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New Jersey, United States
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Physical Attributes

180 cm / 5ft 11in
82 kg / 180 lbs
White / Caucasian
101 cm / 40 in
Skin color:
83 cm / 33 in
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • From Under the Same Roof : Lead male
  • The Underlauncher audio book : Narrator
  • Job serach website video shoot : Actor for beta website interview demo
  • Novotel Hotels photo shoot : Corportate Model
  • Greenwood Gardens/Kyo Morishima Wedding Shoot : Model-Groom
  • The Heart Machine : Extra- Subway commuter
  • Unreachable by Conventional Means : Extra-Bank customer
  • Waiters : Speaking featured extra-Restaurant guest
  • Thorne Chronicals : Featured Extra- Speaking/stunt work- action superhero comic book/film
  • Merrylands RSL club photoshoot : Hero-Photographgy stills within club
  • On the Trail of the Old Great North Road : DVD/Smartphone video 1800's educational flashback for tourists: Lt. Warner
  • ResponseRE Real Estate : TVC/Web commercial: Leading- Young Agent
  • Raising the Children network : TVC: Featured Extra-Spectator
  • A Quest for Inspiration : Short film: Lead Male- James Sullivan
  • 60 seconds : Short film: Support-IT manager
  • An Elevator Incident : Short film: Lead Male- Alex
  • Torn Future : Short film: Lead Male- Henry Lawson
  • Bridal Portfolio Shoot, Matthew Elder : Model
  • PayPal - Beat the Queue : TVC Featured extra-Tradie
  • The Cut : Short Film: Lead Male- Barry
  • Paranoia : Short Film: Lead Male- Harold
  • Quality Time : Feature film-Feature Extra- Club goer
  • Hahn Superdry 3.5 : TVC: Featured Extra-Bar patron
  • 'War Is Beautiful' concept trailer for the feature project : Feature extra- Army Soldier
  • The Kindred : Feature length film-Co-lead Male (Pre-Production)
  • Lucky : Short film: Co-lead-John
  • Kiana : Short film: Support-Myles
  • Package : Lead male-Driver
  • The Kindred Project : Book Trailer: Co-lead male-Owen
  • Aged Care Channel (ACC) Educational video : Lead male- Workplace bullying
  • Derision : Lead male- Short film
  • Torn Devotion : Featured extra-Art house guest
  • Lucidly Balloony : Featured extra-Party goer/friend
  • Number 148 : Lead Male-Independent film
  • Refuge from the Storm : Feature film-Extra-Student
  • Remington products : Featured extra-Remington hair/grooming products commercial
  • Valley View Casino : Featured extra- Casino commercial
  • Forensic Files-'Shoe in for Murder' : Lead- Michael Hutchinson- TV show episode Nationally Broadcast
  • Fear Factor : Contestant
  • Changing the Game : Feature film-Extra-Club Patron
  • University of Delaware : Performing arts and acting


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English

  • UK Cockney
  • USA California
  • USA New York
  • USA Southern
  • Italian
  • Mexican
  • Spanish

Union memberships
  • SAG


1) Short movie: Number 148 (USA)
Role: Lead male -Gavin
Dir: Jason Zapata

2) Short movie: 'Lucky' (Australia)
Role: Co-star-John
Dir: Grant Perkins

3) Short movie: 'Derision' (Australia)
Role: Lead male- Mike
Dir: Sage Godrei

4) Short movie- 'Kiana'- (Australia)
Role: Co-star-Myles
Dir: Hallam Drury

5) Book trailer: 'The Kindred Project'- (Australia)
Role: Co-Lead male-Owen
Dir: Ariana Kenny

6) Short Film: 'Package' (Australia)
Role: Lead male-Driver
Dir: Mark Markovich

7) Short film: 'Lucidly Balloony' (Australia)
Role: Featured extra-Party goer/friend
Dir: Sage Godrei

8) Feature length film: 'Torn Devotion' (Australia)
Role: Featured Extra-Art house guest
Dir: Rocio Mendez

9) Feature length film: 'Changing the Game' (USA)
Role: Extra-Club Patron
Dir: Rel Dowdell

10) Feature length film: 'Refuge from the Storm' (USA)
Role: Extra-Student
Dir: Elias Acosta

11) Feature length film: 'The Kindred'-Pre Production- (Australia)
Role: Co-Lead male-Owen
Dir: Ariana Kenny

12) Feature length film Trailer: 'War Is Beautiful'- (Australia)
Role: Army Soldier
Dir: Boris Ivanoff

13) Feature length film: 'Quality Time'- (Australia)-Post Prod
Role: Party goer
Dir: Loren Webber

14) Short film: 'Paranoia'- (Australia)
Role: Lead male- Harold
Dir: Simone McGennisken

15) Short film: 'The Cut'- (Australia)
Role: Lead male- Barry
Dir: Ashlei Carroll

16) Short film: 'Torn Future'- (Australia)
Role: Lead male- Henry Lawson
Dir: Thjis Rozeboom

17) Short film: '60 seconds'- (Australia)-Post Prod
Role: Support-IT manager
Dir: Cyntia Mam

18) Short film: 'An Elevator Incident'- (Australia)
Role: Lead male- Alex
Dir: Weng Koh Kean

19) Short film: 'A Quest for Inspiration'-(Australia)-Post- Prod
Role: Lead Male- James Sullivan
Dir: Quanith Llahi

20) Comic book/Concept trailer: Thorne Chronicles-(Australia)-Post- Prod
Role: Featured Extra- Speaking/stunt work
Dir: Kevin James

21) Web series: Waiters
Role: Featured Extra- Speaking restaurant guest
Dir: Sarah Klouth

22) Feature film: The Heart Machine (USA)
Role: Extra -Subway commuter
Dir: Zachary Wigon

23) Feature film: Unreachable by Conventional Means (USA)
Role: Extra - Bank Customer
Dir: Rory Rooney

24) Short film: From Under the Same Roof
Role:Lead male-Edward
Dir: Eric Burleson

TV Show:
1) TruTV: Forensic Files (USA)
Role: Lead Male- Michael Hutchinson
Episode:“Shoe in for Murder”


1) Valley View Casino (USA)
Role: Featured extra- Casino guest
Dir: Gulliver Parascandolo

2) Remington Products (USA)
Role: Featured extra-Hotel guest and product demo

3) Hahn Superdry 3.5 (AUS)
Role: Feature extra- Beer patron and Fan
Dir: Evan Papageorgiou

4) PayPal- Beat the Queue (AUS)
Role: Featured extra-Tradie
Dir: Tony Whittaker

5) ResponseRE- Real estate TVC/web video (AUS)
Role: Leading- Young Agent
Dir: Johnny Lopez

6) Raising the Children Network web commercial (AUS)
Role: Extra- Footy spectator
Dir: Leslie Marsh

7) On the Trail of the Old Great North Road 1800's DVD/smartphone tourist info (AUS)
Role: Lt. Warner
Dir: Jerry Retford

8) ACC Commercial/Educational Video: (Australia)
Role: Lead male-Aged Care worker
Dir: Gillian Arnold

9) The Greens political party: (Australia)
Role: Extra- Cafe patron
Dir: Evan Papageorgiou

10) Jobs Seeker website:
Role: Actor-Online video interview demo for website launch
Dir: Yannick Kato

11) Fette Infiniti car commercial
Role: Hero-Husband
Dir: Mike Leonard

Voice Over/Audio book:
1) The Underlauncher
Role: Narrator
Writter: Sam Häggblad

1) Fear Factor (USA)


Modeling experience

Part-time model - paid commercial work


1) Novotel Hotels- Model corporate photo shoot
2) Greenwood Gardens/Kyo Morishima Photography wedding photo shoot- Groom (US)
3) Merrylands RSL club-Model (AUS)
4) Mathew Elder, Bridal Portfolio-Model (AUS 2013)
5) Philadelphia Magazine-Restaurant photo shoot -Model (USA)
6) Remington personal grooming accessories- Model (USA)
7 ) Inc. Magazine
8) Slim Fast print campaign


Promotions model/Supervisor/MC/Brand Ambassador:

1) American Cancer Society promotions and crowd fundraising/enrollment-(USA)
2) Health and safety product demonstrations -(AUS)
3) Mystery Shopper- (AUS)
4) Alcohol branding-In-store samplings/product information/sales -(AUS)
5 ) MC'ing/Promos- Product and brand representation- In-store Master of Ceremonies (MC), events coordination, crowds/customers engagement -(AUS) (Lego MC; Vodafone King of the Ring presenter)

Ex) ARVO51 beer, XXXX Gold beer, Samsung, Lego, Moo Berry, Origin Energy, McDonald's, Breitling, Hugo Boss, Nespresso, St. George, ADIDAS, BankWest, DHL, Channel 7, Citi Bank, Bondi Rd wine spritzers, bartending, Schweppes Cocktail Revolution (motorcyclist and bartending). IBM Australian Open 'Return the Serve' campaign, Havaianas Thong challenge, Microsoft surface 2 demos/representative.

6) Costume work- Ryobi tools, St. George's 'Bank Happy the Dragon'

RSA Certification -(AUS)
Working With Children Certification - (AUS)

TV & Reality

See acting experience section


Dancing ability


Dance styles
  • Breakdancing
  • Folk
  • Rock & Roll
  • Salsa

Basic hip hop moves and funny dance moves. Also character suit work and dancing.

Film & Stage Crew

PA for experiential marketing campaigns and events.


  • English

  • UK Cockney
  • USA California
  • USA New York
  • USA Southern
  • Italian
  • Mexican
  • Spanish

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