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London, United Kingdom
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well spoken man.

a clip from the role of a well spoken gent leaving an voicemail message.

01well spoken man.
02a mad aggressive man.
03Damascus Steel. bbc lincolnshire drama.

Physical Attributes

179 cm / 5ft 10in
92 cm / 36 in
94 kg / 206 lbs
Eye color:
White / Caucasian
Hair color:
112 cm / 44 in
Hair length:
Skin color:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • ''The Third Day'' Sky Atlantic/HBO : Islander
  • ''The A Word'' BBC TV Drama series : Bar Regular
  • ''Angrezi Medium'' Maddock Films : Bohemian Hippie Leader
  • ''Hollyoaks'' Channel 4 TV Series : Main Festival Attendee
  • ''Mira'' Film : Walter
  • ''Emmerdale'' ITV TV Series : professional Footballer
  • ''The Tunnel'' Helena Holmes. Film : Lawrence
  • ''The Expensive Loan'' Richie Lawrie/Giving Back Productions. Film : Jack Butcher (Lead Role)
  • ''Cobra'' Sky One. TV Series : Main Plane Crash Victim
  • ''Giri Haji'' BBC TV Series : Park Man
  • ''Kingfisher In London'' Shankar Siddam. 8 Episode TV Crime Series : The Don
  • ''Imodium'' TV Advert : Angry Driver
  • ''Another Way To Pay'' Ruggero Dalla Santa. Film : Jake The Gangster (Lead Role)
  • ''Pagalpanti'' Aneese Basmee. Film : Classy
  • ''The Codfather'' Julian Palmer. Film : Sick Man
  • ''Homeless But Happy'' Richie Lawrie Production. Film : Pete The Homeless Man (Lead Role)
  • ''Ariella'' Michael Garsin. Film : Keith
  • ''Its Whats Out There'' Richie Lawrie Production. Comedy Sketch Show TV Series : Various Comedy Characters. (Lead Role)
  • ''On The Tools'' Media/TV Advert. Im A Tradie Get Me Out Of Here : Winston The Main Contestant (Lead Role)
  • ''True Bond'' T.M Williams. Film : Carl The Dodgy Business Man
  • ''Homeless'' St Mungo's Charity. TV Film : Kip The Aggressive Homeless Man
  • ''The Story Of Africa'' Snap Theatre. Theatre Play : Scar (Lead Role) And Main Vocalist (Lead Role)
  • ''Allison'' Anas Alkarmi. film : Main Criminal
  • ''On The Tools'' Media/TV Advert : The Electrician Who Tries To Be A Decorator. (Lead Role)
  • ''News Crack'' Channel 4 TV Film : The Homeless Restaurant Worker.
  • ''A Loud Summer'' T M Williams. Film : The Enforcer For The Crime Boss.
  • ''Intimate'' Gianmarco Formica/Ana Ladislau/London Film Academy. Film : Bill The Garage Boss.
  • ''Talk Is Cheap'' Music Video. Manni Sandhu/Dilraj Grewal : Main Prisoner In Riots.
  • ''Absent Fathers Documentary'' Online Series For Tropic Productions : The Jamaican Voice Over.
  • ''Central St Martins Degree Show'' For Vogue Magazine And Loreal : Fashion Model.
  • ''The Brink'' Hundy Gilbert Media Films. Film : Character- Cannibal Hunter.
  • ''Asylum 33'' Energy Force Music Video. Bad Company: Rukus : Character- The Mad Patient Who Controls The Other Patients. (Lead Role)
  • ''Rebellion Developments'' Sony Playstation Game : Character- Computer Game End Of Level Boss.
  • ''Isolation'' Dan trew films. Film : Character- Erik.
  • ''Damascus Steel'' Radio Lincolnshire Drama : Character- Kevin. (Lead Role)
  • ''Identity.'' Grzegorz Wierzchowski films. Film : Character- Homeless man who becomes new business man. (Lead Role)
  • ''Lily'' Mutong Han/Ying Wang films. Film : Character- Anthony Murphy. (Lead Role)
  • ''Find The Pea'' The London Film Academy. Film : Character- Max The Conman. (Lead Role)
  • ''Sky Sports Champions League Advert'' : The Main Football Supporter. (Lead Role)
  • ''London Touring Theatre Group'' : 2 Years Acting Course And Theatre Plays.


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English
  • Spanish

  • Irish
  • South African
  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • UK Scottish
  • UK Welsh
  • USA California
  • USA Southern
  • African

Richie lives for films. but will always consider most work but films are where he wishes to progress with. Whether thriller, horror, or voilent or drama. Hes also played many, different roles from a homeless man to a gay solicitor! Hes also played a few insane, drug dependant characters and many gangster and boss roles. He really enjoys emotional roles and richie finds comedies are always great fun to work on. Hes also the regular end of season host and presenter and compere for a few sports clubs and associations and his role is to introduce guests, hand out awards, sing a few songs and tell a few jokes. Basically keep the audience entertained. He can also read auto cue with ease and has exellent eye to eye communication when interviewing or presenting. He likes to make anyone feel very warm and welcomed like they have known him all his life which makes interviews happy and smooth. In the early years he did plays and theatre and hes done many sole interviews by sports tv stations due to his varied, in depth sporting knowledge from football, tennis, darts and snooker. He has an exellent wardrobe for use from some superb, stylish suits both business and gangster style. he also has pirate outfits, sports wear and super hero costumes and he has vintage dress clothes and modern casual and stylish dress clothes too. Plenty of builders and car mechanics outfits too. His passion is film and whether uk or abroad hes dedicated. He will always engage in other work like tv and documentaries though and hes currently making his own hour and a half true to life film about homeless people and the struggles they have to go through every day. It will be very hard hitting, sad in parts but in richies own words he wants to change a few attitudes as too many people just think that all homeless people are drug addicts, alcoholics or lazy and should ''get a job.'' Well that just isnt the case. Anyone of us can end up homeless he feels.

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