Peter Mitchell

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South Australia, Australia
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Physical Attributes

177 cm / 5ft 10in
104 kg / 228 lbs
White / Caucasian
109 cm / 43 in
Skin color:
91 cm / 36 in
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Feature Film: No Worries : Mr Maclean
  • Short Film- Dreamstate : Detective
  • Feature Film: No Worries : Mr McClean
  • Airport (Short Film) : Extra- Passenger
  • Refinancier Ad : Consumer
  • Warpath Episode : Guard 4
  • Sailing South- Theatre Show : Judge Eustice/Captain Eustice
  • Bad Thoughts: Feature Film : David- Co Starring
  • Short Film: The Politican : Office Worker
  • Warpath (Web series)- 2 EPISODES : Guard- Extra/Featured Extra roles
  • Short Film: Sardonic Smile : Gary- backpacker
  • CLAIR DE LUNE: (Short Film) : Extra- Church Goer
  • I AM DELTA (Feature Film) : Church Goer
  • DNA Press Play (You Tube)- 3 EPISODES : Thug
  • Choices (Feature film) : Peter (Small support)
  • SF: Psychic : Gary
  • SF: Punchline : Co-star- Mitch
  • SF: The Sad Bag : Extra- Cafe patron
  • Short film: Knuckles : Thug/betting spectator
  • GABRIEL (Feature) : Coroner Jack Mitchell
  • Short Film: The First Date : Featured extra- Sick minded patron- tongue eater
  • Kokoda play : Numerous background V.O'S- Aussie, Japanese soldiers
  • Music video- La Couer : Strange masked man
  • SF: The Plan : John- semi professional thief/sociopath
  • SF: Recovery : Davo
  • SF: Dysfunctional : Tom
  • SF: Ghost Bully : John
  • Short Film: Keys To Business Success : Extra- Pssser by
  • Dust- Web mini series : Bounty hunter
  • Mask drop campaign : Myself
  • SF: The Church Girl (Youtube) : Adam
  • Youtube SF: Getta : Man in black- Sean
  • SF: She Vengeance : Cameron
  • Short Film: Legacy : John-coach
  • SF: We Were Friends : Radley
  • SF: Help Me : Davo
  • SF: Honey : Milo: Pimp
  • SF: Three : Jerold- estranged husband/stalker
  • SF: The Gift (The Delilah Davies Show) : John
  • SF: The Lover (The Delilah Davies Show) : Joe
  • Feature: Camman : Goon
  • SF: One A.M. (The Delilah Davies Show) : Drunk 2
  • SF: The Answer (The Delilah Davies Show) : Thug 2
  • SF: Peace of Mind (The Deilah Davies Show) : Mike
  • SF: Reticent : Extra- beer patron
  • Judgement-feature film : Thug
  • Short Film for future Youtube channel- Eve : Stephen
  • Starshine Variety Show: FRINGE : 4 Skits-Neil-GoingOut/Charles-Channel Surfing/Bob-Movies/Albert-Riding School
  • SF: Five More Minutes- The Delilah Davies Show : Jack
  • SF: Circei And Morai- The Oswald Yarvis Show : Ronny-mental patient
  • Getting it: short film: The Delilah Davies Show : various characters
  • SF: Paranoia : Jack
  • Short Film: Mrs Johnson : John
  • The Cure : Parnell
  • SF: Borr (The Oswald Yarvis Show) : John
  • SF: You're Gonna Explode (The Oswald Yarvis Show) : George
  • SF: The Dream (The Oswald Yarvis Show) : Ronny
  • SF: Guilty Or Not Guilty (The Oswald Yarvis Show) : Rick Baddman
  • SF: Sell The Dog (The Oswald Yarvis Show) : Jim
  • Short Film- Happy New Year : Suggestive male client- Mr Johnson
  • SF: Who Killed Rochelle Ryan (The Oswald Yarvis Show)RBVIS : Henry
  • SF: Who Created Mankind (The Oswald Yarvis Show)HE : Darren
  • SF: It's A Miracle (The Oswald Yarvis Show) : Eddie
  • SF: Nurse Lizzie And The Witches (The Oswald Yarvis Show) : Penright
  • SF: The Way I Feel (The Oswald Yarvis Show) : Chris
  • SF: The Strange Woman (The Oswald Yarvis Show) : Dr Moore
  • SF: Who Is That (The Oswald Yarvis Show) : Vince
  • SF: The Receipt (The Oswald Yarvis Show) : Lead: Charlie Baines- con man
  • SF: The Therapist (The Oswald Yarvis Show) : Dick Head
  • The Oswald Yarvis Show (SF: I'm Reporting You) : Mick
  • SF: The Sayonce (The Oswald Yarvis Show) : Mike Pike
  • SF: The Room (The Oswald Yarvis Show) : Jebb
  • Short Film-Third Law : Priest
  • SF: Madness in the house (The Oswald Yarvis Show) : Mr Broadstock
  • SF: It wasn't me (The Oswald Yarvis Show) : Bobby
  • Forgotten Past 2 SF: (The Oswald Yarvis Show) : Bevan
  • SF: People In The Mirror (The Oswald Yarvis Show) : Jed
  • The Trapped : Jack Jamieson-wife abuser
  • SF: The Perfect Smell- The Oswald Yarvis Show : Lead: Seargeant
  • SF: Nurse Lizzie- The Oswald Yarvis Show : Dr Brynn- Infatuated doctor/Penright- a gay son of Lizzies'
  • Tricks: SF: The Oswald Yarvis Show : Bobby
  • The Daisy Sisters-Theatre Show/Adelaide Fringe : Father Tom/Wally
  • SF: Virus Infection-The Oswald Yarvis Show : Bob: jealous ex boyfriend
  • SF: Wake Up: The Oswald Yarvis Show : Vood
  • SF: Pythia (The Oswald Yarvis Show) : Peter
  • SF: The Cure (The Oswald Yarvis Show) : Mr Wilson
  • SF: Yesterday-The Oswald Yarvis Show : David-creepy, dirty inn keeper
  • Warwick : Nothing ever happens SF: The Oswald Yarvis Show
  • SF: Vampire Leaves:The Oswald Yarvis Show : Rex Levi- arrogant tv reporter
  • Greed: SF: The Oswald Yarvis Show : Wayland
  • SF: The Wolfman: The Oswald Yarvis Show : Paul
  • The Oswald Yasrvis Show: SF: Mr Purgeous's Pies : Alf
  • The Oswald Yarvis Show: SF: Sick And Tired : Brad
  • Angry: SF: The Oswald Yarvis Show : Angry team leader: Josh
  • The Oswald Yarvis Show: Short Film: Recognition : Lenny
  • Crazy: SF: The oswald Yarvis show : Marty, Thomas, Alien 2
  • Oswald Yarvis Show SF: The Tribe : Lead: Cult leader
  • SF: Illusion- Oswald Yarvis Show : Peter-loud spectator
  • Short Film: Agent Malice : Thug
  • SF: The World Is Going To End Tommorow (Oswald Yarvis Show) D. Charles Burke : Peter
  • SF: The Waiting Room (The Oswald Yarvis Show) D: Trevor Fleming : Steve Brack
  • SF: Miss De dee (The Oswald Yarvis Show) Dir Trevor Feming : Bobby
  • Mrs Sneezebee and The Snuppets : Toby the puppet
  • SF-Walk Tall : Bob
  • SF-Brothers Of Blood : Jack Howard
  • SF-Devil's Quiz- The Oswald Yarvis Show : Mano-Game show voice over
  • Short Film: Short Drop, Quick Stop : Lead- Suicidal Man
  • Short Circuit: 60 second short film : Peter-an exercise student Director: Trevor Fleming
  • SF: The Imposter-The Oswald Yarvis Show : Caleb
  • SF: Forgotten Past-The Oswald Yarvis Show : George
  • Dave 2 : Dave
  • SF-Unlucky For Some-Oswald Yarvis Show : Ted
  • SF: Entry To Hell (The Oswald Yarvis Show) : Devil
  • Lester 2 : Meterman's brother
  • Scene 17 : Antonio Gennaro-film director
  • Beyond The Tome : Lance Northcott-Opposition leader
  • Raising The Devil-Oswald Yarvis show : Pasquele
  • To Habit Or Not To Habit : Chester- maintenance man
  • Short film-Betrayed : Alan- rich insecure office worker
  • Connect Me : Jack-abusive father
  • Short Film-Phonecall/Delilah Davies Show-Episode 67 : Michael-A corpse (murdered husband)
  • Short Film-Lester/Oswald Yarvis Show : A curt meterman
  • Dreams of Revelry-Short Film : Glen-Idiot brother of a groom
  • Short film- Dave/Delilah Davies Show : Dave- mentally ill, agorophobic loner who hears voices
  • JD Issues episode 2 : Waiter
  • creepy crawly pop clip : 2 stalkers
  • short film-Dr Hatchett : lead-Doctor Hatchett
  • short film-TIGHT ROPE/Delilah Davies Show-Oswald Yarvis segment : Jim
  • IMMENA : Vampire killer
  • Ray'n Bow : Goon
  • Rage-Pop Clip-To The Motel : Serial Killer
  • Ghost Hunter (In Production) : Mr Moore,short fused agency Boss
  • The Sound of Music : Herr Zeller A Nazi Dictator
  • One Eyed Girl : Extra - Cult Member
  • Oklahoma : Supporting Actor- Slim a farmer
  • Delilah Davies Show : Comedy Samuel Smart
  • Just a Little Music Variety Show : Chorus Skits Boorish Husband
  • Blood Love Film : Supporting Actor- Tom
  • The World is Going To End Film : Lead Peter a workaholic
  • Star Struck Variety Show : Chorus Skit- would be rocker
  • Sound of Music : Herr Zeller A Nazi Dictator
  • The Pirate Show : Supporting Actor-Pirate
  • Actors Ink : Beginners to pro development
  • Sleeping Beauty : Male Lead-Peter Perfectus
  • Songs In Frocks : Chorus and various parts
  • Cinderella : Male Lead Prince William
  • Sleeping Beauty : 2007 Sleeping Beauty- Male Lead.
  • Zero waste ad : corrupt businessman
  • Hotel De Barton : Extra-Renovator
  • Bank S.A. ad : A photographed back of head in an audience
  • Mawson Lakes ad : Extra-dining patron
  • short film-Cat : Extra-cafe patron
  • Breaking Point (Feature film) : Wallace
  • A few short films through Mighty Good : Extra roles
  • Spank : Extra
  • Student video : Matt Tonezzi-Injured Mitsubishi worker
  • Tracks of Glory : Extra-spectator
  • Captain Johnno : Extra-church member


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English

  • Australian

I have completed various Acting training Courses, the last three at Actors Ink, before that, two at Ann Peter's school of acting. From playing extras in Captain Johnno (1987) and Tracks Of Glory (1991) to being a supporting actor in two features, Ben Warner's Breaking Point (2000) where I played a stressed out suicide victim, and in Blood Love (2011), as the husband of a wife who's been abducted by a devil worshipper, a much stronger character here, I have had a few other smaller successes in between. As for the end of last year, I played one of the cult members in the upcoming dark film, One Eyed Girl, where this year I was lucky enough to be in a pop clip video for rage, called "To The Motel" where incidentally I played a serial killer, which I do admit was a lot of fun, as I really went outside of myself here, with this pathetic and unstable character. You can also see me in many episodes of The Delilah Davies Show, playing an assorted of cooky characters, from a snooty best selling author, to a gay driving instructor. I've also started work on another show, Ghost Hunter, where I play the head of a ghost hunting agency, who tends to have a short fuse, when it comes to his dimwit, knitting loving associate. For me, it's a more mature role, which I do relish. I'm also playing a cheating husband in this, who gets to his throat cut, where he comes back as a ghost. It's directed my friend, Charles Burke, who wrote the much disturbing watch, Blood Love. I also played the head Nazi, Hezz Zeller in The Sound Of Music for the second time, back in March, where I really savored the moment with this character of authority. It's probably the character I've most enjoyed playing. I also write film scripts, where I am in the hope of one day, selling one, where currently I'm penning an ultra violent flick, centred around school bullying, It gives me a lot of pleasure as does acting. Sometimes it's an adrenaline ride for me, depending on the role and circumstance. It's fun, but it's hard work too, where you always have to give it your all. For me, acting is basically manipulating the unconscious. I am in the hope, of one day selling one, where currently I've penning an ultra violent flick, centred around school bullying.


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles


Modeling experience

Beginner, starting out


Clint Eastwood was my inspiration for becoming an actor. What inspires me, is stories about great actors, and the struggles they faced earlier in their careers, getting doors kicked in their faces or rejection. But great actor's acting is what really makes me stand back, and really learn to apply my craft, discovering what real and great acting is. To be an actor, you have to be commited, and put in the work, and face a lot of rejection. It sucks, I know, but if you can't face rejection, you shouldn't be an actor.


TV presenter experience

No previous TV presenter experience

Radio presenter experience

No previous Radio presenter experience

  • English

  • Australian

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