Patrick Coughlan-Allen

Film producer / Manager, Lighting Crew Member, Runner / Assistant, Camera Operator, Editor / Post Production Staffer,… more

Cardiff, United Kingdom
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11 months ago

Credits & experience

  • "The Adventurists field video" : Editor
  • "Wales Live" : Assistant steady camera operator
  • "Overs" : Runner / 3rd assistant director
  • "Graduation ceremony" : Camera operator
  • "Graduation ceremony" : Camera operator
  • "Anti-Bullying debate" : Head Camera operator

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I have worked as a runner many times along with directing, and undertaken 3rd Assistant Director, camera operator and sound roles. I wanted to know how to do all roles so I can be versatile and I am just generally curious! I am a driven person with a lot of energy.
In terms of direct experience I worked as a runner for “ffilmcymruwales” through their “Foot in the Door” scheme on a production called “Overs” which was shown on the BBC. Half way through the day people realised the dedication I was showing and moved me up to 3rd Assistant Director. (I relish job roles in which I have responsibly so I stepped up when asked.) I also worked as an assistant to a steady camera operator on “BBC Wales Live”. This just added to my determination and passion to get out and work full time in the industry.
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