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Victoria, Australia


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Philip was fantastic to work with, Elizabeth had no trouble following his direction. She loved the role she was cast in, the interesting and different story line. 100% recommend. 

Recommended for Writing or Directing Nov 18, 2020

I had such a positive experience working with Philip. The team he brought together for the short film were all the best at what they do, friendly, approachable and a lot of fun. Everyone gave me the space and time I needed to get into the zone for each scene. There was great communication of schedule and what was needed from me. I was always asked if I was OK and taken great care of. Even the catering was customised to my personal ketosis diet and there was lots available and within reach.

Recommended for Writing or Directing Nov 18, 2020

Brilliant director. A joy to work with.

Recommended for Casting Feb 1, 2020

Very professional Director and always on point when directing the scene/s. Knew what he wanted in the scene/s and made sure to wrangle everyone to where they needed to be. Has the makings of a incredibly talented Director and DOP.

Recommended for Writing or Directing May 27, 2019

great to work with,knew exactly what he wanted on set,got the best out of us all

Recommended for Casting Dec 5, 2018

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Philip is very experienced in post-production, editing, color grading and green screen. Highly recomended.

Recommended for Post Production & Editing Jun 2, 2018

I am not a 'technical' filmmaker so Philip was great at assisting me with that side of the filmmaking . He was friendly and easy to work with. An added bonus was using his high standard equipment. I was able to realize my vision and this was often enhanced by his skill.

Recommended for Film & Stage Crew Apr 4, 2018

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Phil earlier today on the set of "Life's Mapped Out" and was incredibly impressed by his attention to detail, level of experience, willingness to provide useful advice / expert mentorship, and general friendly nature. I even got the opportunity to be a boom operator for the first time under his tutelage, which was a true privilege. Truly looking forward to working with Phil again in the future.

Recommended for Acting Feb 25, 2018

Great Profile, Highly Recommend!

Recommended for Film & Stage Crew Feb 19, 2018

Great working with Philip. Thorough professional

Recommended for TV & Reality Oct 16, 2017

Philip is a great DOP, highly knowledgeable and a real asset to have on set. His suggestions and experience brought a great deal to the production. Highly recommended!

Recommended for Photography Sep 29, 2017

Philip is a highly skilled professional and a breeze to work alongside. Highly recommended.

Recommended for TV & Reality Sep 21, 2017

Great director and cinematographer! I wish you all the very best in all of your projects!

Recommended for Photography Aug 31, 2017

I highly recommend Philip for his creativity and great talent with Versatility!

Recommended for Film & Stage Crew Aug 28, 2017

This guy is on point ????????

Recommended for Photography Aug 12, 2017

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Phillip was fantastic to work with. Very professional from start to finish. He is passionate about his work and has a lot of great ideas on how to get the best shots in every scene.

Recommended for TV & Reality Aug 8, 2017

Philip is without a doubt the hardest working man in show business. When I met Philip I instantly knew I wanted to work with him. He is so attentive and a mastermind behind the lens. He Directed my web series, he was the DOP/Cinematographer and also took on the editing. He did it ALL! We shot over 6 days and nights, he was always on his A game and always did it with a smile. I cant stress enough how incredibly talented and amazing he is. We had deadlines that he just did even though he was flat chat. I am incredibly blessed to have Philip on my team and without him none of this would've been possible. Our series has been killing it nationally and internationally and its all thanks to Philip. Looking forward to working with him ongoing. His quality of work speaks for itself and that shows how much love he puts into it. Passion is his art! Philip you are AMAZING!!! His rating is an endless A

Recommended for Film & Stage Crew Aug 7, 2017

StarNow Verified

Efficient, professional and good know how of equipment. Fantastic to work with!

Recommended for Film & Stage Crew Aug 5, 2017

What a nice change to work with people , that is , Philip, on a set that manage the things efficiently. Philip did what a director should do! Things went very smoothly on a recent film shoot in which I was the stills photographer. Attention to details, care courteous to staff , crew and the talent. This should be the defacto standard on film / photography assignments. Look forward to the next project with Philip

Recommended for Film & Stage Crew Jul 24, 2017

Very professional, talented and a visionary director. Philip has been a pleasure to work with and has been very open to sharing his knowledge and skills over his 17 year career. His eye for detail coupled with a genuine care for both the art along with the cast and crew makes for an amazing production. Look forward to working with Phil again soon.

Recommended for Casting Jul 23, 2017