Jay Harley

Jay Harley

New South Wales, Australia


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Jay was wonderful from the beginning; really read our casting brief well and sent us a perfect audition. On shoot day she arrived early and prepared and gave us exactly what we wanted. A pleasure to work with.

Recommended for Actor Nov 3, 2019

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What an Exceptional Person and so much Talent.... Uno #1 Also Great with children ... xo

Recommended for Actor Mar 14, 2019

Jay was great to work with she has a friendly patient approach to her cast and crew and a great sense of humour which helped create a wonderful atmosphere on set.Her organisational skills are impressive and appreciated and very thorough. I'd love to work with her any day. Such a blessing to work with such talent. Thank you

Recommended for Casting Mar 6, 2019

It was a pleasure working for Jay's short films. She was easy to work with and gave great direction where needed. Her writing for our parts was excellent and felt real. I feel grateful for being selected for a variety of roles with her films and having the opportunity to work alongside my peers also well selected. Thank you, Jay!

Recommended for Casting Mar 3, 2019

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Jay was lovely to work with. She was welcoming, patient and very professional. She was also great with her communication - quick and clear responses. I would definitely work with her again given the opportunity to.

Recommended for Writer / Director Feb 11, 2019

Just an absolute pleasure to work with. Always willing to answer questions.

Recommended for Writer / Director Feb 10, 2019

I have had the pleasure of working with Jay on many occasions.She is a consummate professional and a very versatile actress. She is always on time and comes prepared for her role. Jay is also a talented editor, writer, producer, director and caricaturist. She has great vision, a good eye for detail and gives clear directions. She is bubbly and fun to work with and have on set.I would recommend Jay for any project and would not hesitate working with her again.

Recommended for Actor Jan 24, 2019

Jay was such a delight to work with. Her sense of humour kept us laughing all day, while her acting ability was superb. If you want to hire an actor who gets every take in one, hire Jay!

Recommended for Actor Oct 16, 2018

An amazingly talented writer director cinematographer and editor . Always be amazed how committed and organized she is. She has a great sense of humour and makes acting in her production a very fun experience

Recommended for Casting Jun 25, 2018

Always an absolute pleasure when I get casted for any of Jays sets. She's always very professional, helpful, organised with all call sheet times and such an amazing talented lady. She pays most attention and detail to every single person she has on her set, and is always very hospitable. Would recommend Jay in a heartbeat to any production, as a director/producer actor. Love all the times I've been most priveledged to be casted on her sets.

Recommended for Casting Jun 18, 2018

I have been cast by and subsequently worked with Jay twice now and would not hesitate to do it again. Her productions are organised, professional and a lot of fun to be part of. Jay herself is vibrant, talented and bursting with ideas. A pleasure to work for.

Recommended for Casting Jun 17, 2018

Director, producer, actor

Recommended for Film & Stage Crew Jun 17, 2018

This lady really stands out and leaps off the page, as well as in real life; if I were a casting director looking for an actor, this lady would be top of my list [unless I was casting Bride of Frankenstein, of course].

Recommended for Actor Jun 5, 2018

Jay was such a pleasure to work with. She is an incredibly generous actress who is as invested in the final film as the production crew. Jay has a warm personality and takes direction very well. She is very collaborative in her approach, but also has great ideas to offer in regards to how she interprets the character. I would definitely work with her again and would recommend her for any film production.

Recommended for Actor Apr 15, 2018

Very professional and great to work with.

Recommended for Actor Mar 23, 2018

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Jay has an amazing repertoire, a wealth of talent a huge amount of experience in her craft. Jay is highly recommended for any role that may suit her.

Recommended for Actor Feb 1, 2018

Jay totally nailed the brief. Great to work with someone who is not only creative but can also strike the right balance of real world'. Her turnaround time, was, exceptional. I would not hesitate to recommend her and look forward to working with her again. Janice Dance The Wheat loss revolution

Recommended for Film & Stage Crew Aug 18, 2016

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Jay is a truly lovely lady, who is versatile and has many talents, not just acting but production too. She was helpful, patient and reliable. I would love to have her on future productions, and can recommend her to everyone.

Recommended for Actor Jul 3, 2016

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It was great working with Jay. Lots of fun, young spirit and professionalism. Looking forward to the next video.

Recommended for Casting Jul 16, 2014

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I casted Jay for a small part in a short film. She was really easy to communicate and punctual. It was a really good experience to work with her.

Recommended for Actor Jul 14, 2014

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