Ashley McPherson

Ashley McPherson Pro

Victoria, Australia


CP = Casting Professional

Great to work with

Recommended for Actor May 9, 2012

Ashley is one of those few actors that can reach into a character and deliver a consistent performance every time. He is cooperative and just amazing to watch, his interpretation will both surprise and reward any production!

Recommended for Actor Sep 1, 2011

Nailed the role, played with great enthusiasm and provided many laughs. Would definitely work with again if I get the chance.

Recommended for Actor Jul 7, 2011

Although Ashley was too tall for our period costumes, we interviewed / auditioned and ended up casting him; after discovering he showed greater interest in our somewhat obscure subject matter.

Recommended for Actor Mar 6, 2011

Ashley was fantastic to work with. He took all instructions well and delivered a great performance. Highly recommended.

Recommended for Actor Nov 12, 2010

Recommended for Actor Aug 28, 2013