George Pana

George Pana

Victoria, Australia


CP = Casting Professional

George was incredible to direct and collaborate with as he promptly took note of blocking, script changes and directions. He was very professional throughout the entire shoot and would always communicate any concerns of his or even offer up his own ideas.

Recommended for Actor Apr 15, 2019

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George is a terrific asset to have on set and is truly highly recommended. He responds to direction extremely well, has great set presence and is fully aware of the roles and responsibilities of all cast and crew involved in the project at hand. Experienced, friendly, conversational and polite, George expresses all of the key attributes required for any production and must be highly considered in any shortlist by casting agents for their productions. Watch this space in the future.

Recommended for Actor Apr 8, 2019

George is a committed and hardworking actor with intelligent and innovating ideas, right from the beginning, the auditions, George was always enthusiastic and friendly, even after a long, frustrating day of shooting, he was still devoted and at the top of his acting, George really cares about this field, and he goes above and beyond the limit of what is given to create an enhanced version of the character, that really excels on screen.

Recommended for Actor Jan 23, 2019

A very talented and committed actor with a great attitude and the ability to go the extra mile for the production. Would highly recommend him.

Recommended for Actor Nov 23, 2018

George is very professional and on time and very friendly actor. i have done couple of shoots with him and found him perfect with good acting skills and detailed expression skills. his dialogues delivery and timing is perfect and i highly recommend George and will definitely do more shoots with him.

Recommended for Actor Aug 2, 2018

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Took direction really well and was excellent with all the stunts that took place. Couldn't be happier with the casting.

Recommended for Actor Aug 1, 2018

George was great to work with, fun and professional. Got straight into character on the spot and did a great job at romantic scenes. Highly recommend. Looking forward to working with him again.

Recommended for Actor Jun 10, 2018

George is a young actor with a fantastic attitude. Keen to get it right, he will do take after take to ensure his performance is true to the scene. George is diligent, kind, caring, focussed, determined and above all committed. His talent is growing and he is shaping into a fine actor. He has been attentive at all times, hitting marks, taking cues, asking questions and taking direction like a seasoned professional. A joy on the set with a big heart, George makes directing easy.

Recommended for Actor May 14, 2018

Recommended for Jul 11, 2018

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