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Manchester, United Kingdom
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  • University of Westminster : Master's Degree - Photography

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As a videomaker, I have worked for clients like:
- NGOs and Third Sector organisations: The International HIV/AIDS Alliance, Finance Innovation Lab, StopAids, The Free Initiative, Institute for Strategic Dialogie, Moonshot CVE;
- corporate clients: Grano Armando, Vini Setteponti;
- editorial clients: Corriere della Sera, The Guardian, net magazine.


Photography experience

Full-time professional (paid work)

Photography website


I work both with still and moving images. As a photographer with more than 10 years of experience, I specialise in portraits of creative people, from musicians to actors to dancers.
As a portrait photographer, I have been commissioned portraits by:
- renowned classical musicians such as violinist Shlomy Dobrinsky, pianists Lefki Karpodini, Mikey Brownlee Walker and Vicky Yannoula, cellist Maria Zachariadou, clarinet Lorenzo Iosco and others;
- actors like Johanna Thea, Andrew Shire, Emma Galliano, Princess Webb, Simon Taylor, Alessia Gotti;
- jewellery designer Anna Loucah;
- playwright Penny Cliff;
- MD of digital creative production company Roll Studio, Luisa Tatoli, together with her team;
- gymnasts and dancers like Kaisha Dessalines-Wright, Leire Merino Garín;
- models like Emilië Mostert, Johanna Lemaitre, Yeohan Kim, Sarah Da Silva, Owen Hunte, Harry May, Christina Sedgwick, Jun Wang, Mawata Natasha Musukwa, among others.

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