Nathan Hill

Nathan Hill Pro

Victoria, Australia


CP = Casting Professional

Professional, friendly and passionate filmmaker who does everything he can for his actors, his films and the Australian film industry

Recommended for Casting 7:29 am

Whether it be in Casting, Directing, Acting and/or Producer. Nathan definitely shines in any role he is assigned too! Has keen eye for excellence and strives to get the best result possible!

Recommended for Casting May 24, 2018

Nathan is not your typical Casting Director, Director, Writer, Producer, Actor. He is the most versatile industry professional i know and can wear each hat and give 200%. I have worked with Nathan on numerous projects and his professionalism and relationship building is second to none. He has such a unique approach on everything he sets his mind too. Nathan is one of the only people i can gladly say after 10 years of working together is one of the best.

Recommended for Casting May 23, 2018

Writer, director, actor you name it. Nathan is a man of many talents and he excels at everything he does. I have worked with Nathan numerous times doing makeup on his movies and I'd gladly work with him again in the future. Thank you for the opportunities you have given to me =)

Recommended for Writer & Director May 23, 2018

Nathan is not just a brilliant writer, producer, director, but also an amazing actor... very professional and remarkable talented! So pleased and lucky to get cast on one of his feature film and worked along side him, couldn't ask more!

Recommended for Writer & Director May 23, 2018

Nathan enjoys all aspects of making films. He has an easy going nature and has a reputation for being polite and respectful to everyone he works with.

Recommended for Casting May 23, 2018

Amazing person to work with! Highly recommended to all.

Recommended for Actor May 23, 2018

Nathan is professional in anything he does. He is amazing to work with and extremely talented, with great communication and people skills

Recommended for Casting May 23, 2018

Casting Professional, Director, Writer, Actor - is there anything Nathan can't do and do brilliantly? Professional, on-the-ball, considerate of his actors and crew, he is such a joy to work with and I look forward to doing so again.

Recommended for Casting May 23, 2018

Nate is an amazing casting professional. He truly cares about your path and is invested in your growth

Recommended for Casting May 23, 2018

Nathan is amazing to work and extremely talented, with great peoples skills

Recommended for Employee/Temp May 22, 2018

Very enthusiastic, friendly and talented man. Been a pleasure to work with and get to know

Recommended for Casting May 22, 2018


Recommended for Actor May 22, 2018

Nate is an absolute gun and a great person to work with. He handles himself well under pressure and is the life of the set.

Recommended for Actor Aug 20, 2017

One of the best professionals in the industry with a great heart! An opportunity to work with Nathan Hill is truly a blessing.

Recommended for Actor Nov 21, 2016

Highly recommend Nathan Hill for his professionalism, a visionary I respect and an honour to work with.

Recommended for Casting Oct 22, 2016

I worked with Nathan for one of his feature films 'Revenge of the Gweilo'. He is passionate and driven and also very encouraging to his crews and casts. Thank you for bringing the Asian acting community of Melbourne together with your project!!

Recommended for Casting Feb 20, 2016

It was truly awesome working with Nathan. Very professional and very talented. A great experience

Recommended for Casting Aug 11, 2015

Pleasure working with this very motivated, positive guy. We need more like you in the industry. Very professional, conciderate and passionate. ????

Recommended for Actor Jul 23, 2015

It is a good experience to work with professional Nathan Hill. Not only he can give you help on you acting skills but also he can give you a right direction towards your acting career. Hope to work with him in another film.

Recommended for Casting Jul 23, 2015

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