Weekly Acting Classes for Teenagers Drama With A Difference

Weekly Acting Classes for Teenagers Drama With A Difference

Victoria, Australia

Do you want to be a professional teenage actor?

"Drama With A Difference" is one of Australia's leading, independent drama schools. With a history that spans over twenty years, the school is the launching pad of many successful Australian actors; many of these actors began at the school when they were teenagers, where the school was instrumental in helping them obtain their first audition and / or agent.

We have past and current students who have appeared in major and guest roles in a host of major feature films, television series and professional theatre productions. Our comprehensive website lists the names of many of the actors who began with the school, as well as the numerous productions that our students have appeared in.

Although, as with any drama school, we cannot guarantee that attending our classes will result in professional work for you, we can guarantee that you will receive excellent training and expert advice. This increases your chances of making it as a teenage actor. Casting directors contact us on a regular basis when seeking teenagers for productions, so if you're the right type at the right time, then you never know when luck will come your way.

However, your main reason for training with us should be to improve your craft. The students who have done the best through our school are those who have come - not for the fame - but to undertake the hard work it takes to improve their craft. Some have not made it as actors until their twenties, or even thirties, but their solid training with this school has given them the competitive edge. That's because we are established, respected, and industry professionals with long standing careers. We care about all our young students, and even if you don't wish to be an actor, our courses are open to all teenagers.

You will learn various acting techniques as used by professional actors. These will include
- Improvisation
- Voice work
- Character work
- Character movement
- Script work
- Self - devised script work.

Our teenage classes are held in Clifton Hill on Mondays from 5.30pm - 7.30 and Kew on Thursdays from 5.15pm - 7.15pm.
Although payment is on a term by term basis (and there is no obligation to stay for longer than the term) most students do attend for the full year. Many attend for several years in a row and then go onto our adult classes.

Later in the year, we undertake public performances and 2017 will include a major public performance (Dates TBA).

So, although Term One starts in January/February of 2017 (an ideal time to enrol in the course - It's best to be there at the beginning!), it is also possible to enrol in the course later in the year.

The course is intended to be able to take students throughout various times of the year, and we pro-rata the fees of anyone who starts late.

We run our teenage weekly classes according to the state school terms, so that gives you an indication of what dates will be applied throughout the year of 2017.

Many of the students who we have helped to start their careers as actors were first seen in one of our public productions. As this production will take place in 2017, the earlier you can enrol in the school, the better it will be for you.

The teachers are highly qualified and we also have connections with a number of good agents who take teenagers onto their books. We cannot recommend teenagers whose work we don't know to agents. However, once we get to know you, and see that you take your craft seriously - If getting an agent is what you want, we will do our utmost to assist you with this process. As it can be tough to know where to start as a teenage actor, it's best to come to a school such as "Drama With A Difference" - A school with a genuine list of past and current success stories, and one with a solid, long reputation.

When you visit our website link, be sure to take the time to go over the rest of the website. There is a lot of information that is of great value in learning more about the school.

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