a coma.
  • Lunch Room Web Series : Acting role in several different episodes. Demoted from corporate marketing. Becoming a disgruntled employee working in the supermarket.
  • Live Evil : Rebecca - abducted and tortured mother.
  • Ball & Chain by Andrew Swift. Production by Black List Production House : Behind the singer miming the chorus of a song. Also praying in church.
  • Her Own Music : Teacher - small speaking role


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

Acting agent

Bump models

  • English

  • Australian

May 2020 - Employee (Susan) for an APM training video scenario - TM Creates production.
January 2020 - Neurotic boss interviewing a potential employee - Contract Cleaner.
January 2020 - Demoted disgruntled staffer working in a supermarket - Corporate spending - Web series.
November 2019 - Customer in line at the checkout - Superwog supermarket episode.
November 2019 - Susan. Challenging her sister after their fathers’ wake.
October 2019 - A mother reacting whilst her daughter is in a coma - UTS student graduate film - Seeing double.
September 2019 - A lady in church questioning the protagonist - Alice in modern wonderland.
September 2019 - Rebecca, an abducted mother - Live evil. (Release 2020).
August 2019 (currently still filming various episodes) - A disgruntled employee working for a supermarket. A new web series coming soon.
May 2019 - Visiting an aged care facility with my "mum" and speaking with the receptionist.
May 2019 - Mrs Wright, a teacher in a classroom reacting emotionally and verbally to a student.
April 2019 - Part of a church choir singing the chorus of a song behind the lead singer.
April 2019 - Whispering about a performance in an art gallery.


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles

Extras agent

Bump models

May 2020 - Mary an annoyed and frustrated client. Training video.
March 2020 - Board room scene for a UC Brigante music video.
March 2020 - Extra playing pool in a pub scene - I’m not gay. Short film.
March 2020 - Extra for Jasmine Rae's Green Light music video. Blacklist Productions.
February 2020 - Lip syncing in an upcoming music video for song writer Maya Miko.
January 2020 - Featured extra for SANE Australia - Mental health shoot for web use. Keyy Productions.
November 2019 - Extra (2 days) at a community gathering. Love you like that - film. Glasshouse Productions.
October 2019 - Part of a cult gathering - The Big Blue - JMC graduate film.
October 2019 - Customer in a clothing store - Joy. AFTRS graduate film.
September 2019 - Uptight / conservative business woman for Chloe Morello on her web series YouTube Famous.
September 2019 - Extra back for another 2 days for The Commons. Stan series.
September 2019 - Extra - Moon Rock Monday movie - release 2020.
August 2019 - Extra for The Commons Stan series. 3 days.
August 2019 - 1960's mum role for a music video - release 2020.
July 2019 - One of three extras on a judging panel for a music video - E for Echo - How to win. I am shown at the 2.43 minute mark.
June 2019 - Extra for Between Two Worlds over 3 days for Channel 7 - release 2020.
June 2019 - A puritan - The Familars - AFTRS project.
May 2019 - A customer picking up my clothes from the dry cleaners whilst a robbery is taking place - Parisian Jam. Release August 2020.
May 2019 - A daughter visiting an aged care facility with my 'mum' and speaking with the receptionist. - Altura Learning.
May 2019 - A teacher, at the front desk, with a class full of students, acting shocked & reacting verbally to a student swearing. - Her Own Music.
April 2019 - Part of the choir and congregation for a music video. Ball & Chain. Songwriter Andrew Swift. Blacklist Productions.
April 2019 - Art gallery extra, standing, watching, whispering and reacting snobbishly to a performance. - The Tame Painter.
April 2019 - Guest at a wedding - Mother of the groom sitting in front row. - Rosa.


Modeling experience

Beginner, starting out

Modeling agent

Bump Models

Previously for advertising as a stay at home mum and customer service.
I would be suitable for corporate, receptionist, mum, nurse, wedding / event guest or teacher style genres.
I have quite a substantial wardrobe with different styles of corporate, formal, dressy, casual clothes, shoes and accessories if required.

TV & Reality

August / Sept 2019 - Extra for a new Stan series. The Commons (2020 release).
August 2019 TVC for Kleva Sharp Master Knives. (Take Two Marketing & Events Production).
June 2019 - Extra for Between Two Worlds - Channel 7 (2020 release).

Survival Job

October 2019 - Voice over for a film having a phone conversation. There's Still Time. Ellie (daughter)

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