Get our series on TV

Get our series on TV

Manchester, United Kingdom

We are looking for an exceptional person who has contacts with TV networks to get our series on TV here. Ideally we are hoping to get it on ITV, ThatsTV Manchester or Together TV.

The name of our series is called Creatives On The Couch. We have seen good success with the show in Australia, having been on C31, and now is headed to be on TV2 Australia in coming months. In Australia, we ran 26 episodes, and now we are looking to develop the series here. We already have guests lined up for an initial 20 episodes, but we have the capability to film more.

Our series is a talk-show format, giving a platform for authors, singers, bands, actors, and indie film-makers. Each episode has a run-time of 26 minutes, and is one guest per episode.

Currently, Creatives On The Couch can also been seen on YouTube, and Amazon Prime as well as FizzyTV.

What we are looking for is a person who has contacts with one of the above mentioned networks, so that the series can be aired here then later aired in Australia and also Amazon.

Payment is TBA, and interview will be held in Bolton or Manchester.

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