Deborah Lee

Deborah Lee

Manchester, United Kingdom


CP = Casting Professional

Deborah already has proved that her range of life experiences and her look are attracting opportunities,as a pleasant networker she should make her mark in the Entertainment Industry I have no doubt

Recommended for Influencer Seeking Agent Nov 26, 2019

I worked with Deborah on a photo shoot for On the Beach (National Bikini Day) and she was so professional and friendly! She arrived very early and was very well prepared. Great energy during the photo shoot! A real pleasure to work with!

Recommended for Model Jul 5, 2019

Pleasure to meet and work with Deborah today on “on the Beach” shoot!

Recommended for Extra Jul 5, 2019

Wonderful smiley lady and a pleasure to work with xx

Recommended for Extra May 29, 2019

Professional, reliable, works well on set, would recommend!

Recommended for Extra May 7, 2019