Noe Bell

Noe Bell Pro

Glasgow, United Kingdom


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Noe is lovely. Great communication. She had unexpected circumstances but kept trying to overcome them. She’s a fighter.

Recommended for Acting Jul 6, 2021

Extremely professional, vocally lush, and a wonderful addition to the sonic pallet of any piece. Will be working again with Noe given the opportunity, a fantastic asset for any production and a wonderful person also. Couldn't recommend higher

Recommended for Acting Jun 4, 2021

I'd highly recommend Noe for consideration in your next production. They were diligent in responding to the VO brief for my new documentary and provided both an in-depth and insightful voice performance. Recommended by: Louis Holder (Film Director / Editor)

Recommended for Acting May 26, 2021

Professional job done to an excellent standard, and brilliant fun to work with

Recommended for Acting May 1, 2021

Noe was a pleasure to work with. Professional and competent. Thank you for your effort and time

Recommended for TV & Reality Apr 23, 2021

Noe was a real pleasure to work with. She was inquisitive and passionate about the role she was given, which lead to some high-quality voice recordings in two great accents. She demonstrated initiative and a fantastic range, which has really enhanced the project I'm working on. Noe was also punctual and easy to work with. I recommend her for anything you may be working on!

Recommended for Acting Feb 5, 2021

Noe is a pleasure to work with, very good in her role and prompt to reply to all questions! I would recommend her to all.

Recommended for Acting Jul 9, 2020

StarNow Verified

Ann is a fantastic actor and very professional, on set she took direction well and offered up some interesting ideas of her own. Ann hits it off with everyone on set and does her best to make people feel comfortable and build them up which is a great asset on set. Her versatility and ambition as an actor gives me great confidence in recommending her for your project.

Recommended for Acting May 26, 2020

Noe is a true professional, she understood the character and delivered a great performance. I would highly recommend Noe for any acting job she chooses to apply for.

Recommended for Acting May 16, 2020