Araba Jane

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London, United Kingdom


CP = Casting Professional

Araba was great to work with, professional, friendly and hardworking. Recommend for all opportunities.

Recommended for Actor Oct 25, 2018

Was a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend her for any future shoots. Also good at improvisation and provides very good feedback when asked about a scene.

Recommended for Actor Apr 19, 2018

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Araba is very professional and easy to work with, she is great at following instructions whilst also being able to improvise when needed.

Recommended for Actor Apr 4, 2018

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Araba is a fantastic actress that gave so much fire into her role and enthusiasm. She blew us away with her take on the role and we are so lucky to have found her to fill our leading female role. Not only was she professional and brilliant, she was a lot of fun to work with and we would love to have the chance to do so again!

Recommended for Actor Apr 1, 2018

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I've worked with Araba on two films now and I've enjoyed working with her both times. She a lovely person to be around, as well as a great actor, who brings lots of creative ideas to our shoots.

Recommended for Actor Dec 7, 2017

Araba was amazing playing the wife during our re-enactment. Even though the day didn't go to plan, she was open to new ideas and sudden adjustments. She also helped us with certain ideas. She's a brilliant kind soul and also very friendly. She's very driven and quick to learn new things. She captured the emotion and character very well and it appeared very real. You would be blessed to work with her. My team and I loved working with her.

Recommended for Actor Nov 28, 2017

Araba recently read a number of parts for a table read of my script 'Brightlands'. She was professional, extremely helpful, worked well with other actors she read with, she showed skill in bringing her characters to life even when she did not have enough material to work with. I would have like to have utilised Araba's talents more and would recommend Araba for any project as I feel that she could do well with almost any role she was given.

Recommended for Actor Nov 26, 2017

Araba is a really great actress ! I'm glad to have worked with her on a short-movie.

Recommended for Actor Nov 25, 2017

Araba is a very talented actor who is easy to work with and takes suggestions on board. She is attentive and a hard worker. Would recommend for emotional roles.

Recommended for Actor Nov 18, 2017

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An impressively expressive actor with both subtlety and energy. A total pro, and a pleasure to work with.

Recommended for Actor Nov 16, 2017

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Great to work with and din't hesitate to get in touch with any queries.

Recommended for Actor Nov 16, 2017

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Pleasure to work with, takes direction very well and most important a decent human being

Recommended for Actor Sep 27, 2017

Araba Jane is a great actor that gives her 100 per cent to her character.I love her dedication.She gives creative ideas to her role and she loves her job.Great person to work with.Thank you Araba Jane.

Recommended for Actor Sep 18, 2017

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Down to earth very bubbly and helpful on shoot! Pleasure to work with.

Recommended for Model Sep 14, 2017

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Hi Lee here, I have read your profile and with the positive you have, your future looks promising. I wish you well.

Recommended for Actor Aug 23, 2016

Fantastic, unique look. Good work! Highly recommended

Recommended for Actor May 2, 2016

Araba is a very talented actress with an amazing personality i really enjoyed working with her and can't wait to work on more projects with her.

Recommended for Actor Apr 27, 2016

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Jane did a fantastic job and has been professional and reliable throughout the process.

Recommended for Model Dec 16, 2011

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Jane is so good at her roles. She gives so much energy to her parts.

Recommended for Actor Jul 31, 2010

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Recommended for Actor Mar 14, 2018

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