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London, United Kingdom
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I believe you can never really call yourself a film-maker until you've made at least a dozen crap films. (And some good ones obviously)
I am a film maker :)

Girlfriends (2008)
Muse (2009)
Anorexia (2015)
Beethoven Burst (2010)
Bitte Ballerina (2012)
Dance of the corpse (2011)
Last of the summer sun (2013)
Blades (2013)

Plus countless music videos, corporate videos (Hey, they pay the bills)


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I've photographed so many interesting people over the years, I love portraits and fashion/art portraits. Over the years Ive photographed HRH Prince Harry, Stephen Fry, Joss Stone, and lots of very interesting folks. But I would say film-making is still my greatest passion.

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