Mathew Swift

Mathew Swift

Queensland, Australia


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Mat is always a joy to work with, he is a well seasoned actor, extremely reliable, and holds uttermost professionalism. His performance as an actor is unforgettable. It’s a true rarity to have the pleasure of working with someone who can bring out the kind of energy & connection, between both the cast & crew, on camera and behind the scenes in the way that Mat does. There is no one more passionate about their craft, it’s the subtle notes which he picks up about a role that bring it to life.

Recommended for Actor Mar 8, 2019

Mathew is a very talented young man who knows what he’s doing, you’d be lucky to work with him!

Recommended for Model Sep 27, 2018

Mathew is a gorgeous person and passionate actor! He was incredible to work with, open and engaged in the work. Would work with him again in a heartbeat. Recommend!!

Recommended for Actor Nov 20, 2017

Mathew is a fantastic actor and director who I have had the privilege of working with many times.

Recommended for Casting Feb 7, 2017

Up incoming new talent great work wish you all the best for your future

Recommended for Actor Oct 17, 2016

Mathew is a pleasure to work with and very reliable and professional. I would highly recommend him to any suited job.

Recommended for Actor Oct 17, 2016

Great guy! Very reliable, fun and he is always a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended!

Recommended for Actor Oct 16, 2016

Increasing your credits to backup your training. good work. Kind regards Virginia Lawton Producer

Recommended for Actor Jul 25, 2016

Recommended for Actor Jul 6, 2017

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