Helen Kim

Helen Kim

New South Wales, Australia


CP = Casting Professional

I recently did a portrait shoot with Helen. She is very professional, reliable and is easy to work with. I would highly recommend her.

Recommended for Model Dec 4, 2018

Helen was wonderful to work with, very positive and bubbly energy. Brought a lot of comedy and insight to the scenes we were performing together. Looking forward to working with Helen again

Recommended for Actor Apr 24, 2018

Helen Kim is a delight and pleasure to work with. Helen was our lead recently in My Carer. I have not met anyone like Helen before, she is extraordinary. Helen embodied the role of Mai Kang in My Carer with a gracefulness and sensibility never seen before in my entire film, TV and theatre years of experience. There is an aura and presence about Helen I cannot describe to you unless you meet and work with her. She is genuine, kind, decent and as an actor an absolute professional. I have met many people in the arts (film & theatre), but no one quite like her, she is special kind of human being and is forever in our hearts as the character she portrayed Mai Kang. It has been an honour to work and know Helen. We need more Helen Kim’s out there in the world. Sam Cosentino (artistic director & producer) Walk Now Productions.

Recommended for Extra Jan 24, 2018

Think of an upbeat and lively character and you will find Helen is a perfect fit. She has great projection in her voice and can easily warm up to people. So I don't risk typecasting her, it should also be noted that in the brief moments she was given, Helen dialled back her chipper personality and delivered a concerned and serious tone.

Recommended for Actor Dec 6, 2017

Helen has an extremely lively and bubbly personality that makes working with her so enjoyable. It shows in her work as she is a natural on screen.

Recommended for Actor Nov 5, 2017

Helen takes direction well and can adapt her acting style on the fly to bring a sense of realism to a character.

Recommended for Actor Oct 13, 2017

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Very reliable and punctual. Also a very friendly person easy to talk to.

Recommended for Model Oct 5, 2017

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Helen was a pleasure to work with. She takes direction well and is both cordial and professionally minded. I hope to get the chance to work with her again.

Recommended for Actor Jul 3, 2017

Helen is awesome and we really appreciated having her along :)

Recommended for Actor Jun 30, 2017

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Helen at all times was enthusiastic, professional, friendly and supportive as both an actor and backstage crew during the rehearsals and performances of "Through the Valley " . It was a pleasure and honour to work with her.

Recommended for Model Jun 27, 2017

Helen was an absolute joy to direct and work with in 'Through the Valley'. She worked hard on her character, Michal, and had dialogue learnt early on in rehearsals and always came prepared with some great offers. Not only is she stunningly beautiful - Helen is also a lovely and well rounded person who lights up any room she is in. Any director would be fortunate to have her work on their project.

Recommended for Actor Jun 27, 2017

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Helen was a joy to have on set! Her acting was perfect and she was always laughing and smiling with my crew. An absolute pleasure working with her and I hope we can collaborate again in the future!

Recommended for Actor Jun 16, 2017

So easy to work with - a natural.

Recommended for Actor Jun 6, 2017

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It was a pleasure working with Helen on my short film, 'Following Iris'. She was extremely reliable and professional on set. I would definitely recommend her and I would love to collaborate with her again in the future. Thank you again for your support ~ Julie

Recommended for Actor Jun 3, 2017

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Recommended for Actor Apr 9, 2018

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Recommended for Actor Mar 14, 2018

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Recommended for Actor Feb 12, 2018

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Recommended for Actor Nov 26, 2017

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Recommended for Actor Jul 11, 2017

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