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Yolandi organized a charity event which I was a part of. She's very well organized, effective, easy going and kind. It was a pleasure to work with her.

Recommended for Casting Jun 16, 2014

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Working with Yolandi is like chocolate topping on ice-cream, a total treat. I had the pleasure to be a photographer of her charity event and thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. She is not only a fabulous event organiser but also an amazingly beautiful person inside out. I would highly recommend Yolandi to anyone seeking an extremely organised, respectful casting professional.

Recommended for Casting Jun 15, 2014

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Wonderful, beautiful and all-round a sweet-heart.

Recommended for Actor Jun 4, 2014

Yolandi is one of those people that can turn their hand to pretty much anything and do it with flair!

Recommended for Casting Jun 2, 2014

Yolandi is a great talent to have on set. Fulfilling various roles I was lucky enough to work with her on a photo shoot and learn from her experience in the field!

Recommended for Actor Mar 21, 2014

Thanks for your professionalism Yolandi. It has been a pleasure having you represent my agency. Many thanks. Bianca

Recommended for Model Mar 10, 2014

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Yolandi was wonderful to work for. Her friendly manner and professionalism made the day a success!

Recommended for Casting Mar 6, 2014

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Highly recommended .

Recommended for Casting Nov 16, 2013

yolandi was very supportive and helpful. Loved working for her.

Recommended for Casting Oct 16, 2013

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Yolandi was thoroughly professional and made everything perfectly clear for the models; of course the day also ran very smoothly. She is an absolute pleasure to work with, and hope we have the chance to do so again very soon!

Recommended for Casting Oct 14, 2013

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Yolandi is fantastic to work with. I always have a great time when I work with her.

Recommended for Casting Sep 14, 2013

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It is always a pleasure working with Yolandi. A very talented Professional.

Recommended for Casting Sep 11, 2013

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Nice to work with. Like and appreciate your professionalism.

Recommended for Actor Sep 3, 2013

Yolanda is an extremely talented individual. Multi tasks and an asset to any production. Yolanda comes highly recommended by myself and other industry professionals. A delight to work with and highly motivated.

Recommended for Casting Sep 3, 2013

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Yolandi was lovely to work with on set. She got on well with everyone and played her part well. I would definitely recommend her.

Recommended for Actor Aug 24, 2013

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Beautiful, articulate and professional. Marisa loved working with and for her and wants to work with her again.

Recommended for Actor Jul 21, 2013

Yolandi is a natural in front of the camera, and also the sort of person you want on set. Whilst always maintaining her bright and friendly personality, she is professional in every aspect of production - on screen and off. From communication, taking direction, making creative decisions and working within tight schedules. Yolandi has a natural and enchanting screen presence, and has the ability to bring life to a character in such diverse situations, no matter the role. She is passionate and dedicated in the execution and preparation to her performance. Her experience in the industry is present in every aspect of her application to her work. I would not hesitate to hire Yolandi again for any production.

Recommended for Actor May 20, 2013

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Yolandi is a seasoned and very talented actor. She takes direction well and is a pleasure to work with. She is very hardworking and put in the time to learn her lines and nailed it on set - Looking forward to working with Yolandi again.

Recommended for Actor May 14, 2013

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A devoted actor who goes further than anybody. Enjoyed working along with you, Yolandi.

Recommended for Actor Apr 10, 2013

I really enjoyed working with Yolanda team. Very well organized shoot.

Recommended for Casting Apr 9, 2013

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