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Photographer, Lighting Crew Member, Runner & Assistant, Camera Operator, Post Producer / Editor,… more

Victoria, Australia
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Physical Details

180 cm / 5ft 11in
Eye color:
67 kg / 147 lbs
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Credits & experience

  • Mummy's Boy - Dir. Scott Membry (Pre-pro) : Director of Photography
  • $3 Million Dollars - Dir. Bramwell Noah (Pre-Pro) : Director of Photography
  • Bloom - Dir. Hannah Ellis : Director of Photography | Colourist
  • Ginger Short Film - Dir. Michelle Douglas (Pre-pro) : Director of Photography
  • Bunker Short Film - Dir. Taysha McFarland (In-Post) : Director of Photography | Colourist
  • Rock Sugar Feature Film - Dir. Angela How (In-Post) : 1st AC | Gaffer
  • The Girl Who Lived Feature Film - Dir. Adam Loughlin : Colourist
  • Money Mouth Web Series - Dir. Allana Convey : Gaffer | Colourist
  • If Only (Spec Commercial) - Dir. Taysha McFarland : Director of Photography
  • ActiWeight Commercial : Colourist
  • The Siege feature film - Dir. Stu Stanton (In Production) : Gaffer | 1st AC | Camera Operator
  • Winner Music Video : Director of Photography
  • Joanna - Dir. Cyril Meyer : Director of Photography | Colourist
  • Ten flights - Dir. Matt Williams : Director of Photography | Colourist
  • Death by Bloom - Dir. Clement Soo |VCA : 2nd AC
  • Oaktree (Non-profit org) : Campaigns Videographer
  • Wantin Sizzle Reel : 2nd AC
  • Pludo Music Videos : 2nd Cam Op | Colourist
  • Eldafyre - Islands in Mind BTS music video : Director | Editor
  • What's Left Web-series (In production) : Director of photography
  • Madeline Chaplain - Mindless Mess Music Video : 1st AC | Gaffer
  • Meet the Makers TV Pilot : Camera Assistant
  • Space Tourist Films: Eldafyre Music Video : BTS Videographer
  • Method TV Series - Blond Skye Productions : Gaffer | 1st/ 2nd Camera Assistant
  • Face Time : Director, Editor
  • Borders of the Imagination (Post - Pro) : 1st Camera Assistant, Best Boy Grip
  • JMAdvertising : Part Time Corporate Video Editor
  • Chicken Men : Colour Grader
  • The Coffin : Colour Grader
  • Sweet Poison Feature Film (Post-Production) : Colourist
  • Black and White : Production Assistant
  • Youthful Fuckery : Editor | Colourist
  • The Cleaner (Post-Production) : 1st A.D, Editor, Colour Grader
  • TheTreehouse Youtube Production Group : Co-Founder, Director, Editor and anything in-between
  • The Healing Process : Sound Recordist, Boom Operator
  • Boots : Editor, Colour Grader
  • Midnight Snack : Editor, Colour Grader, BTS Photographer
  • After Hours : Director, Editor
  • Thread : 1st A.D, Editor, Color Grader, Sound Designer

Film & Stage Crew

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Post Production & Editing ability


I've been a camera assistant and gaffer on mainly narrative fictional short films and features but I am starting to shift towards shooting more of my own projects and working as a DOP. At the same time I have always coloured my own projects and now do colour grading for other films and commercials. I can also guide you through the post-production process from editing to exporting for colour grading and also delivery for online distribution. I work best in a collaborative environment and will always help out where I can.
I work really well in a team but if necessary I can operate alone setting up the camera and lights for smaller sets.
My personal camera is the Blackmagic 4K Production Camera but I have worked with the FS7, REDs and Arri before. For colour grading I use Da Vinci Resolve Studio.


Photography experience

Full-time professional (paid work)

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