Wolf Rox

Wolf Rox Pro

Nottingham, United Kingdom


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Really great guy to work with. Very professional actor with a great work ethic .

Recommended for Actor Jan 22, 2020

Mark has many talents ranging from acting, to stage lighting, camera and sound production, an all round jolly card for any need!

Recommended for Sound Crew Member Dec 12, 2019

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Absolutely professional and a delight to work with. Easy to communicate with and just a great guy all round!

Recommended for Extra Nov 1, 2019

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Very professional and went above and beyond within the role. Wouldn't hesitate to work with Mark again.

Recommended for Actor Oct 30, 2019

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Having worked with Wolf I found him to be very professional and helped me by explaining everything I needed to know, would recommend everyone who as the opportunity to work with Wolf to do so.

Recommended for Actor Sep 12, 2019

Mark was extremely versatile and hard working, I look forward to working with him in the near future. He also has a great singing voice!

Recommended for TV Show Participant Aug 2, 2019

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Mark was an absolute pleasure to work with. He acted in a couple non-speaking roles for a paranormal television show we recently filmed for Travel Channel USA. Very polite, respectful and professional. Great at taking directions, very friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend him and I look forward to working with him in the near future.

Recommended for TV Show Participant Aug 2, 2019

I worked with Mark on a production and his approach is straight forward. Does what's needed and gets the job done. Nothing is out there with Mark he will have a go at anything. Good to be around and a team player.

Recommended for Extra Jul 17, 2019

Worked with Mark twice now. Professional, reliable and great to work with. I recommend him for any project.

Recommended for Actor Jul 6, 2019