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CP = Casting Professional

Adam was the DOP on my debut short film and I couldn't have asked for a better person to work with. Adam has a natural ability to communicate his vision and worked really well with the Director. He put in hours of his own time and had all his own gear. I’m so grateful that he chose to work on my production and I highly recommend him if you are looking for someone with a keen eye for Cinematography. I hope that Adam and I can work together again in the future.

Recommended for Camera Operator Mar 21, 2019

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Adam on my short film, where he played a long-suffering boyfriend. He's a dedicated and friendly actor, with a true passion for the craft, and he brought a great enthusiasm to the set.

Recommended for Actor Jul 26, 2018

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Worked with Adam on what I believe what was his directorial debut, and he hit the ground running. Was so impressed by the level of commitment and professionalism that he brought to the work. He is patient, generous and passionate, and makes those around him feel empowered to go out on a limb. I was lucky to work with Adam so early in my career and am still riding the wave of his deeply positive influence on me. He's a hell of a guy with a huge heart!

Recommended for Actor Mar 11, 2018

I had the privilege of working with Adam on his film project and he was only inspiring. He is incredibly motivated and knows exactly how to achieve his goals. As a director he had a clear vision whilst also being open and giving which created a comfortable working environment. As a trained actor himself, Adam knew how to help actors to reach their full potential.

Recommended for Actor Mar 8, 2018

Adam is a passionate and committed artist with a deep focus on continually improving his craft. He is also extremely generous when working with others and maintains a positive, can-do attitude that inspires fellow collaborators to create the best work possible.

Recommended for Actor Mar 7, 2018

Adam is an awesome guy to work with. Dedicated. Passionate, focused and very professional. Ive worked on a few sets with Adam and hes a great person on and off the camera! Always great to work with him and look forward to working with him again be it in front or behind the camera in the future!

Recommended for Actor Mar 7, 2018

I worked with Adam on a short film he had written and was also shooting and directing. Throughout the whole process he was so lovely and communicative. He provided a comfortable and collaborative environment to go along with a professional, positive and inspiring set. I would happily work with Adam on anything at the drop of a hat - talented, stand-up guy.

Recommended for Actor Mar 6, 2018

Relentless passion and drive to achieve the ultimate expression of his art. I first met Adam as an actor at a wrestling event where he truly enveloped his character, delivering an amazing performance that made me believe that he was actually who he was playing...until I was told he was actually an actor. Lol I've had the pleasure of watching Adam on other film sets where he has directed and he not only displays professionalism in his craft but goes above and beyond to enable actors to truly realise what the actors want and need to achieve in playing their characters within the scene. It was and is a pleasure to have worked with Adam and hope to continue to do so in the future.

Recommended for Actor Mar 5, 2018

Highly recommend Adam as a Director,Actor,Producer and Photographer. Have worked with Adam in a short film and found him extremely professional and charismatic. Adam did a photo shoot with me and created some awesome headshots and portraits which have helped in my career. Very genuine man who would be an asset to work with .

Recommended for Actor Mar 4, 2018

Adam's passion for cinematography and creativity is remarkable, and he is a great guy to work with. If you have an idea, he'll be more than happy to work with you on it.

Recommended for Actor Mar 4, 2018

Adam is a awesome well rounded actor who I also soon to discover also had a talent behind the camera as well! Since first meeting him through star now to play a role in one of my short films we have worked on multiple productions and could not be more happier with the work and professionalism he has put into all the projects.

Recommended for Actor Jan 16, 2018

Adam is a great director. Ability to teach, commands and gets the best out of his cast and crew and a natural leader are some qualities I like about working with Adam. On top of that, he's friendly and brings his awesome and fiercely passionate vibe each time which inspires me to do more with each take. Highly recommend working with him.

Recommended for Actor Oct 8, 2017

Adam is a talented Actor, I hope to work with him in a movie.

Recommended for Actor Aug 15, 2017

An actor to watch out for.Highly recommended.

Recommended for Actor Mar 3, 2017

Adam was great to work with during two projects today (a promotional video at the MCG, as well as "Santa Interrogation"), and displays a tremendous amount of professionalism, which shows through with his experience in the industry. He responded to direction extremely well at the promotional video, as a casted member, and showed great adaptability in various roles and positions throughout the shoot. On extremely short notice at the "Santa Interrogation" shoot later in the day, Adam was able to switch roles from photography to actor when a casted actor was a no-show, and he was able to complete the part effortlessly and to full effect. Adam is a true gentleman that you can easily develop a genuine rapport with very quickly and I look forward to working with him again in the future.

Recommended for Actor Dec 18, 2016

Adam was an absolute brilliant pleasure to work with. Comfortable on camera. Takes direction well. And he's got a fantastic attitude on set.

Recommended for Actor Dec 18, 2016

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Very enthusiastic and passionate performer. Highly recommend for work. Wont be able to find much better than this.

Recommended for Casting Nov 19, 2016

Great actor to work with, very dedicated and a great performer

Recommended for Actor Nov 14, 2016

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Adam was fantastic to work alongside! He is a great actor, bringing a wealth of knowledge along on set. Super talented and seriously funny aswell! Definitely recommended!

Recommended for Actor Nov 9, 2016

Adam has a distinct presence when acting. He has the ability to deliver lines with passion and feeling. Further, Adam is very professional in his approach and is an absolute pleasure to work with.

Recommended for Actor Jun 27, 2016

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