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Victoria, Australia


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Amazing at her work and an amazing teacher who radiates confidence! Also sassy.

Recommended for Acting Feb 16, 2018

Consumate professional approach on and off set. Nancy is highly motivated and has a wonderful focused work ethic and communicates well and , importantly, frequently, and quickly with those involved in her projects. It is always a pleasure to work with Nancy

Recommended for Casting Feb 5, 2018

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Hmm... what can I say about Nancy?? I know! Nancy is a lovely lady, whom I was so lucky to be picked to act for her web series. She is professional, talented, and amazing actress!! Thanks to you and your team for giving me this fantastic opportunity! All the best!

Recommended for Casting Aug 8, 2017

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Nancy is wonder woman! She can do it all, writing, casting, acting, directing, producing, and even catering. She is amazingly talented and passionate about her work. She is open with her knowledge and her vision and has been super supportive of me since casting me in her web series Full Disclosure in July 2017. If you want someone on your team who goes above and beyond to get the job done then Nancy is your woman. She is very efficient and hard working, with the skills and experience that comes with being in the industry for over ten years. I highly recommend Nancy and can't thank her enough for what she has done for me.

Recommended for Casting Aug 8, 2017

nancy was a very smart and talented actor. happy to work with her took directions well looking forward to work in other projects with her.

Recommended for Acting Aug 8, 2017

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It was a pleasure to work with Nancy. She was extremely professional, gorgeous and had a great sense of humour! I hope to work with her again in the future.

Recommended for Acting Jul 29, 2017

An asset to any production!

Recommended for Acting Jul 26, 2017

Nancy is great actor smart talent easy going highly recommend

Recommended for Acting Jul 22, 2017

She's got pure Sass and a great honest Sex Appeal. She always has great energy and knows the ins and outs of this industry. She was my Teacher at NFTA and I learned many things from her, Great Teacher!

Recommended for Acting Dec 19, 2016

Amazing attitude and skill to go with it! Looking forward to our next project together :)

Recommended for Acting Oct 7, 2016

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Great Actor, Punctual, Patience, and more over a Good person to Work With.. CK

Recommended for Acting Dec 8, 2014

Nancy is Amazing to work with she's funny and great on set! The fact she's absolutely gorgeous on camera doesn't hurt either! I highly recommend her for your next paid job or big project!

Recommended for Acting Dec 6, 2014

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Recommended for Acting Dec 10, 2017

Recommended for Acting Jul 28, 2017

Recommended for Casting Jul 7, 2017

Recommended for Acting Oct 21, 2016

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Recommended for Modelling Feb 15, 2015

Recommended for Acting Apr 16, 2013

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