Queensland Shakespeare Ensemble: Auditions 2020

Queensland Shakespeare Ensemble: Auditions 2020

Queensland, Australia

We are excited to announce that auditions for QSE’s 2020 Core Ensemble and Apprentice Program will be held on the afternoons of 30th November and 1st of December 2019, with call-backs on the evening of 2nd December.

The Queensland Shakespeare Ensemble is an artist-run company with Core Ensemble members having priority for involvement in artistic roles, while also managing our business portfolio (eg. Administration, Members and Events, Marketing, Finance).

Applications must be received by 5pm on November 22nd, and are to be submitted electronically (via email as listed below).

Auditions will consist of 15-minutes slots in the following sessions by appointment only: 2-6pm Saturday November 30th and 2-6pm Sunday December 1st.

Call-backs will consist of a group session 6-11pm on Monday December 2nd that will include voice, Shakespeare, group work and improvisation. You MUST be available for the entirety of this call back on December 2nd in order to be considered for the Core Ensemble or Apprentice program.

Please note that not all applicants will necessarily be offered auditions. The offer of an audition is dependent on the quality and fit of the application materials.

For more info: visit our website- http://www.qldshakespeare.org/auditions.html
or email info@qldshakespeare.org

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