Emily L

Emily L Pro

Victoria, Australia


CP = Casting Professional

An absolute rockstar

Recommended for Model Apr 22, 2019

Emily was great. Professional, courteous and fantastic to work with. We look forward to working with her again!

Recommended for Model Sep 20, 2018

Emily is courteous and cooperative and follows direction well. She looks great on camera and works well with the other children in the group. I would definitely recommend her and work with her again.

Recommended for Actor Feb 1, 2018

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Emily was great to have on set, she brings an energy and character to her performance. She took direction well and her Mum was great to communicate with and assisted professionally in the lead up to the shoot.

Recommended for Actor Oct 29, 2017

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Emily simply blossomed on set. She is an incredibly talented young actor and absolute delight to work with. A true natural!

Recommended for Actor Oct 28, 2017

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Emily played my sister in a lifestyle promotional video. She is just a breath of fresh air. Extremely mature and intelligent for a kid her age. She takes direction well, and works well in a team. She is loveable and fun. Look forward to work with her again

Recommended for Actor Oct 19, 2017

Emily is a brilliant beautiful girl with amazing and versatile talents. I highly recommend her.

Recommended for Actor Aug 18, 2017

Beautiful dancer , actress, model with a fantastic personality..

Recommended for Actor Aug 16, 2017

Emily is extremely smart and bubbly and thrives when talking to /working with adults. She acted in our short film and bonded with the other actors very quickly. Felt like a natural in accessing and communication emotions on screen.

Recommended for Actor Aug 14, 2017

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We do the best job in the world, It's hard but we keep that far dream close to our heart. I wish you all the best with your modelling career. Good Luck and follow your dreams..

Recommended for Actor May 7, 2017

Very accomplished Emily.... keep up the good work!

Recommended for Actor May 5, 2017

Thank you for following me. Wishing you a sparkling success.

Recommended for Actor May 1, 2017

Highly recommend, very cute.

Recommended for Actor May 1, 2017

this girl is a kind talented young women

Recommended for Actor Apr 30, 2017

An asset to any production!

Recommended for Actor Apr 20, 2017

Recommended for Actor Mar 29, 2018

Recommended for Actor Nov 19, 2017

Recommended for Actor Nov 7, 2017

Recommended for Actor Nov 5, 2017

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Recommended for Actor Aug 24, 2017

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